Page 1, 26th September 1947

26th September 1947
Page 1
Page 1, 26th September 1947 — Important Notice To All — Readers of TheCatholic Herald THE CATHOLIC

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Important Notice To All — Readers of TheCatholic Herald THE CATHOLIC

HERALD, in common with other papers whose main appeal is above the purely popular level, has been faced with a difficult choice ever since the recent heavy rises in the price of newsprint (from ill 5s. Od. to £37 10s. Od. a ton), and other costs, and the pegging of circulation figures.

The question was whether to reduce pages and maintain full circulation of a restricted paper at the old pre-war price of 2d.; or whether to work for a continuously improving and larger paper at a price which, though still well below the value of the pre-war 2d., will bear some relation to the heavy fall in the value of money.

We believe that the vast majority of the readers of THE CATHOLIC HERALD, who choose this paper because it is different, would far prefer to see our standard maintained and improved, and to have as often as possible an eight-page, rather than a six-page, paper, even if it involves paying a penny more for it.


This rise in price will enable us to produce more eight-page papers ; for example, there will be three in the month of October, instead of about one a month as in the past.

More important is the fact that we shall be enabled to carry on with our plans for continuous improvements in news-service, features, pictures, and make-up, of which our readers have already had some evidence.

We are happy also to announce a special series of articles on the general theme of Christianity and the World. Crisis, to which the following well-known writers, among others, will contribute : Christopher Dawson, Bruce Marshall, Sheila Kaye Smith, R. R. Stokes, Dr. Orchard, Caryll Houselander, Frank Sheed, Christopher Devlin, S.J., J. B. Morton, Bernard Wall, Algernon Cecil, Robert Speaight, Naomi Royde Smith, Fr. Owen Dudley, Peter Anson.

The extraordinarily large number of letters received at this office over the last ten years, expressing the friendship of readers (even while many express their particular criticisms and suggestions—all of which are appreciated and studied), have always suggested the special fidelity of readers of THE CATHOLIC HERALD ID the Catholic paper of their choice.

We do not fear that this fidelity will be heavily tested by this small, inconvenient rise in price, but we can assure all readers that the decision has been made most reluctantly and with the sole purpose of maintaining and improving our standard in these difficult times.

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