Page 4, 27th April 1945

27th April 1945
Page 4
Page 4, 27th April 1945 — THE WAR WEEE BY WEEK]

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Organisations: German High Command
People: Bernard Acworil
Locations: Tokyo


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Unconditional Surrender Cheque


Unconditional Surrender Cheque by Captain ARAN. 4"."Bernard Acworil

THE war "Day by Day," o even" hour oy hcur ts nov more appropriate than " weal by week.' A small commentary suet as this must of necessity be written e advance of unpredictable events, an, the best I car do as usuaL is to stres points which arc apt to be oVerlooke4 etsewhere, but which it is wise to keel In mind The sudden outburst of re proof of the public for V.E. Day ex pectations at any moment can be die missed with the observation that it i only anothei of the periodic demon

stratione of Satan reproving sin."

let the moment of writing, Berlie i almost surrounded, and . from at accounts e likely to be in Soviet hand by the time this appears Its fall. time recently regarded as the end, is nov recognised. and spoken ot as a " mile stone " on the road to victory. Whethe Hiller is in the capital, in the Han Mountains, in the southern " Redoubt.' in a submarine escaping to Tokyo o dead, are questions which time am events must be left to determine.

Sober war correspondents. and well known rnilitar commentators, nov estimate the strength of the Wehrmaeh " remnant " as 200 diaioons which ellowmg for divisional depletion means at least t,500.00e fighting sot diet's. The same authorities now credi he German High Command with t carefully-prenared plan of camernei which is indistinguishable from the ont t suggested a month ago when I tool the unpleasant liberty of putting my. self in Hitler" hoots 1 It is clear that along the norther' flank fleeing the North Sea the Brital and Canadian arnlies are, as usual hearing thhi brunt of the fierCeS1 fight Mg. Indeed it is presumably out o! respect for their helot% and costle exertions against fierce resistance tbai the "talkers " have temporarily stowee away the V flag.

On the possibility ot the enemy bold. ing out in Norway Denmark., Holland Northern Italy Southern Germany or he North Sea front and around the French ports,in the Channel Islands and the Aegean Islands, OF on iFit length of time they can do so, I will not speculate. Allohat can be said is that words and abuse arc not likely to induce the Germans to do what we reprobated Fatale for doing, and lot what he is now about to be tried as a traitor. No. In the absence of some miracle, our soldiers have got to cash the unconditional surrender ClIeuue wh:ch politicians have presented for payment. Let us hope this cheque will not bankrupt friends and foes alike.

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