Page 5, 26th June 1970

26th June 1970
Page 5
Page 5, 26th June 1970 — The wittiest, cartoon of the election

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The wittiest, cartoon of the election


IDO hope your marvellous Mr. Ryan will take no notice of the critics who didn't approve of his election cartoon (June 12). We thought it was the wittiest and truest comment to come out of the election, and it sent several of my non-Catholic friends haring off round the town to try to find copies of that week's CATitoLic HERALD, so exactly did it express everyone's feelings.

As we get the paper at church on Sundays they were unlucky, but my copy was passed round all over the place all the week.

M. E. Berry (Mrs.) Wilden. Bedford.

n DEAR, 0 dear, 0 dear. 4:-:" What has happened to our British sense of humour?

We thought John Ryan's cartoon of the three politicians absolutely hilarious. as did all our friends without exception. l took it round to our local bookshop, whose owner I knew would appreciate it, and he asked permission to put it in his window which he did with roaring success. Everyone wanted to know which paper it had appeared in, so I hope it may even increase the circulation of the CATHOLIC HERALD.

M. Mander

IT is sad to see your readers

following the prevailing humourless trend of thought. Presumably they are not old enough to have absorbed Chesterton, Belloc, or Mgr. Ronald Knox's states of mind. If you really loved anything or anybody you could laugh at it or them, it used to be said— God included. Maybe they do not know God well enough?

If any publisher will put up these cartoons of Mr. Ryan's without too much expense I shall certainly buy a few copies for Christmas presents!

(Miss) Grace Hurrell Havant. Hants.

THE caricature in your June 12 issue was so disgraceful that I blocked At out before sending on the paper to the missionary in New Guinea! I wrote him my reason for doing so.

If such drawings continue to be printed, I will no longer take your paper — which would be a pity, because you have many interesting articles. A Reader Thames Ditto's, Surrey.

RYAN neither 'blasphemes' nor 'mocks prayer'; he merely points out that all politicians deceive some of the people part of the time—and know it.

Blessed therefore be Ryan and his fellows who cut all of us sinners down to size and shows us as we are—not as we imagine ourselves to be.

(Miss) A. Nelthorpe Lane London, S.E.3.

Coloured M.P.s

Iyour June 12 issue it is A stated that the election of Dr. David Pitt would mean that he would be the first coloured member to serve in the House of Commons.

This is not so. In 1892 an Indian—one who was in fact twice President of the Indian Congress. Dr. Dadabhai Naoroji—was elected as Liberal member for Central Finsbury.

Another Indian, Mr. Sapurjee Saklatvala, the son of a Bombay—and later Manchester—merchant and a nephew of the great Indian iron and steel magnate. J. N. Tata. was elected as Communist M.P. for North Battersea in 1922 and again in 1924.

A. W. Hughes Timperley, , Cheshire.

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