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26th June 1970
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THOUSANDS of Yugoslays in national costume thronged the Vatican on Sunday when the Pope proclaimed the first Yugoslav Saint in the Church's official calendar.

He was St. Nicholas Tavolic, who with three other martyrs, was burned at the stake for his outspoken championing of Christianity among Moslems in the Holy Land nearly six centuries ago.

The other three saints are Deodatus from Aquitaine, Peter from Narbonne, who were both French, and an Italian, Stephen of Cuneo. All were Franciscans who tried to convert the Caliph of Jerusalem to Christianity and were put to death following their failure. The new saints and particularly Tavolic have been venerated by Catholics since the beginning of the 15th century. Pope John XXIII approved the martyrdom of Tavolic as genuine in 1963 and Pope Paul approved the others in 1966.

During the two-hour canonisation ceremony the Pope pointed out that their imprudence in almost seeking martyrdom had been the reason for delaying the canonisation for so many centuries. "Rather than merely suffer it, they provoked 4t, it would seem, generously but imprudently," he said.

But despite their imprudence, the attitude of the new saints was a sharp contrast to the modern mentality of "hiding under a mantle of scepticism a cowardice that lacks principles and conforms to what ideas are current."

NAIVE LOVE He added: "It was not enmity which drove them to martyrdom but love, naive love if you will . . . they did not hate the Moslem world but loved it and still love it."

The Yugoslav Government whose relations with the Vatican for much of the time since World War H have been very bad, sent its special envoy, Vkekoslov Cvrlje, to the ceremony on Sunday.

Secretariat for Christian Unity

SIX new members • of the Vatican Secretariat for Christian Unity were appointed last week by Pope Paul—two cardinals, from France and India; and four bishops, from Africa. Scandinavia, the Middle East and Spain.

They are: Cardinal Gouyon, Archbishop of Rennes; Cardinal Parecattil, Archbishop of Ernakulam; Bishop Ddungu of Masaka, Uganda; Bishop Martensen of Copenhagen; Bishop Briva Mirabent of Astorga; and Bishop Antaki, Patriarchal Vicar for Egypt and Spain.

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