Page 3, 26th October 1945

26th October 1945
Page 3
Page 3, 26th October 1945 — Film

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Locations: New York, Lincoln


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INDISCRETION BARBARA Stanwyck as a shining fraud. Fraud One practised on the Great American Public who think she is an expert cook, model wife and perfect mother living in a sort of Utopian farmhouse set in lovely roiling country. She tells them all this in her monthly article in one of the shiny magazines. Actually, she is an astute young journalist with no husband, no baby and no farm, whose view is the washing hung on a New York roof and who can't cook at all. Time comes when she has to live up to her fictitious self and that leads to Fraud Two practised on her employer and a handsome young naval officei (Dennis Morgan) who would like to marry her if only she were free. It's the old tale of the tangled web we weave when first.we practise to deceive. All told in the most spirited way, and is a typical Stanwyck vehicle—that means that ethics don't get a look in. But, oh, how the picture shines 1—

(Warners.) G. C.

THE MAN ON AMERICA'S CONSCIENCE A MERICA has sent us an adult 1"-1 film, politically exciting, intelligently produced, and acted with the sharp-edged appreciation of national types gencralle inseparable from the French cinema. And someone, somewhere. has had the impertinence to cut it drastically for what Car only be political reasons It would be interesting to know who is responsible and by what right he used his scissors. But what remains is worth while because of the moving performance of Mr. Van Heflin as Andrea Johnson, Lincoln's Truman, the only American President to he impeached in office. Miss Marjorie Main, Mi. Regis Toorney and Mr. Grant • Withers, real American types, players as homespun as Al Smith's panama, and cisiegarded as often as phoney European.s ale raised to stardom in Hollywood, make the opening sequences memorable.—(Ritz.) BREWSTER'S MILLIONS THie. old corned) Of the man who must spend a million in order to inherit seven million—brought up-todate with a (i.I. as the hero. It's as funny as ever and is as swift as a

rocket.—ILondon Pavilion.) G. C.

THE'ROAD TO UTOPIA A BETTER than ever Crosby-Hope ra offering with an amusing innovation—Robert Benchley appearing like a rather cheeky ghost in odd corners and commenting on the action. It, is laughter. laughter all the way and Bing doesn't forget to sing.—(Carlton.) G. C.

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