Page 3, 26th November 1965

26th November 1965
Page 3
Page 3, 26th November 1965 — HUS COMMEMORATION.— Cardinal Bea has expressed regret over the lack

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HUS COMMEMORATION.— Cardinal Bea has expressed regret over the lack

of Catholic participation in the commemoration this year of the 550th anniversary in Constance of the burning at the stake there of John I-Ius for heresy. The Cardinal wrote to Mayor Helmle saying the absence of co-operation was unfortunate for the city's ecumenical movement. Priests had been forbidden to take part by the archdiocese of Freiburg.

PRIESTS IN EXILE. — Nine Catholic priests from Angola, all Africans or of mixed blood, have lived in forced residence in Portugal for four years, according to the New York Times. They have been prevented by the political police from returning home or pursuing their studies in Rome. They are presumably suspected of having nationalist sympathies, but they have not stood trial.

REPLY TO ATHEISTS. -A magazine published by the diocese of Augsburg suggests that atheists who object to prayers in State schools should organise schools with an atheistic leaning. It was commenting on a court ruling that prayers cannot be said in State schools which followed a complaint by atheist parents.

JESUIT'S PLAY. — The Kabuki theatre in Tokyo is featuring a play by a German Jesuit, Fr. Hermann Heuvers, of St. Ignatius Church. It is based on the heroic life of Lady Hosokawa Tarnaka, who became a Christian during the days of persecution and died in 1600. U.S. RACE RELATIONS. Protestant and Jewish groups in Detroit, have agreed to join Catholics in the maintenance of a joint office on race relations, believed to be the first of its type in America. The new office which will have a full-time director will succeed the Catholic's "Project Equality" which requires all suppliers and contractors to the Detroit archdiocese to affirm fair employment policies in relation to Negroes.

SEARCH FOR PRIESTS.— Cardinal Rossi of Sao Paulo, who is in Spain in search of priests for Brazil, said his archdiocese should have 500 parishes instead of the present 230. Among the European Catholics atone there were a million Italians, 300,000 Portuguese, 200,000 Spaniards, and 121,000 Japanese—more than in Tokyo.

A.I.D. OPPOSED.—An official Dutch investigating committee opposes artificial insemination by donor but not by husband to wife. A minority led by Prof. D. Van Eck, of the Catholic University of Nijmegen, opposes the method in any form, but Fr. W. Van der Marck, 0.P., reviewing the committee's report in the Catholic daily De Volkskrant said he believed Catholics could be satisfied with the views of the majority.

PAKISTAN REFUGEES. Catholic refugees from East Pakistan are crossing into Assam through unguarded stretches of jungle on the border, according to All-India Radio. It is estimated that 28,000 Catholics entered Assam during last year's communal disturbances in Pakistan. POPE PAUL distributes Holy Communion after he had blessed a new parish church in Rome's working-class suburb of Tiburtina. He also opened a new Opus Del training and housing centre for young workers of many


LINK WITH HINDUS.— Prayers based on the Bible and on Hindu scriptures were used by Jesuit seminarians at a service in Poona which coincided with the Hindu Festival of Lights. A Hindu symbol for God adorned the sanctuary and the priest entered barefoot to incense a lamp before the altar.

'STRAITJACKET' LITURGY. —Contributors to Teaching All Nations, a catechetical review published in Hong Kong, warn against forcing African and Asian people into the "straitjacket of Western liturgy". A Fr. Riordan, in an article "Toward an African Liturgy", writes; "The Latin-rite liturgy is a suit of armour never designed to fit African contours. In it they cannot move towards God with the grace and beauty of which they arc capable."

ECUMENISM IN UGANDA. —Catholic and Anglican archbishops in the Central African territory of Uganda have launched a joint appeal to finance the building of a chapel for use by both denominations. The new building will be attached to Mulago Hospital, an 800-bed specialist hospital in Kampala, Uganda's capital city. The main chapel will be used at different times by the two Churches while there will be two smaller chapels for the exclusive use of each body.

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