Page 6, 26th July 1940

26th July 1940
Page 6
Page 6, 26th July 1940 — Play STRAND FARCE Women Aren't Angels

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Locations: Surrey


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Play STRAND FARCE Women Aren't Angels

" WOMEN .1 nrirls" has a " naughty flavour as a title, but as far as I could see, this uproarious farce might as well have been called one damn silly thing after another; or in Mr. Hare's weak idiom as he realizes that to confusion confounded is to be added the culminating misfortune of his wife's inopportune arrival " Oh, Thing upon Thing."

The programme deviser was right. he tells us that by arrangement with someone or other three very small people present an enormous Robertson Hare and Alfred Drayton in a new farce, then the name doesn't seem to matter, by Vernon Sylvaine, directed by Richard Bird But no one will worry about who concocted or collected the background to the excellent clowning of these two redoubtable funmakers, although the technically-minded might wonder just how anyone could direct the exquisitely funny face, gesture, and tone of Wilmer Popday (Robertson Hare) mincing his pious way through an orgy of completely incredible complications.

T"E fact remains that fur the best part of three hours time audience guffawed itself through this most exrel lent Well'-finff! h.) ale bilIC seriousness which a surfeit of appeals to our reason, ho»our, goodwill, self-sacrifice, strength, courage and silence might in the average citizen excnsahly engender.

Hare and Drayton, business partners, evacuate themselves to Bandle's I Drayton) country residence in Surrey, a military area. Into the lounge of this same residence after Popday has made his entrance with a bullethole through his hat come in turn evacuee,

CO/alit too terrible. The parent pugilistic; Olga, the beautiful Spy, the other lady. ancient flame, " in trouble "; a Highlander: and inevitably the wives in uniform. Clothes are lost, stolen, mixed up. No one knows, or bothers why, but is glad that all this gives Robertson Hare an opportunity for some amazingly funny antics in constantly chang

ing dress. That which causes the loudest laughter is the Highlander's kilt which, of course refuses to stay up and carries with it all the funny business of the intractable sporan.

The honours are easy among the rest of the team when the pre-eminence of the two chiefs has been allowed; but perhaps Lloyd Pearson's support of Hare W.R.N.S. and Drayton W.A.T.S. deserves special mention. For the lest Ethel Coleridge, James Hayter, Judy Kelly Ruth Maitiand and Constance Lorne all contribute their support to this piece of uproario is nonsense. If loudness and length of laughter are any gauge, this is one of the funniest pieces Hare and Drayton have yet had. B. P.

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