Page 7, 26th March 1982

26th March 1982
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Page 7, 26th March 1982 — Bishops Engagements

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Organisations: Legion of Mary Acies, Lancaster University, South East Area Ecumenical Commission, St Margaret Clitherow School, Sheffield Council for Catholic Action, Standing Committee, Council of Diocesan Affairs, Parish mission, Leeds Area Pastoral Council, Council of Clergy, Thomas More School, Committee of Hierarchy, Service of Reconciliation, Mariat College, Cuthbert Mayne School, St Edmund Campion School, St Hilary's Pastoral Council, Walsingham School, Church of the Immaculate Conception, St Joseph's High School, Bexhill Council of Churches, Diocesan Schools Commission, Law Centre, CDA Archbishop's House, Merseyside Council, St Edmund Campion Comprehensive School, Peace Commission, Congress, Chiltern Christian Study Centre, Pastoral Council Standing committee, St Joseph's College, Cardinal Vaughan School, Voluntary Services Committee, Lower School, Area Senate of Priests, Church of Sacred Heart, AGM National Board of RE Advisers, United Reform Church, Council for Permanent Diaconate, Aquinas College, Marion High School, Chaplaincy Centre, St Cuthbert Mayne School, Methodist Centre, Oscott College


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Bishops Engagements

Cardinal Hume, Archbishop of Westminster: Friday: Golden Jubilarian mass. Clapton Park, 7 pm. Sunday: Caribbean Community mass. Willesden. 12.15 pm. Tuesday: Visits Cardinal Vaughan School. pm. Wednesday: Standing Committee of Hierarchy. Archbishop's House. am/pm. Attends Faure Requiem. Westminster Cathedral, 8 pm. Thursday: CDA Archbishop's House, am/pm. Presides at AGM Providence Row, Conference Centre. 6.30 pm.

Archbishop Bowen of Southwark, Saturday: Ordination, Peckham. 11 am. Monday: Diocesan Bishops' Meeting, Archbishop's House, 4 pm. Wednesday: Standing Committee Meeting, Westminster, 11.30 am.

Archbishop Worlock of Liverpool: Friday: Council of Clergy, Loyola Hall. Rainhill. 10 am. Sunday: Mass, Lowe House. St Helens, am. Monday: Meeting of Law Centre, Methodist Centre. Toxteth, 10 am. Tuesday: Meeting with priests Lancaster University Chaplaincy. 11.30 am. Church Leaders Meeting, Bishop's Lodge. 4 pm. Wednesday: Meeting of Bishops' Standing Cornmitten. Archbishop's House, Westminster. 11.30 am. Thursday: Meeting of Priests' Financial representatives. Archbishop's House, Westminster. 11.30 am. Address on Authority in Church Fairfield Hall, Croydon. 8 Pm.

Bishop Alexander of Clifton: Friday: Mass and confirmation, Church of the Immaculate Conception, Stroud, 7.30 pm. Sunday: Mass. For Somerset Teachers, Downside Abbey. 3 pm. Tuesday: Visits Probation Service Exhibition. Victoria Rooms, Bristol. 11 am. Attends La Retrace Concert at Colston Hall, Bristol, 7.30 pm. Wednesday -Thursday: Attends Catholic Child Welfare Committee Spring meeting. London.

Bishop Brewer, Auxiliary of Shrewsbury: Friday: Cheshire Church Leaders meeting. Chester. Visits Marion High School. St Hilary's Pastoral Council meeting. Saturday: Schools Commission. Hartford. Sunday: Confirmation, and visitation. St Vincent's. Knutsford. Wednesday: Moves Residence to The Council House. Shrewsbury, SY1 2AY. Bishop Burke, Auxiliary of Salford: Friday: Visas schools and sick. Haughton Green. Sunday: Visitation, 11 am. confirmation, 3 pm. St John Fisher. Haughton Green.

Bishop Clark of East SaturdaySunday: Visitation, Our Lady of Lourdes Parish. Peterborough. Monday: Press Conference. London.

Archbishop Cleary, Auxiliary of Birmingham: Friday: Midnight mass. St Anne's, Birmingham. Sunday: Mass and confirmation, St Maria Goretti, Bucknall, Stoke on Trent. 6 pm. Monday: Attend Ceremony. Maryvale. 8 pm Wednesday: Attends Penitential rite. Oscott College.

B ishop Foley of Lancaster: Friday: Mass for fifth form pupils. St Cuthbert Mayne School, Preston, 10.30 am. Preaches at Deanery Station mass, St Marys. Yealand. 7.30 pm. Sunday: Visitation. Good Shepherd. Torrisholme. 11 am. Confirmation, 3 pm. Tuesday: Clergy meeting on Papal visits, Chaplaincy Centre, 10.45 am. Deanery Station mass, Star of the Sea. St Annes. 7.30 pm Wednesday: Visits School and housebound. Sacred Heart Parish. Barrow in Furness. Thursday: Mass. St John Fisher School. Preston. 10 am. Visits Torrisholme parish. 2 pm.

B ishop Grant of Northampton: Tuesday / Wednesday: Post ordination course.

B ishop Gray of Shrewsbury: Friday: Meeting of Church Leaders. Retreat House. Chester. Confirmation and mass, Donnington. 7.30 pm. Saturday: AGM of Diocesan Schools Commission, St Nicholas. Hartford. Sunday: Visitation. Our Lady's, Heswal. Monday: Opening of Aquinas College, Stockport. Moves residence to Elenor Road. Birkenhead. L43 70W. Tuesday: Station mass, St Luke's. Frodsham. Wednesday: Preaches at the United Reform Church, Congleton. Thursday: Deanery station mass. St Patrick's, Wellington.

B ishop Elimuselll, Bishop in East London: Friday: Golden Jubilee mass of Fr D'Andrea. Clapton, 7 pm. Saturday-Monday: Ministry to priests team meeting. London Colney. Monday: Pastoral Theology group, Pope John House, 6.30 pm. Tuesday: Family group. Hampstead. 7.30 pm. Wednesday: Confirmandi group, Poplar, 7.30. Thursday: CDA, 10 em. Bishop Harris of Middlesbrough: Sew,day: Visits St George s Church. Scarborough. Mass. 11 am. Tuesday: Meets with clergy. Convent of Mercy, North Ormesby. Middlesbrough, 11 am-3.30. pm. Wednesday: Attends Papal visits Press conference. Anchor House, Hull, 10 am, 11 am. 3.30 pm. Attends Governors' meeting, Mariat College, Hull, 4.30 pm.

B ishop Hervey, Bishop in North London: Friday: Confirmation, The Most Precious Blood and St Edmund. Edmonton, 7.30 pm. SaturdaySunday: Pastoral visit, St William of York, Stanmore. Tuesday: Mass. St Ignatius Lower School. Enfield, 11.30 am. Thursday: CDA.

B ishop Henderson, Auxiliary of Southwark: Friday: Visitation. Orpington. 11 am-9 pm. Saturday: Afternoon of Prayer and mass, St Mary's. Blackheath. 2.30 pm. Sunday: Visitation and mass, 11 am, Mass and confirmation, 3 pm, Orpington. Monday: Diocesan Finance meeting, 11 am. Diocesan Bishops' meeting, 4 pm. Mass and preaches.

Tolworth, 8 pm. T y: South East Area Ecumenical Commission meeting, Peckham, 5.45 pm. Wednesday: Area Deans Meeting. Blackheath, 10.15 am to 12.15 pm. Thursday: Visitation and mass, Blackfen.

Bishop Mitcham, Auxiliary of Liverpool: Friday: Council of Clergy, Loyola Hall. Rainhill. Confirmation, St Joseph's. Birkdale, 7.30 pm. Saturday: celebration of the Order of Mary Mount Convent. 12 noon. Sunday: Visitation. Our Lady's, Bishop Eton, Woolton. Tuesday: Merseyside Church Leaders meeting. Bishops Lodge. Wednesday: Merseyside Council of Voluntary Services Committee meeting. 5 pm. Prizegiving. St Joseph's High School. Widnes, 7.30 Pm.

B ishop Holland of Salford: Friday: Visitation, Denton, 3 pm. Saturday: Diocesan Covenant scheme AGM. Stella Maris, Salford, 3 pm. Sunday: Visitation, 11 am, Confirmation, 3 pm, Holy Family, Denton.

Bishop Jukes, Auxiliary of Southwark: Friday: Visitation, Buckland. Saturday: Ordains three Franciscan students, Canterbury. Sunday: visits Buckland. Induction at Chatham. 6 pm. Monday: Attends meeting of Council for Permanent Diaconate, Southwark. Thursday: Meeting with newly ordained priests at West Mailing, 12 noon. Preaching on the Eucharist at Our Lady Immaculate. Tolworth, 8 pm.

Bishop Konstant, Bishop in Central London: Friday: Parish renewal meeting, Kingsway, 7.30 pm Saturday-Sunday: Youth Vigil. St Thomas'. Fulham. Confirmations. St Francis, Pottery Lane. Monday: Mass, St Etheldreada's, Ely Place, 1 pm. Monday-Tuesday: AGM National Board of RE Advisers. London Colney. Perish Renewal meeting, Hammersmith, 7.30 pm. Wednesday: Talk, Chiltern Christian Study Centre, 7.15 pm. Thursday: CDA Meeting, Archbishop's House. 10 am.

Bishop McCartie, Auxiliary of Birmingham: Friday: Visitation and Confirmation. Corpus Christi, Oxford. Saturday: Quarterly meeting of CVVL. London, 10.30 am. Sunday: Mass for Stewards if Papal Visit, Solihull, 12.15 pm. Confirmation, St Ambrose, Kidderminster, 3.30 pm. Monday: Visitation and confirmations, St Aloysius. Oxford. Tuesday: Mass at St Edmund Campion Comprehensive School, Oxford. 9.30 am. Confirmation and visitation, St Gregory, Oxford. Wednesday: Standing Committee of Bishops Conference, Westminster. 11.30 am. Thursday: Mass, Our Lady, Bulkington. 7.30 pm.

Bishop McGuinness of Nottingham: Friday: Visits St Margaret Clitherow School. Bestwood. Sunday: Visitation Confirmation, Infant of Prague, Bestwood. 3 pm. Monday: Station mass. Shirebrook, St Joseph. 8 pm. Tuesday: Station mass. St Mary, Loughborough, 7.30 pm. Wednesday: Station mass, Holy Rood, Market Rasen. 7.30 pm. Thursday: Station mass, The Assumption. Beeston. 8 Pm.

Bishop McMahon of Brentwood: Friday: Attends meeting, New Hall. 12.30 pm. Saturday: Attends Lecture, Chelmsford Cathedral, 6 pm. Sunday: Visitation. Our Lady, St Joseph, Stanfordle-Hope. Monday: Parish mission, Stock, 8 pm. Tuesday: Lenten Deanery mass. Holy Family. Dagenham. 7.30 pm. Wednesday: Parish mission, Stock, 8 pm. Thursday: Lenten Deanery mass, St

Michael's, East Ham, 8 pm.

Bishop Mahon, Bishop in West London: Friday: Confirmation, Hillingdon parish. 8 pm. Saturday: Area Pastoral Congress, St Margaret's. 2 pm. Mass for the sick, Brentford. 730 pm. Sunday: Commissioning of Readers, Chiswick, 11 am. Youth mass. Brentford, 4 pm. Monday: Visits Walsingham School, Hayes, am. Tuesday: Area Senate of Priests. Ealing Abbey, 10.30 am. Area Justice and Peace Commission. 8 pm. Wednesday: Ministry to Priests meeting. 5 pm. Thursday: Council of Diocesan Affairs, Archbishop's House, 10 am.

Bishop Moverely of Hallam: Sunday: Confirmation, St Theresa's. Sheffield. Tuesday: Lunch with High Sherriff Station mass, Workshop. 7.30 pm. Wednesday: AGM of Sheffield Council for Catholic Action. Thursday: Station mass for Chesterfield Deanery at the Annunciation, Chesterfield. 7.30 pm.

Bishop O'Connor. Auxiliary of Liverpool: Friday: Council of Clergy, Loyola Hall, Rainhill. Confirmation, St Pius X. Widnes, 7 pm. Sunday: Visitation, St Gregory's, Netherley. Tuesday: Church Leaders meeting, Bishop's Lodge, 4 pm. Wednesday: Jubilee mass at Don Orione, Upholland, 10 am. Thursday: Visitation, Netherley.

mpmissiotanstujdor7e-relinucndsve, DUrhjaumst.icie.a.dndayPevaciseit Commissions B ishop Murphy-O'Connor of Arundel and Brighton: Friday: Ordination Worth Abbey. pm. Saturday / Sunday: Visitation, Peacehaven Parish. Wednesday: Mass for UCM Arundel Cathedral. Thursday: Lenten Lecture for Bexhill Council of Churches. St John's URC Hall, Bexhill.

B ishop O'Brien, Bishop in Hertfordshire: Friday: Ministry to Priests programme at All Saints, 12 noon. Confirmation, Holy Rood, Watford, 7.30 Thomas More School, Berkhamsted, 2 pm. Thursday: CDA Archbishop's House, 10 am.

B ishop Pearson, Bishop in Cumbria: Fridey: Visits St Edmund Campion School. Preston, 9.15 am. Saturday: Mass, closing of Blackpool Renewal Week. 7.30 pm. Sunday: Visitation and confirmation. Millorn, 3.30 pm. Tuesday, Clergy

Papal visit preparation meeting, Lancaster University. 11 am. Lenten Station mass, Dalton in Furness, 7.30 pm.

B ishop Rawsthoms, Auxiliary of Liverpool: Sunday: Confirmation. St Francis of Assisi. Garston. 11 am. Mass in Cathedral crypt and meeting of Covenant Organisers, 2.30 pm. Tuesday: Visitation. St Edmund's. Waterloo. Church Leaders meeting, Bishop's Lodge, Liverpool, 4 pm. Wednesday / Thursday: AGM Religious Advisers and Inspectors, London Colney.

Bishop Restisaux of Plymouth: Sunday: Visitation and mass, Church of Sacred Heart, Kingsbridge. 11 am. Confirmation, 3 Pm.

B ishop Tripp, Auxiliary of Southwark: Friday: Visits St Joseph's College. Beulah Hill. Tuesday: Attends Service of Reconciliation. Tolworth. 8 pm. Thursday: Attends Holy House at St Dominic's. Waddon, 6.30 pm. Attends address by the Archbishop of Liverpool, Fairfield Hall, Croydon, 8 pm.

Maluku Walmsley, Bishop of the Forces: Friday: Chaplains deterrence conference. Wimbledon, 10 am. Sunday: Lenten Station mass, Rheindahlen, West Germany, 11 am. Wednesday: Pastoral Council Standing committee Meeting. Farnborough, 3 pm.

Bishop Ward of Menevia: Saturday: Mass with the Altar servers of the diocese, St Non's Retreat. Sunday: Visitation at Corwen, am. Legion of Mary Acies. Holywell, 3 pm. Monday: St Francis Centenary celebration. Mass. Cardiff Cathedral, 11.30 pm. Wednesday: Mass and preach, Wrexham Cathedral. 7.30 pm.

Bishop Wheeler of Leeds: Friday: Station mass, Huddersfield. Saturday: Leeds Area Pastoral Council. Immaculate Heart of Mary, 11 am. Sunday: Visitation and confirmation, Holy Family Pontefract. Monday: BCC Dinner, Devonshire Hall. Leeds. 6.30 pm. Tuesday: Opening of St Gamma's (HRH The Prince and Princess of Wales). 10 am. Station mass. Ilkley Deanery. pm. Wednesday: University Catholic Chaplains Conference. Thursday: Mass, Our Lady of Victories, Keighley. 7.30 pm.

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