Page 7, 26th June 1936

26th June 1936
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Page 7, 26th June 1936 — [teal Meaning Of Co blenz Trial

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[teal Meaning Of Co blenz Trial

lo Force Religion Out Of

Education :ardinal Faulhaber's Statement

From Our German Correspondent

The real meaning of the monster trial for alleged immorality I religious has already been made clear by several facts.

In Bavaria, where until now a considerable number of religious taught in Catholic schools, it has been announced that within a short time there will be only lay teachers.

The press points out that members of such out-and-out corrupt organisations as the religious congregations of the Catholic Church seem to be cannot be permitted to teach German children. Already a great number of religious have been dismissed as teachers in Catholic schools.

Cardinal Faulhaber protested strongly against this measure n his last sermon.

An article of the Volkischer Beobachter requests nothing less than the issolution of the Waldbreitbach Congregation of Franciscan Brothers, alleging that heir monasteries are dangerous centres of immorality. Of course, the dissolution I one religious congregation would simply be a beginning. Others would follow


For the second time the Vatican radio ation made a statement about the oblenz trial, protesting against the tenmelons reports and the unjust generalisaans in the German press.

Nazi papers, it reports, talk always about l76 immoral criminals" in the Waldbreitich Franciscan Congregation.

The fact is that so far seven sentences tve been rendered. Of the seven conmined, only three are actual members the Waldbreitbach Congregation. Three e laymen who long ago belonged temPrarily to one of the houses, one is a iest who does not belong to the contgation. If we admit that the three re;ions have really committed the crime hich they were accused of—and we are :ry doubtful about it—that does not en:le the nazi propagandists to make use the spectacular figure of 276 and to ill the whole congregation immoral.

Declarations of German Bishops

The Vatican City wireless station quoted also the declarations which various bishops have made about the trial.

Cardinal Faulhaber condemned severely any immoralities which may have occurred in monasteries, but he protested energetically against the propaganda exploiting the matter for defamation of the Church. Count von Galen, Bishop of Munster, called the shameless press reports "a danger for the youth, a scandal for all honest people, an unjust dishonour for all innocent members of the religious congregations concerned."

Adolf Wagner's Reply

It would have been extremely surprising if the Munich Congress of the Nazi Culture Community, Herr Rosenberg's own organisation, had not exploited the Coblenz trial. Your correspondent expected something of that type and, tuning in to the Munich wireless, had not to wait long. Not Rosenberg, but the man who introduced him to the audience attacked the Bishop of Eichstiitt, who had dared to defend the Catholic youth associations. The man was Gauleiter Adolf Wagner, Bavarian cabinet minister and leader of the nazi party in Upper Bavaria. He said, among many other things: "It is useless for the Bishop of Eichstatt to protest against things which have been clearly settled by us. At any rate we know that our youth is better looked after in the Hitler Youth and the League of German Girls than in the hands of any monastic institutions which are today the objects of judicial inquiries the results of which are a shame not only for the Church, but also for our whole German nation."

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