Page 5, 26th June 1970

26th June 1970
Page 5
Page 5, 26th June 1970 — Dangerous writing on Powellism by Ian Waller

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Dangerous writing on Powellism by Ian Waller

MAY one be allowed to question whether Powellism or writings such as those of Ian Waller (June J9) are more dangerous, especially when the latter are put forward in a Catholic paper?

One may or may not agree with Mr. Powell, but it must be admitted that he represents the views of a very large proportion of the population of this country. Ian Waller criticises Mr. Powell for sending his speeches direct to the Press instead of through the Conservative Central Office.

Mr. Powell was obviously speaking under considerable emotional stress, but one may ask what would have been the chances of his speeches reaching the general public, had he done this, when the leader of his party had -disowned him and dismissed him from the Shadow Cabinet.

suggest that the colour question will be best solved, certainly in Great Britain, by treating it rationally, neither as something to be glamourised, as many do, nor as something to be ignored, and it is to• be hoped that the CATHOLIC HERALD will help in this manner.

Thomas McLachlan London.

1 41KE Mr. Enoch Powell.

Ian Waller (June 19) seems to be seeing an "enemy within." In Mr. Waller's case, however, the enemy is Mr. Powell, a popular target for political commentators and long haired demonstrators alike.

Instead of trying to alarm us with his hypothetical "peril of Powellism," Mr. Waller could be reminding us of the very real fact of this country's officio/ immigration policy, especially towards those who hold British passports. Here I do not mean those. British subjects who land on our shores boasting duty-free spirits and a Costa Brava suntan, but those whose ancestors did not happen to be shipmates of Hengist or Horsa or William of Normandy.

The plight of the East African Asians is one which puts our mother country to shame. Let us leave Powellism to Mr. Powell and urge the Government now in power to do something for those who are suffering from this disgraceful policy of racial discrimination.

Cyril Myerscough London, S.E.3.

Don't know DON'T know what Powellism means.

Don't know whether Mr. Powell knows what Powellism means.

Don't know whether tan Waller knows what Powellism means.

Don't know whether he knows that Mr. Powell doesn't know what Powellism means.

Don't know whether his article of June 19 is worth my 5d. stamp.

Don't know whether Mr. Powell reads the CATHOLIC HERALD?

Don't know that I blame him.

Don't know whether you'll publish this after that.

Antony F. Courtney London, N.10.

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