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26th June 1981
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Page 8, 26th June 1981 — Bishops Engagements

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Organisations: Anglican Church, Committee of Bishops Conference, Northern Bishops Review Committee, Heythrop College, St Clam's School, Lourdes Committee, Birmingham Provincial Committee on Papal Welt, Parish mission, Committee of Hierarchy Centenary Mass, Westminster Senate of Prisms, Justice and Peace Commission, Diocesan Senate, Sacred Heart Church, St Alphonsus Church, Mass and Blesses Church, Diocesan Liturgy Commission, Ushaw College, St Peter's School, Bishlon Hall School, Celia Society, SS Peter and Paul Church, SI Mary's School, St Mary's Primary School, Highfield Centre, Highlields Centre, Primary School, Lady's School, Transfiguration Church, St Joseph's College, Orsuline Preparatory School, Senate of Priests, Review Committee, Madoourt High School, Preparatory School, Salford Catholic Marriage Advisory Council, New Hall School, Birmingham Provincial Committee, Coventry Council of Churches, Hiererchy Standing committee, Lady and St Joseph Church, Servile Church, am_ Ordination Carmelite Church, Paul Church, Sunnyside School, Rescue Council, Holy Family School, Oscott College


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Bishops Engagements

Cardinal Hume, Archbishop of Westminster: Friday: Standing Committee of Hierarchy Centenary Mass for sisters Hospitaller* of Sacred Head of Jesus, Servile Church, Fulham, 6 pm, Saturday: Interviews prospective candidates for priesthood, Archbishop's House. am. Sunday: Leads National Wen Indian Pilgrimage to Welsingham. Monday: Golden Jubilee Mass for Canon William, Brook 'Green, 6 pre Tuesday: Meets Diocesan Trustees. Archbishop's House. are. Meets St AndrewsTrust. Archbishop s House. pm. Mass of dedication of Westminster Cathedral, 5.30 per. tnauguration of Bishop Challoner Bicentenary exhibition Westminster Cathedral. 6.30 pm. Wednesday: Mass for Tercentenary of St Oliver Plunkett. Clapham Common 3 pm. Thursday: Meets with Diocesan Senate. Archbishop's House. Mess he Cr Fuller s Golden Jubilee Copenhagen Sheet. 7 30 Pm Archbishop Bowen of Southwark: Wednesday: Attends Mass and celebrations for Tercentenary Martyrdom SI Oliver Plunkett Archbishop Dwyer of Birmingham: Sunday: Mass and confirmation Entingtort Abbey. 3 pm Wednesday: Visitation. SS John and Martin. Balser Heath. 10 30 are Archbishop Wodock of Uverpool: Friday: Standing Committee of Bishops Conference, Archbishop's House, Westminster. Saturday: Ordains Rev. Patrick Sexton St Teresa's. Norris Green. 4 pm. Sunday: Visitation and confirmation. Our Lady Queen of Martyrs. Croxteth. Tunday-Sunday: European meeting on the lay Actostolate Vienna.

Bishop Alexander of Clifton: Friday: Visits SI Mary's School. Churchdown. Bassett School Extension 2 pm. Mass, Sacred Heart Church. Minehead. 7 30 pm. Saturday: Visitation, Our Lady of Lourdes Parish, Newent. 4 pm. Sunday: Visitation St Michael's Pariah. Bleisdon. Mass. Bleisdon. 8.30 am. Newent, 9 am. Blaisdon. 10.30 am. Mass and Confirmation, Newent. 5 pm. Tualatin: Mass. Bishop Chationer exhibition. Westminster Cathedral, 5.30 pm. Wednesday: Meeting of Papal visit Spiritual Preparation Committee, London, 10 em. Mass on occasion of Tercentenary of death of St Oliver Plunkett, Clapham Common. 3 pm.

Bishop Brewer, Auxiliary of Shrewsbury: Friday: Meeting of Review Committee.

Westminster Saturday-Mondry: Visitation and confirmation SI Joseph s. Birkenhead. Tender Secular Clergy Fund Lunch. Confirmation. St Ambrose, Acfswood. Thuredayt Northern Bishops Review Cornminee. Haziewood Confirmation. St Bernadette's. BrInnington.

Bishop Burke, Auxiliary of Salford: Friday: Visits Radcliffe. Sunday: Visitation, 11.05 are, Confirmation, Sr Mary, Radcliffe, 3 ore Bishop Clerk of East Anglia: Friday: Annual dinner, Norwich Deanery. Sunday: Preach St Mary s Anglican Church. Bury St Edmunds Monday: Confirmation, Bury St Edmunds_ Bishop' Cleary, Auxiliary of Birmingham Friday: Visits Maryville, 12 neon. Attends Birmingham Provincial Committee on Papal Welt. 3 em. Sunday: General Ordinations, Oscott College, 11 ern Mass and confirmation, Bishlon Hall School, Rugeley. 3 om. Tuesday: Lourdes Committee meeting, Coleshilf, 7 30 pm Wednesday': Mass and confirmation, St Patrick s, Wolverhampton.

Bishop Foley of Lancaster: Frldey:Fleturns team Clergy Retreat. Saturday: Opens St Ignatius' Summer Fair, Preston. 1.30 pro. Ordains Rev B. Partington, St Gregory's. Preston. 3 pm. Sunday: Visitation Star of the See St Annes on Sea, 11 am. Confirmation. 3 pm. Mender Attends Public meeting for St John of Gad Hospice, Toms Hall, Lancaster. 7.30 pm. Thursday: Visits school and housebound Star of the Sea parish. 2 cm

Bishop Grant of Northampton: Friday: Evening confirmation. St Joseph's Aylesbury Ts/whey: Silver Jubilee. St Brendan's Corby. Thursday: Concelebrate:at in commemoration of St Marys Silver Jubilee. Woburn Sands.

Bishop Gray, of Shrewsbury: Saturday: Leads Diocesan Walsingharn Pilgrimage. Sunday: Confirm:Won, St Laurence s, Birkenhead, 11,30 am. Mass for Vocations. English Martyrs. Wallasey, 3 pm. Monday: Golden Jubilee Mass. St Peter's, Herta Grove, 7.30 pm. Tuesday: Secular Clergy Fund Lunch Confirmation, St Christopher's. Romitey, 7 30 'Vedneeday: Preaches Shrewsbury Abbey_ 7 pm. Thursday: Diocesan Liturgy Commission. Wineford. 7 15 pm

Bishop Gummi'', Bishop in East London: Friday: Centenary celebrations, Our Lady's School. Lirnehouse, El pm. Sunday: Visitation. Limehouse.

Mass for West Indians. Poplar 5.30 pm Monday: Silver Jubilee Mass. fr. R Fullrrr. Copenhagen Street

Tuesday-Sunday: Couecit for the Laity

Bishop Harris of Middlesbrough: Friday: Hiererchy Standing committee meeting Saturday: Church Day, Sunnyside School. Coulby Newham. Middlesbrough. Sunday: Visitation and confirmation, SS Peter and Paul Church. Leyburn. Mass at 10 30 an Mass, SS Simon and Jude. Ulshaw Bridge. 9 am. Tuesday: Confirmations St Gabriel s Church. Ormesby. Middlesbrough. 7,15 pm_ Wednesday: Confirmation. SI Bernadette s Church. Nunthorpe. Middlesbrough 7 pm. Thursday: Memorial Mass, St Clam's School. Middlesbrough 1030 are Confirmation. St Alphonsus Church, Middlesbrough. 7 per

Bishop Harvey, Bishop in North London: Monday: Mass, St Martin's School Burnt Oak. 10 am. Tuesday: Diocesan Trustee Meeting. 11 am Bishop Chailoner Mass. Cathedral 5.30 pm Wednesday: St Oliver Plunkett celebration. 3 pm Thursday: Diocesan Senate. 10 am.

Bishop Henderson, Auxiliary of Southwark: Friday, Centenary celebrations, Buxton Parish. 9 pm. Saturday: Wedding. St Joseph's, Bromley Sunday: Conducts Day of Recollection for the Members of SVP Conferences of the Diocese. AvIesford Priory. 10 am to 5 pm. Formally receives relics of St Oliver Plunkett and celebrates Mass. Balharn, 7 30 pre Monday: Visits St Joseph s Primary School. VValwodh. 9.30 am to 3 Om Tuesday: Mass honouring Third Centenary of Death of Bishop Challoner, Westminster Cathedral. 5.30 pm. Wednesday: Outdoor Mass In honour of St Oliver Plunkett. Clapham Common 3 pm Bishop Hitchan, Awrifiary of Liverpool: Frkby: Confirmation Holy Angels. Kirkby. 7.30 pm Saturday: Mass in honour of St Ralph Shemin. Edmund Campion and Alexander Briant. Houghton Towers 3 pm. Sunday: Our Lady's. Formby Tuesday: Confirmation, Bishops Court Preparatory School. 3 pen. Confirmations. SS Pete. and Pout. Kirkby, 7 30 pm. Wodnersdera: Meeting for Papal visit. Archbishop s HauSe Westminster. 10 ant Confirmation. St Gregory s for Madoourt High School. 7.30 pm. Thunday: Bishops Review C.ommittee, Harlewood Castle Confirmations. Sr George s

Mahr.OUrt High Schap!. 7.30 pan.

B ishop Holland of Salford: Friday: Mass of Thanksgiving for Adelphi Convent. St John s Cathedral. Salford. 7.30 pm -Sunday: Visitation 11,30 are, Confirmation. Our Lady of Dolours, Ker.! 3 30 on'. Tuesday: Convent of Mercy. Burnley, 5 pm Wsidneetley: Visits school and sick. SI Ber nIaldaromte, Whitefield, 2.30 Mn. Salford Catholic Marriage Advisory Council, awn, Oldflekl Road. Salford, 8 pro. ThurMay: Rescue Council. Didsbury

B ishop Jukes, Auxiliary of Southwark: Saturday: Ordination, Woneratt Sunday: Diaconal Ordination at Thornton Heath. 11.15 am. Confirmation. Chatham, 6 pm. Monday: Diaconai Ordination Aylesford. 6 pm. Thursday: Ordination Canterbury. 12 noon.

Bishop Komarek, Bishop in Central London: Friday. Deoanrnent of Catecnetics. Mpria Assumpte. 11 am_ Ordination Carmelite Church. Kensington. 6 pro. Saturday-Sunday: Vises St John's Wood Parish. Monday: Concelebrates Jubilee Mikes, Brook Green. 6 pm Wedneadey: Mass at St Oliver Plunkett Tercentenary celebtation, Clapham. 3 pm. Confirmation. St Mary of the Angels. Bayawater. 7 pm Thurarby: Senate of Priests. Archbishop's House. 10.30 am Confirmation, Parsons Green 7 pm Bishop Lindsay of Hexhare and Newcastle: Friday: Meeting of Bishops Conference review committee. Archbishop's House. Westminster. 2.30 pm. Saturday: Ordains deacons. Ushaw College. Durham. 11 are Suisitry: Visitation and confirmotion. SI Petal and Paul. Longbenton, 3.30 pm. Thursday: Northern Bishops Review Committee. Harlewood Castle.

B ishop McCartie, Auxiliary of Birmingham: Friday: Birmingham Provincial Committee. Masterson Room. Cathedral House. 3 pm. Saturday: Golden Jubilee Celebrations. St Joseph's College. Trent Vale, 11.45 am. Sunday: Mass and confirmation. Sacred Heart Acocks Green, 3 urn Monday: Coventry industrial Mission meeting. 5 prn.Mass and Confirmation. West Indian Chaplaincy. Birmingham 8 pm. Tuesday: Visitation and confirmation. St Joseph s. Banbury. 1.30 pm Wednesday: Final Session of parish based Calochetics. Linchfield. 8 tam. Thursday: Presides at Coventry Council of Churches, 7 30 pm.

Bishop McGuiness of Nottingham.: Friday: Interviews Prospective Church Students, Highlields Centre. 1.45 pm. 15155S, Parish mission, Mackwonh, 7.30 pm. Saturday: Renewal Day for Special Ministers of the Eucharist. Cathedral Sunday: Visitation and confirmation. Stamford Tuesday: Mass Golden Jubilee of Ordination. Fr Robert Hodge, St Samara's Abbey. Wednesday: Visits RAF Pariah. Mass for Celia Society, Highfield Centre. Derby, 7.30 pre. Thursday: Visits St Mary's Primary School. Boston_ Visits Sick and Housebound. Boston Bishop McMahon of Brentwood: Friday: Mass. St Anne's School. Hainault 9.30 ern. Mass and confirmation. New Hall School_ Chelmsford, 6 pm Saturday: Mass and annointing of the sick. St Bernard's Convent Hall, WestclIff on Sea, 3 per. Sunday: Visitation and confirmation. SS Peter and Paul's, Ilford. Tuesday: Mass and Blesses Church windows, English Martyrs. Hornchurch. B Pm Wednesday :Attends meeting re Pope's Visit. Archbishop's House Westminster. 10 am Thursday: Visitation Sea. confirmation, Our Lady of Leigh. Leigh -n

Minima MoYerley of Friday: Visitation of Si Peter s deanery. Deepcar, 10.30 ans Saturday: University summer fete at Noire Dame Convent, Sheffield. 2 pm Receives Good Shepherd collections from the schools at Cathedral, 3 pm. Sunday: Confirmation Harworth, 10.30 em. Monday: Pahonal Mass at St Peter's School, Sheffield 9.30 Tuesday: Visitation of St Charles Borrorneo deanery Bentley. 10.30 are. Wednesday: School Mass and parish visitation. Rawrnarsh 10.30 am.

Bishop Murphy O'Connor of Arundel and Brighton Friday: Youth evening, Storrington. Saturday-Sunday: Visitation, Om Lady of Ransom pe.oE.u,„,,T..dy,meetingsof Governors. Heythrop College, London Bishop O'Brien, Bishop in Hertfordshire: Friday: Confirmation, Transfiguration Church, Stevenage Old Town. 7.30 pm. Saturday: Ordination to the Priesthood of Rev. Michael Donaghy. At Our Lady and St Joseph Church. Hanwall, 3.30 pm. Sunday: Visitation and confirmation. St Joseph's. Carpendees Park. Monday:

Justice and Peace Commission, Eccleston Square. 5.30 pm. Tuesday: YMCA, Warlord. 12 noon. Challoner Commemoration at Westminster Cathedral, 5.30 pm Wednesday: Oliver Plunkett Tercentenary, Ctaphem Common, 3 pm. Thursday: Westminster Senate of Prisms, tO am Visits Brook House. Convent at Rickmansworth, 6 pm.

Bishop Pearson, Bishop in Cumbria: Friday: Commissions special minister of Holy Communion. St Patrick's. Barrow in Furness. Attends Dinner to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of the Knights of St Columba, Barrow in Farness Sunday: Confirmations. Our Lady and St Michael. Alston Lane. Weelnesdn: Meets Parents of children to be confirmed. St Gabriel s school. Carlisle. Thursday: Visits St Gabriel s School Carlisle

Bishop Swindiehurst, Auxiliary of flarham and Newcastle: Thursday: Mass St Cuthbens. New Seaharn. 7 pre

Bishop Tripp, Auxiliary of Southwark: Friday: Visits Orsuline Preparatory School, Wimbledon Saturday: Attends leDP Study Day at Amigo Hell, Southwark. Sunday: Mass at Sacred Heart School Chapel, Burlington Road, Wimbledon. 8 am and 9.15 am. Assists and preaches at Corpus Christi Procession at lesnes Abbey. Abbey Wood, 3.30 ern. Monday: Mass for young people and Preaches at Balmer, to mark Tercentenary of St Oliver Plunkett Wednesday: Tercentenary celebrations in honour of St Oliver Plunkett.

Bishop Walmaley, Bishop of the Forme: Tuelarkry: Bishop Challoner Eli-Centenary Exhibition and concelebrates Mass Westminster Cathedra' 5.30 pm. Wednesday: St Oliver Plunket. celebrations. Clapham Common. 2.30 pro.

Bishop Ward of Mernwis: Friday: Mass al Sr Anthony's School, Sanney am. Saturday: Visitation. Mold_ Sunday: Pilgrimage to Hoiywet. pm Monday: Conlienatioe, Mold 8 pm

Bishop Whaebr of Leeds: Friday: Visitation and confirmation Oder, 7 30 pre Saturday: Ordination to priesthood, Holy Family School. caries, 11.30 are. Sunday: Mayoral Mass. St Joseph's, Bradford 11 am Monday: Evening confirmation, Cur Lady of Good Counsel. Leeds. Tuesday: Priests Council Halewood Castle Wednesday: Annual mess of CWL and v,sd to Wayside Shrine. Ripon. 11 am. Thursday: Evening confirmation, Cathedral.

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