Page 5, 26th July 2002

26th July 2002
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Page 5, 26th July 2002 — Abortion By Tablet the 'Morning After' Pill

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Abortion By Tablet the 'Morning After' Pill

The pill-pushers start to crack, but we must act now to secure victory

Dear Friend, I write to you today because of a devastating threat that can and will cause death and misery amongst our children across the country.

Please let me explain.

The Government recently allowed an extremely powerful hormonal abortion-inducing drug to be sold "overthe-counter" at local chemists to any woman, young or old who requests it! Incredibly, moral and ethical, as well as health and safety, concerns have been totally ignored as this abortion pill is thrust upon an unsuspecting public.

This tablet of death is now available over most chemist counters throughout the entire UK, with no medical checks or supervision required. Just walk in pay £20.00 and your young teenage daughter could be given this powerful drug, and shamefully, supermarket chains intend giving this tablet out free of charge.

The terrible reality of the morning-after pill Some may think I am over emphasising this pills' threat to life. This is the fact: the chemist wont_tell your_ daughter the drug will deliver a massive dose of hormones, equivalent to that of a fifty-day course of the mini oral contraceptive pill, or will they mention the fact that this drug can and will work as an abortifacient a silent and efficient killer of the unborn.

This situation is absolute madness!

And shows scant regard for women's health. By far the greatest outrage is that this pill is being sold as emergency contraception something it most certainly is not! The morning-after pill can destroy a newly fertilised embryo, a tiny human being exactly the same as you and I once were. Small, defence less and vulnerable Don't be fooled, this pill can and does kill unborn babies and poses a real threat to life.

The Government's wicked agenda must be exposed!

Clergymen and pro-lifers around the world have expressed grave concerns about the long-term physical and mental effect of this drug, especially if taken by young maturing teenagers whose hormone levels are naturally volatile during their developing years. You see, the morning-after pill gives a massive dose of progesterone (ten to fifty times normal levels). Frankly, I am beside myself worrying that women will die if nothing is done. I am equally concerned about the spiritual dilemma that will face those who have taken the so-called morning-after pill, and I am sure all Catholics share my concerns.

Chemist counters last month now our schools This is no scary story. This is REALITY! We must apply ourselves to fight this latest attack on Christian values, family life and womanhood. We, ALL of us, must wake up NOW to the horror which is unfolding before our very eyes. Just a year ago, who would have believed that abortion pills would be handed out like sweets in British High Street Chemists and Supermarkets? Now it is actually happening! The nightmare has become reality and believe me, our schools are next on the hit list to be targeted by the easy-sex, pro-abortion fanatics. May God in his wisdom motivate and guide us in these trying hours....Already in Derby a school nurse has been giving out these "death pills" to young girls without even the head teacher's, let alone parents', consent. Friend, we can and we must stop this wickedness destroying our children.

In God's name, rally to this call and help me fight to preserve life and expose the evid that threatens to engulf our children. Our campaign has proved very successful in Scotland, there the morning-after pill has been halted at the school gates. I simply must fight to ensure the same safety for English, Welsh and Irish children and parents. The answer is: The National Parent Truth Campaign!

In May 2001 various Government agencies targeted schools with the most vile and sexually explicit material imaginable, as well as pro-abortion and pro-homosexual propaganda. As other people weakly bleated a half-hearted opposition we went on an all-out, full-steam public awareness offensive and were successful in halting the flood of filthy and perverted literature. By alerting parents and working together as an informed force we defeated the sexmongers. The pill pushers are now beginning to crack.

Sex Education Extremist Defeated In November 2000 we were forced to take on the 'might of the Brook', who planned to flood our schools with a disgusting brochure that contained the infamous 'Good Grope Guide', aimed at thirteen year-olds. Decency prohibits me from detailing the shocking, graphic contents of this grubby booklet. But, predictably, casual sex, homosexuality and the murder of innocent babies by abortion were all portrayed as cool and trendy 'lifestyle' choices in this deceptive pamphlet. Yet again, our campaign was successful as we took on the filth-mongers and defeated them. How did we achieve this? It was entirely down to people like you. In both campaigns we wrote to all the good, decent and upright Christians we could think of. The response was tremendous! Through good people's support we were able to flood the country with full colour. top quality literature exposing the immoral, pornographic, pro-abortion material that was masquerading as sex education. These sex-pert groups even lost some of their funding because we exposed their wickedness publicly! We can and must take on this latest threat and crush it! But we must act now to succeed The previous campaign succeeded because we acted immediately, providing free top quality factual information, alerting the public to the very real DANGER faced by our children. That is why I must ask you to assist me in rising to this challenge and defeating it. Have no doubt that if we fail many people born and unborn will face the spectre of death over the next few months and years. We simply cannot and must not allow the forces of evil to triumph and there are signs that the Prolife campaign is beginning to have an effect, but we must act decisively to ensure complete victory!

Family values fight back!

The most effective way of combating the misinformation fed to our children and young women is by fully utilising cyber technology and quiet professionalism, as well as producing superb, colour, glossy literature for free national distribution through our network of activists, Churches and Pro-Life groups. These measures combined, will at last expose the dangerous lies and gross immorality of those involved in this latest attack on life and the family.

Now is the time to build on our recent success I am thankful for the victories achieved by our recent campaign, but my finances are now seriously depleted. Nevertheless, I am absolutely determined to take on and defeat this latest threat from the drug companies, chemists, supermarkets and the Government. I need...

* £12,500 to produce 250,000 'morning after pill and your child's health information' leaflets. Our trial run of 10,000 was distributed over a mere two days. Parents and Churches are crying out for these unique and superbly researched brochures. They truly are an indispensable aid. I cannot let them down, these are weapons of truth that we must supply!

* £14,000 to produce 25,000 CD-Roms, specifically designed for the 16 to 20 age group. No Pro-life group has ever used this most effective form of information technology. Surely we owe our young people sound and moral information that will alert them to the mortal dangers of the morning after pill, abortion, etc...

In total I desperately need 126,500 I realise this is a lot of money but we must fight for the rights of the unborn and our teenage daughters. I ardently pray that you will help me reach my goal. I have no-one to turn to but people like you! When you sacrifice for this project you will be a partner with our volunteers, young and old, who work tirelessly to save our young people from a life of promiscuity, misery and disease.

I know you receive many requests for help from many other charities and Pro-life groups. However, you and I both know that this work is the most important wor on e an OW you will appreciate the necessity and urgency of this request. That's why I need to ask for your support and prayers.

Would it be possible for you to consider a gift of £1000 or more? If not, would a gift of £500 be within your reach?

Show the pill-pushers that we mean business I am earnestly praying that you will dig deep and make the biggest sacrifice you can. I am counting on a few large gifts, but I am also depending on a multitude of gifts of £25, £35, £50, £100 and £200. Please send whatever you can straight away. If my letter has a tone of urgency that's because right now young girls are at grave risk from the pill-pushers right across the country, in your town and in my town in which they are being targeted! They not even safe at school! We need an urgent response to this threat! Lives are literally at stake! Every day lost in launching our campaign will cost lives so please respond today. Even now large supermarket chains are considering to supply the morning-after pill free, we absolutely must stop this from happening.

May God help us to win this fight! Yours sincerely in Life P.S. I need to raise this money right away to make the necessary arrangements and preparations for this project. We are in great danger of letting a rare Pro-life, Pro-family victory slide away from us.

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