Page 5, 27th August 1965

27th August 1965
Page 5
Page 5, 27th August 1965 — A diary of people and places

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Locations: London


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A diary of people and places

of the oldest of Catholic and English traditions, will not be the administrative centre of the new See. Although Brighton was described on Saturday by Archbishop Cowderoy as "London by the sea and a challenge in many ways to the Church of today", that is where Bishop Cashman will set up his headquarters, Brighton has less breeding than Arundel but is considerably more accessible.

The town or as I prefer to call it, the pleasant large village a Arundel, enjoys its greatest fame as the ancestral home of the Duke of Norfolk, the premier peer and Earl Marshal of England, who was responsible for organising the Coronation of the Queen and the State funeral of Sir Winston Churchill. He is also, by tradition, the leading Catholic layman in the land.


even every century that a new diocese is set up as it were around one's own doorstep and it's not every bishop who can literally walk round the corner to a reception in his honour in one of England's stateliest homes.

Such was the situation last Saturday when Arundel became a cathedral town and Bishop David Cashman officially took charge of his new See.

One of his closest neighbours, and an old friend, is the Duke of Norfolk, who held a highly successful informal supper in his bishop's honour in Arundel Castle.

The Duke although confessing himself conscious of the historical occasion kept his speech very short and informal. Congratulating Bishop Cashman on his appointment he revealed that he had already "given him a minor rocket" on account of his leaving Arundel in 1958 to become auxiliary Bishop of Westminster.

He also recalled that his father, the fifteenth Duke, was reputed to have said prophetically of St. Philip Neri's church, completed in 1873, "I made that church much too big, some bishop will have it off roe yet".

The new bishop, who has long had areputation as an afterdinner speaker, showed that his new responsibilities had not dulled his wit.

In thanking the Duke for his welcome he suggested it was a Case of his Grace "preferring the devil he knew to the one he didn't".

The bishop then did the proper thing by apologising to Archbishop Cowderoy who had had to part with a large slice of his Southwark diocese to provide him with his new See, "I must say," said Bishop Cashman. a trifle roguishly, "I feel rather guilty at robbing him of the lovelier part of his diocese."

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