Page 10, 26th October 1973

26th October 1973
Page 10
Page 10, 26th October 1973 — BISHOPS' ENGAGEMENTS

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Bishop Guazz.1Ii, Auxiliary of waste minister Fridey Greater Loroinn Churches. Consultative Creep. 11: Or dination, Kingsbury, 7. Sunday: Visitation, Ely Place, Monday: Working Party. National Conference of Priests. Tueeday: Career. elation, Hoxton. Wednesday: Meeting, Eden Grove, 7, Thursday: Celebrates Mass. Cathedrel, 10.30 French Church, Concelebrates Mass, 6.

Bishop Mellon, Auxiliary of Westminster Saturday-Monday: Brent Deanery visitation. Willesden Green. Sunday: Brent Deanery. meeting with Religious_ Tuesday: Reception for mayor and councillors of Brunt, Kingsbury Green. Wednesday: Confirmation. Bum! Oak, 5,30.

B ishop Harris, Auxiliery of Uvarpool

Saturday: Conference on Ecumenism, Nlaryland Hale Liverpool. Sunday: Visa:alien of parieh and sick. St Luke's Whitten: Confirmation, University Chaplaincy Liverpoul. 6. Monday: Preaches at the Churull of Our Lady of Pity. Greasby. Wirral. pen. Tuesday: Visits scnoois at St Mint:sere Lefton. and Our Lady of Perpatuai ericenire Widnes 1Nedneadayt Presides at Conference of Sucial Workers and Clergy, Liverpool. Thursday: Meeting of mass media sub-commission, -TV Centre, Hatch Encl. Middlesex. Saturday: Meeting of Archcliocesan Pastoral Council, Liverpool. Archbishop Dwyer of Birmingham Sunday: Annual Police Marc, St. Chad's Cathedral. 10.30; Mass and Confirmations, St. Augustine, Hendsworth, 2.30: Attends 150 years' celebration, Ashley, Market (Drayton, 5.30.

Bishop Cleery, Auxiliary of Birmingham Sunday: Concelebrates Mass tor opening of Newman Hail, Our Lady of the Assumption. Maryvate, 6. Monday: Presides at meeting of the Catholic Association, Landon. 5.30. Tuesday: Concelebrates Mess for 'golden jubilee of Englise Martyrs parish, Sparkhill, 11.30: Anti-abortion rally in North Staffordshire, 7. Wednesday; Concelebrates Mass for golden jubilee of St. Joseph's Convent. Wolverhemplon, 11 Friday: Visitation of school and sick. Si, Benedict, Abbey Hulton.

B ishop Emery, Auxillsry of Birmingham Sunday: Concelebrates annual police Mass. St. Chad's Cathedral, 10.30: opening of new Church, St Helen's. Lanceshire. 4; concelebrates Mass for golden jubilee of English Martyrs parish. Sparkhill. p.111. Friday: Addresses meeting at St. George's Secondary School, Middlesbrough, 7_30_ Bishop Cray, Auxiliary of Liverpool Sunday Presides and preaches at SS. Mary and John's, Newton-le-Willows on the occasion of parish visitation, 11; conducts cererrioey of Induction or Fr. O'Brien. 0.6.6.. as parish priest el Our Lady's. Parboid. 3.30; celebrates Mass and preaches el SS. Mary and John's. Newton-le-Wiliows, 6.30. Monday: Celebrates Mass. St. Paul's Convent, Mosslay Hill, 6.30. Tuesday: Celebrates Mess at the Convent or the Sisters of Adoration Reparatrice on occasion of the diamond jubilee of Religious Profession of Sister Mary Edmond, 9: attends official opening of Ecumenical Centre, Skelmersdale New Town, 7.30. Wednesday: Meeting of Central Co-ordinating Committee of C.T.N. at Mount St. Joseph's College. Headingley, Leeds, 11; celebrates Meeo in the Church of Our Lady of Sorrows. Liverpool. B. Thursday: celebrates Mass at Our Lady's Leigh, end confers Bane Marenti Medal. 8. Saturday: Plenary meeting of Diocesan Pastoral Council at the Cenacle, Liverpool, 10.15.

Archbishop Cowderoy of Southwark

Sunday: Mass, visitation, and Confirmation. East Sheen. Tuesday: Mass, visitation and Confirmation, Deptford. 7.30. Friday: Requiem for Cardinal Heard. Si. George's Cathedral, 12.30. B ishop Henderson, Auxiliary of Southwark Friday: Ordination of Diaconate. Frith, 7_30. Saturday: Waterford Association dinner. Sunday: Mass. visitation and Confirmatton. Kingston, 3. Monday: Diocesan Finance Committee. Tuesday: Mass and Confirmation, Sutton, 7.30. Thursday. Ordination to Diaconate. St John's Cemetery, Wonersh Friday: Requiem for Cardinal Heard. St. George's Cathedral. 12.30. Saturday: Catenian Dinner, Wimbledon Circle.

Bishop Worlock of Portsmouth Friday: Governors' meeting, L.S.U. College of Education. Southampton, 2_30. Saturday: Celebrates Mass for golden jubilee, Our Lady's Catechists. 12; -Park Place Pastoral Centre. Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation. St. Thomas Mores, Bournemouth. Wednesday: Chapter meeting, Bishop's Huse.

B ishop Grant of Northampton Friday: Annual general meeting of

Northampton Diocesan Catholic Child Protection and Welfare Society. Shefford. Saturday-Tuesday: Visitation and Confirmation, Our Lady of Walsingham. Corby. Wednesday: Diocesan Senate of Priests. Thursday: Celebrates Mass at University Of East Anglia, 1 05

B lehop Clerk, Auxiliary of Northampton Saturday-Sunday:

Meeting of delegates of the Episcopal Conferences of Europe. Rome. Thursday: General committee meeting of the C.T.S., 2 15. Friday Standing committee of National Commisnion for Ecumenism (E.C.E W.), 4. Friday Monday: Visitation and Confirmation, S t. Anthony's. Farnham Royal.

B ishop McGuinness, Coedlutor of NottinghamSunday: Visitation and Confirmation, St. Charles, Hadfield Monday: Visitation and Canfirmation,Gamesiey, Mass, 130 Tuesday: Visitation and Confirmation, Marple Bridge. Mass 7.30. Thursday: Meeting of Leicester Schools Executive, 2.30: Evening Mass and preach, Market 13osworth, 7. Friday Mission Mass. St Pius X Church, Melton Mowbray, 7.30. B ishop Fox of Menevia Sunday: Con iirmation at aueensferry. Tuesday: Addresses Religious Vocations Promoters. Bishop Holland of Salford Friday: Secondary school chaplains. Religious Education Centre, Sedgley Park, 2.30 Sunday: Visitation 10.30, Confirmation 3 St. Wulstan, Great Harwood, Tuesday: Visits school and sick, St. Charles, Rishton, 10,30. Wednesday: Begins visitation. English Martyrs, Whalley, 11.30. Sunday: Visitation 10.45, Confirmation 3, St. Charles, Rishton.

B ishop Burka, Auxiliary of Salford Secondaryschool chaplains,Religlaus Educe tion Centre. Sedgley Park, 2.30. Sunday: Preaches at annual pilgrimage in honour of St. Edmund Arrowsmith, St. Oswald's, Ashton-in-Makerfield, 3. Wednesday: Bishops' Commission for Apostleship of Sea, Stella Mans. Tilbury, 12. Thursday: Mass, St. John's Cathedral. Salford, S. Friday. Visitation 10. Confirmation 3, St. Mary, Langho, B ishop Alexander, Auelliery of Clifton Saturday: Mats DT Cethedral, 4.30. Sunday: Visitation, Our Lady of Lourdes, Westonsupet-Mare, Confirmation 3.30, Tuesday: Council of Priests, Newman Hall, 11, B IShop Rests/tux of PlymouthSunday Mass and Visitation '11, Confirmation 3, S r. Marythurch. Monday: Notre Dame High School speech day, Guildhall, Plymouth. -7. Tuesday: Diocesan Council of Priests, Cathedral House, 2.30. Wednesday: Prize Day, Bishop Vaughan School, Plymouth, 7.

Biahop Casey of Brentwood Friday: Visitation and Confirmation, St. Stephen's Manor Park, Sunday: Ecumenical Service. University of Essex, 3 Tuesday: Visitation and Confirmation, St. Anne Line, South Woodford, Wednesday: Visitation and Confirmation, St. John Fisher. Prittleweil.

B iehop Lindsay, Auxiliary of Hesitant and NewcastleSunday: Blesses Lourdes Grotto, St. Oswald's, South Shields, 3. Monday: Meeting of "Church 2000" Working Party, K.S.C. Club. London, B. Wednesday: Call to the North meeting, Heeding*. Leeds, 11. Friday: Meeting of Lourdes Pilgrimage Chaplains, Marie Raparatrice Convent. Newcastle, 12 B ishop Wheeler of Leeds Sunday: Thanksgiving High Mass. St. Anne's Cathedral. golden jubilee K.S.C. No. 5 Province, I 1. Monday: School Masa, St. Clare's, Bradford, 11. Wednesday: Ecumenical meeting, Central Co-ordinating Committee. Headingley. 11. Thursday: Solemn Mess. Feast of All Saints. St. Anne's Cathedral. B. Friday: Solemn Requiem, Cathedral, B. Saturday: Session of Universe Leas, Wood Hall, 9.15. Council of Laity, Headingley, 2.

B ishop Pearson, Auxiliary of Lenmister Sunday: Confirmation, The Assemption, Silloth, 3.

Bishop Gresar of Shrewsbury Friday: Concelebrates Mass for silver jubilee of St. Hugh's Collage, Tollerton, 11.30. Monday: Catenian Clergy Night. Shrewsbury. Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation. Holy Spirit, Runcorn Monday: Visitation, Holy Spirit, Runcorn, continued.

B ishop Brewer, Auxiliary of Shrewsbury Friday: A.I.D.C. Meeting, Shirehall, Shrewsbury, 10-4. Saturday: Visitation, $t. Winelride's, Sandbach. Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation, St. Winefrlde's Sandbach. Monday: Reception of President, Methodist Conference. Saturday: Visitation. All Saints, Ashton-on-Mersey.

B ishop Bowen of Arundel and BrightonSunday: Concelebrates Mass at Arundel Cathedral on occasion of the annual pilgrimage to the Shrine of St. Philip Howard. Friday: Meeting of Governors of Corpus Christi College, Archbishop's House, Westminster.

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