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26th May 2000
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Page 10, 26th May 2000 — 'shops' diaries

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'shops' diaries

ay 28 to June 3

relibiahop C Murphy-O'Connor estminster): Sun: M for the I50th Anniversary of St Mary's College. Straw'terry Hill. I lam. Mom National Catholic Ms...Rimiingham Tue. Mtg with priests of the Hatfield & Tower Hamlets Deanerlies, I lam; Mtg with Diocesan licumeniical Officers, 4pm. Wed: Westminster

I'Pa,storal Board Conference. 10am. Thu: •

Welcoming sit International Canonistse Conference at Anlibishop's H'se, 3.30prn. iii: Interviews and various engagements. Archbishops' H'sc. Sat: Bishop MeGuinness's Gold Jubilee of Priesthttod, Notting;sham Cathedral, 1130uni

,.Arehhishop P Kelly (Liverpool): Sun: Coutetnition ol Church: Sr Stephen Warring ton. Rum M with sick people. St Stephen. Warrington, 3pm, and V&M 6.30pm. Mon: National Catholic Jubilee Magill'9EC Birmingham, Ipnt The: Mtg with Clergy, Liverpool !lope University College, 1030arn. Wed: Mat, with Clergy, St Mary, Charley, 10.30um. Fri. Isle of Man Deanery: Mtg. Sat: SPLIC AGM, I Oarn; V&M. St Peter & St Paul, Woolsion, 63(,m.

Arthlitshop M Bowen (Southwark): Sun: C. Lee. 3pm. Mon: National Celebration of Great Jubilee/NEC Birmingham. Wed: Area Bishops' Mtg. Archbishop's irse. 5.30pin. Thu: C. Thornton Heath, 8pm. Sat: Golden Jubilee Celebrations of Bishop McGuinness. Nottingham.

Archbishop V Nichols (Birmingham): Sat: Bishop McGuinness' Golden Jubilee. Archbishop J Ward (Cardiff): Mon: National Catholic Jubilee Celebration Mass/IsiF,C Birmingham I gm. fit Centenary M. St Joseph's Church, Colwyn Bay. 7pm. Bishop T McMahon (Brentwood): Sun: M concelebt ution, St Mary's College 150th Anniverstuy. Strawberry Hill, I lam Mon: National Jubilee Celebration/NEC Birminghani. Tue: Council of Priests. Cathedral I-Pse, 10.10am; Interview with pnispective students for the priesthood, Cathedral Me, 3pm. Wed: Pa.stond V&C, Chingfcird. Fri: Interviews, Cathedral H'se. Sat: Diocesan ftilgrirnage In Watsingham

Bishop M Alexander (Clifton): Mon: National Catholic Jubilee Mass/NEC Birmingham, I pm. Fri: C, Church of the Sacred Heart. Mint:head, 7.3(ipm. Sat: V&C, Si Augustine's Parish, Downend. Bishop j ltawsthorne (Hallam): Sun;

C. Our Lady of Sorniw, Bamford9.30orn. Mon: Great Jubilee Ma.s,s/NEC Birmingham, Inc Council of Priests, Ilani; Jubilariats Lunch, 1.15pm; C. Our I oily of Mt Carntel. Doncaster, 7pm. W'ed. Catholic vial Workers AGM, Latind Abbey. Thtt Bishops Conference, Cnee for 'Young People, London. 12.30pm. Sat: Jubilee celebrations, RI. Rev James McGuinness, Nottingham.

Bishop Konstant (Leeds): Mon: National Catholic Jubilee Mass/NEC Birmingham. Ipm. Wed: Jubilee V to English Martyrs' Parish, Wakefield, 7.30pm. Thu: Jubilee V to Holy Name Parish, Leeds. Rpm. Fri: Mtg with Vicars general, I linsley hall, 10.30am; Jubilee Visit to St Boniface Parish, Bentham. Bishop V Malone 0-'pool auxil): Sun: Ifilkh Anniversary Celebration. St Mary's. Strawberry Ilia. I lam. Mon: National

Catholic Jubilee Mass1NF,C Hirmingfunn. I pm. Tue. Isitg with Clergy. Liverpool Hope University College, 10.30am; C. Si Richard and St Alexander, Boone. 7.30pm. Wed: C. St Austin. Thatto Heath, St Helens. 7.15pm. Fri: C, St Helen. Crosby. 7.30pm.

Bishop J McGuinness (Nottingham): Sun: V/C, Mother of God, Leicester. 10.30um Sacrament of the Sick. Mother of God, Leicester, 3pm. Mon: National Catholic Jubilee Mass/NEC." Birmingham. 1pm. Sat: Celebration M for the Golden Jubilee of Bishop McGuinness, St Barnatlas Cathedral, Noningharn, I 1.30am. Bishop C Budd ( Plymouth): Sat: RCIA Thanksgiving M, Cathedral. Ilam. Bishop C Hollis (Portsmouth): Sun:M of Thanksgiving for 150th Anniversary of St Marys College, Strawbeny Hill, I lam. Mon: NI:( ' Birmingham/National Catholic Jubilee Mass, I pm Tile: Mtg

with Chaplains in Higher Education, Gower St, London, 1.30pm. Wed: Medical Ethics Mtg. Queen Alexandra I kispital, Cosham, Portsmouth. 7pm.1.1m M at St John's Cathedral, Ponsniouth. 12:15pm. Fri: C. St Boniface, Shirley. Southampton. 7pm. Sat: Day for New Catholics, Cathedral Discovery Centre, Portsmouth, 10am-3pm: Parish Visitation M, St Mary, Alton, 5pm.

Bishop T Brain (Salford): Sun: C, Si John's, Chorlton, 3pm, Mon: Catholic Jubilee Mass/NEC Birmingham. Tue:C, St Mary's. Eccles. 7pm. Thu: Catholic Children's Rescue Society Mtg. Harn. Fri: Greater Manchester Churches Together Civic Rcx.seption, 7.30pm. Sat: GMTC Mtg. Fairfield. Moravian Church, 10am; C. Sacred Heart, Gorton. 3pm. Bishop B Noble (Shrewsbury): Mon: National Jubilee Mass/N14 • Birmingham.

Bishop C Henderson IS' wark y Sun: Celebrates Ordination to Diaconate. Abbey Church. Ramsgate. Ilant. Mon: National Millennium M/NEC'. Binningharn,Ipm. Tue:M&C, Stockwell, 7.30pm. Wed: Union of Catholic Mothers Annual Diocesan M. Aylesforti: Diocesan Bishops' Mtg. SEI. 5,30pm. Fri: Knights of the Italy Sepulchre Mtg„ Amigo Hall, Southwark. Opm followed by Vigil in the Cathedral. Sat: Investiture of Knights of the Holy Sepulchre, St George's Cathe

dral, Sidcup, 6.30pm. Bishop Howard 'Hipp (S'svark auxili: Sun: 150th Anniversary M at St Mary's College. Strawberry Hill, 1 tam. Mon: Concelebrates Communitalit in Day Mass at Birmingham. I I .30pm. Thu: Conssdebnues Communication Day Mass at Our Lady of Victories, Kesington I ugh Street. 6.30pm. Sat: Chair, Public Life Mtg, 39 &Heston Square. ImniC at Tolwodli, 630pm. Bishop 1) Mitlilna (Menevia); Sun: C.

Our Lady Star of the Sea. Mumbles, 10.3(kun. Mon: National Catholic Jubilee Mass/NEC Birmingham. I pm. Sat: Wales and Hereford Catholic History. Society Mtg with Secretary of State for Wales, Cardiff, 10.30am.

Bishop k Regan (Wrexham.): Sun: !)imes:tin Millennium Mass, Llangollen International Pavilion, 3pm. Men: National Jubilee Mass, Birmingham. The: Alicia. Prison, Liverpool. Wed: MW1SCF AGM, I lam; Millennium Lecture, St Richard Gwyn High School, Flint. 7.30pm. Thu: M in the Cathedral, 12 noon. Fri: Millennium Mass Group mtg. Bishop's 11'se, 10am: Centenary M, St Joseph's, Colwyn Bay, 7pm. Sat: GOWN Annual M. Cathedral, 1.30pm. Catholic Nurses' Garden Party. 3.30pm.

Key: M-Mass. C-Confirmation. V-171.4. teflon. 0-Ordination. Mtg-Meetiing. Sch-School, ES-Ecumenical Service.

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