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27th August 1937
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Secret Document's Amazing Allegations

What is considered the most complete

series of hoaxes practised on the British people in general, and Parliament and the Hierarchy, in particular, have been discovered this week by the Nationalist Secret Service in Bilbao.

it is the report from a gang of antiFranco political propagandists working in England which was delivered by the Basque Government in Bilbao boasting of how successfully they had fooled the British Press, the British public and H.M. Government.

The complete cynicism with which the writers, eight professional propagandists, claiming to have been working in close co-operation with Signor Lizaso, the Basque "Government" representative here, have recounted their work, is incredible.

Shameless Propaganda

It is the story of how shamelessly public opinion was misled and humane feelings betrayed to make political propaganda.

The report shows exactly why more attention was given to Guernica than to the bombing of all other open cities in Spain.

The report refers to the valuable help received from the National Joint Committee "a number of well-meaning persons who seem, nevertheless, to be of sufficient experience to compel the Government to act."

It discloses the purely political motives for the evacuation of the Basque children as was asserted by Mgr. Henson, quoted by the Catholic Herald last week. The report slates how the Archbishop of W estminster was induced to give his support to the Joint Committee and how this was then used to elicit the support of other religious bodies. and then made to appear as support of Basque independence.

British M.P. Involved

Most serious of all the report shows the tricks by which the Government was forced into a position of appearing to support the evacuation of the children when they had no intention of so doing. It is claimed to have been done by the dissemination of a false report by a Member of Parliament, whose identity is not concealed.

The issues are so serious that the Catholic Herald is making the closest investigation of many ipoints arising out of the report, particularly the grave deception practised upon the House of Commons% and if these can be substantiated their sensational disclosures will be made.

In the meantime we are concentrating upon the identification or the writers of the report, and we shall inform our readers of the results of our investigations and invite those concerned to defend themselves by libel proceedings.

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