Page 8, 26th October 1979

26th October 1979
Page 8
Page 8, 26th October 1979 — Bishops' Engagements

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Organisations: St Michael's School, Council of Priests, St Paulinus' Church, Sick Clergy Fund, Corpus Christi Church, Standing Committee, Lourdes Committee, Council of Clergy, Standing Committee of Bishops, Regional Health Authority, Bishops' Standing Committee, Council for Clergy, Youth Commission, Christ College, Catholic commission, Lady's High School, I-love Christian Council, SS Peter and Paul Church, Si Mary's School, Park Place Pastoral Centre, Seamen's Club, Clergy Fund, Shrewsbury Institute of Bankers, Garrick Club, Congress, Catholic Child Welfare Council, All Saints College, Islington Pastoral Council, Council of Administration and Diocesan Education Team, Waterford London Association, Christ's College, Steering Committee of Hierarchy, St Clare's Youth Centre, Hierarchy Committee, Union of Catholic Mothers, Beck Centre, Ecurnencial Society, Charity of Jesus and Mary, A. Chatsmore Flioh School


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Bishops' Engagements

A = Presentation of award M = Mass C = Confirmation V = Visitation

0 = Ordination

Cardinal Hume, Arehbl•hop of Weatmineter FridayMonday: Official visit to Archdiocese of Liverpool. Tuesday: gives Golden Lecture. St Lawrence Jewry, 1.15pm. Wednesday: attends tablet trustees dinner, Garrick Club. Thursday: M, for toast al All Saints. Westminster Cathedral, 5.30 pm. Reception for flower festival organisers. Archbishop's House 6.30pm.

Archbishop Bowen of Southwark Friday: attends Standing Committee Meeting of the Bishops CU , Liverpool. 10.30am. Sunday: C, South Norwood, 11am. Arohblehop Dwyer of Birmingham Friday' attends Hierarchy Committee meetina. Liverpool. I 1.30am. Wednesday, V. school, Quinton, Thursday: M. Oscott College, 6pm.

Archbishop Warlock of Liverpool Friday: Meeting of Bishops' Standing Committee. Christ College. 11.30am, Sunday: M. for disabled, Metropolitan Cathedral, 3pm. Monday: M, Christ's College, 11.30am. Tilesday: Council for Clergy meeting, Loyola Hall. 16.15ani. Wednesday: Meeting of Directors of Catholic National Mutual Limited, Guernsey. Thursday: Centenary and death of Mother Foundress, Little Sisters of the Poor. Aigburth, 3pm. Bishop Alexander of Clifton Friday: Meeting of Ecurnencial Society at Glastonbury, I lam. M. Church of Our Lady and the English Martyrs, Burnham-on-Sea, 7pm Saturday: V. Sacred Heart Parish, Charlton Kings, 4pm. Sunday: V. Sacred Heart, Chariot! Kings, M, Bpm, 9.15am, 10am, 6_30pm C. 10.308m_ Monday: M, St Joseph's, Wioughton. 7.3own. Tuestlev Catholic Child Welfare Council, London. . Thursday: M, Clitton Cathedral, 12 noon. M, SS Peter and Paul Church, Combe Down, 7.30pm.

Bishop Brvwer, Auxiliary of Shrewsbury Friday: Youth Commission, Grove. Saturday: M. Salesian Colleue, Shringley. V. Holy Family, Sale Moor, Sunday/Monday: V andC, Sale Moor.

B lahop audio, Auxiliary of Salford Saturday: opens new Seamen's Club, Runcorn, I 1.30am. Sunday: V and C, Christ the King, Newton Heath

B ishop Casey of Brentwood Friday; Meeting of Standing Committee of Bishops' Confernece, Liverpool, 11am. Saturday: Opening of Life House, Colchester. 12 noon. Attends Youth discussion on National Pastoral Congress, St Clare's Youth Centre, Clacton, 4 pm. Sunday: V and C, Si Anne Line, South Woodford Wednesday: V and C, Holy Cross and All Saints. Warley. Thursday: attends BRES course, Dagenham.

Biehop Clerk of East Anglia Friday: M, for sick, Bury Sr Edmunds, 7.30pm_ Sunday: tge Day seivice. Si John's Cathedial,

Norwich, 6.30pm. Wednesday: Clergy Fund, AGM Cambridge.

e ishei Cleary, Atudilsry of Birmingham Saturday: attends Pax Christie meeting. Westminster Central Hall. Sunday: M. St Joseph's, Elurslem, 6.30pm. Tuesday: Induction of Fr Jackson, English martyrs, Sparkhilt, 7.30pm. Thursday: M, St Hubert's, Warley. Ilarn.

Bishop Emery of Portsmouth Friday: M. 900th Anniversary of the Cathedral, Winchester Cathedral, 7.30pm. Sunday: M, Park Place Pastoral Centre Tuesday: leaves for Ireland to visit Seminaries Bishop Foley of Lancaster Friday: attends ecumenical vigil of witness for "Year of the Child-, The Shrine, Blackpool, 7.30pm. Saturday: M. St Gregory's. Preston, 3pm. Sunday: V. Sacred Heart, Thornton, 11am, C, 3pm. Monday: attends Our Lady's High School, Ashton Hall, tancaster, 7_30pm. Tuesday: V. Thornton Parish.

B ishop Grant of Northampton Friday: Canon Hulme's 40th Anniversary celebrations. Saturday/Sunday: V. Hockwell Ring, Luton. MondayCouncil of Association. St Edmunds House. Wednesday: AGM Sick Clergy Fund, Cambridge. Thursday: commences V. Luton.

Bishop Grammar of Shrewsbury Friday: Dinner, Shrewsbury Institute of Bankers. Bishop Grey, Auxiliary of Liverpool Sunday: M, Christ College, 11.30am. M,Metropolitan Cathedial, 3pm,

Tuesday: Council of Clergy, Loyola Hall, Rainhill, 10.15am.

Bishop Gus/meal, Bishop In East London Friday: M. French Church. 6pm. Saturday: St Paul's Cathedral, 6.30pm. Monday: M, Allen Hail. 12 noon. Tuesday East London Deans meeting. Pope John Paul House, 11arn. Islington Pastoral Council meeting, Manor House, 8_30.

B ishop Harris of. Middlesbrough Sunday: M. for Sick. Corpus Christi Church, Middlesbrough, 10.30am, C, St Paulinus' Church, Guisborough, 3pm. Tuesday: chairs Regional Health Authority conference. Harrogate. Thursday: M. for Newborn Circle, York.

Bishop Harvey, Bishop in North London Sunday: C, Our Lady of Lourdes, New Southgate, 12.30pm C. Si Peter-In-Chains, Stroud Green. 4pm. Monday: meeting of Brent headtoechers. 3.30pm. Meeting of School Managers, St Thomas More School, Wreal Green, 7.30pm. Tuesday: C.M.AC. Meeting. 4.30prn. Thursday. St Michael's School„ Finchley, 4.15pm.

B i•hop Henderson, Auxiliary of Southwark Friday: M. Coulsdon, Bpm. Saturday: Marriage, Chislehurst, 11.30em M, Study Day for Religious, 5pm. Waterford London Association et Barker's, Kensington, 7,30pm. Sunday: M. Aylesford Priory. Born. Tuesday: attends performance of Kiss Me Kate, St George's Cathedral, Amigo Hall, pin. Thursday: M. All Saints Day, Blackheath, 10arn B ishop Hitchen, Auxiliary of Liverpool Sunday: M, Metropolitan Cathedral. 3pm. Monday • M with Cardinal Hume, Christ's College, 11.30am C, St John's, Skelmersdale. pm. Tuesday: Council of Clergy, Loyola Hall, Rainhill. Thursday: V. Our Lady s. 8irkdale. C, Our Lady's, Bekdale, pm.

B ishop Holland of Selfard Friday: V, St Matechy, Collyhuret. Sunday: V and C, St Malachy, Coilyhurst. Tuesday: blesses and opens Beck Centre, Oldfield Road, Salford, 7 30pm

B ishop Konstant, Bishop in Central London Friday: Department oil Catechetics, Maria Assumpta. 11.15am. Saturday/Sunday: V. Oratory Parish. Monday: Governors' meeting, University Chaplaincy, Gorwer Street, 6.30pm. Tuesday: Catholic-Anglican Deanery meeting, St Mary Abbots, Kensington, 10.30am. Thursdaypreaches Trinity and All Saints College, Leeds.

Bishop McCord*, Auxiliary of Birmingham Friday: V. Sacred Head, Rugby. Saturday: Catholic commission for Racial Justice, London. Sunday: M, Sacred Heart, Rugby, 10.30am. Monday/Tuesday: National Conference, U.C.M. Spode House Thursday' M. Unit/malty Chaplaincy, Waiwick, 7pm.

B iehop McGuinness of Nottingham Saturday: Union of Catholic Mothers' M, Cathedral, 12 noon. Opens Nazareth House. rayre, 2.30pm. Sunday: V an C. St Alban's, Derby Monday: Lourdes Committee meeting, Loreto Convent, Asp*, 7.30pm. Wednesday: blesses new extentions. Si Mary's School, Grantham, 7.30pm.

Bishop Murphy-O'Connor of Arundel and Brighton Friday: meeting of Council of Administration and Diocesan Education Team at Christian Education Centre Crawley. Addresses I-love Christian Council, pm, Sunday: V. Crowborough Parish. Tuesday: meeting of Council of Priests, Storrington. Wedriesi lay A. Chatsmore Flioh School, Goring. Thursday: V. Worth Parish.

Bishop O'Brien of Hertfordshire-Friday; C. Our Lady of Lourdes. Harpenden, 7.30pm. Saturday: A, St Edmunds. Ware, 2.30pm C Immaculate Conception and Si Joseph's, Waltham Cross. Sunday: V, Immaculate Conception and St Joseph's. Waltham Cross. Wednesday: V. Convent of the Sisters of Charity of Jesus and Mary. Stevenage.

30pm Theraday V. Holy Cross convent, Waltham Cross, 6pm.

Bishop Restieaux of Plymouth Fliday. Catechetical meeting, Si Edward's, Peverell, Plymouth. 3pm. Sunday: V and M. Our Lady and St Patrick, Teignmouth. Ilam, C and M. 3pm. Monday' Notre Dame Speech Day, Guildhall, Plymouth. 7pm. Tuesday: M. Monastery. Efford, Plymouth, 7,30pm.

Bishop Wheeler of LeedsFriday: Steering Committee of Hierarchy, Archbishop's House, Liverpool Sunday: V and C, St Brigid's, Huddersfield. Thursday: M. Huddersfield Polytechnic, 1.15. Solemn Latin Mass. Cathedral, 8pm.

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