Page 5, 26th March 1982

26th March 1982
Page 5
Page 5, 26th March 1982 — TV and Radio by Tom Castro

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TV and Radio by Tom Castro


The World About Us (BBC2, 7.I5pm). How many people do you suppose die from snake bites in India each year? Ten or ten thousand? Well the BBC tells me it is 15,000, which takes some swallowing. One reason may be that hosts of Indians are tempted to worship the animals, which seems fairly short-sighted, even among those sufficiently underprivileged to lack the benefits of a classical education. Annually, villagers catch the biggest cobra they can find, worship it and then return it to the fields.


Where There's Life ... (ITV, 7pm). The healthy doctor Miriam Stoppard, she who has the same effect on cigarette smokers as a basilisk on unwary peeping Toms, talks to an I I-year-old girl suffering from Hodgkin's Disease, who says: "When you have cancer you mature faster than other children."

THURSDAY Question Time (BBC!, 10.15 pm). Norman, just back from Poland, joins a Labour man called Smith, a Socialist Democrat called Thomas and a Tobacco worker, for an audience with Sir Robin Day. •

Radio Three

This Week's Composer (Monday onwards, 9.05 am). William Walton. He is 80 on Monday. I seem to recall a funny story about him, Sir Osbert Sitwell and a grand piano, but the details escape me now. Perhaps one of you will remember.

Radio Four

Arctic Spring (Tuesday, 4.30pm). At this time of year I prefer to spend my time at Pond Inlet, at the Northern tip of Baffin Island. I have been doing this for more than 50 years. Imagine my surprise last year when Margaret Horsefield suddenly popped up like a well-conditioned seal from the sea. Sweet as our days together were (of these she speaks in this programme) I cannot return there again. The spell is broken.

Sniffing ( Friday, 4.16pm), Is sniffing glue dangerots? Well clearly not as dangerous as jogging or wearing cassette headphones. If you wish to know more, Peter Evans will tell you on this programme. It only encourages people, I'd have thought.

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