Page 6, 27th August 1982

27th August 1982
Page 6
Page 6, 27th August 1982 — TV and Radio

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Locations: Dublin


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TV and Radio


HOME On Sunday. Sharp-eyed viewers to Irish television were delighted to see that Pope John Paul approved of the singing of Bernadette Greevy during the open-air Mass which he celebrated in Dublin's Phoenix Park in 1979. Even for an accomplished professional singer like Bernadette the strain of singing in front of 11/2 million people, plus the Pope himself, must have been immense and Bernadette talks about this to Richard Baker in "Home on Sunday."

What British viewers probably won't notice is the Papal wink of approval given to Bernadette after she had completed her performance — surely the highest compliment she could have been paid.

In the more relaxed surroundings of her Dublin home Bernadette talks about her life to Richard Baker and she chooses some of her favourite pieces of music, performed by the St James' Choir, conducted by Fr John O'Brien.

The Creatures of Kali (Tuesday, 8.20pm). Legend has it that the Hindu goddess Kali, in conflict with a monstrous demon, found that every drop of blood she shed formed another monster.

To overcome the problem, she created men who killed by throttling with a handkerchief without shedding blood. These men became, after the defeat of the monsters, a privileged, honoured band, known as thugs.

The harsh fact behind the legend is that the thugs, or "deceivers", in India can be traced back to medieval times. Early in the 19th century they were mudering tens of thousands of innocent people a year.

William Sleeman, at that time a young soldier-turned-administrator, estimated that they had killed millions over the centuries, and he set out to destroy the cult of thugee.

Bernard Hepton plays Sleeman in Radio 4's "The Creatures of Kali", an account of his painstaking campaign, and of his life's work, concluding with a description by one of his descendants, who visited the country early this year, of how he is remembered.

"The Creatures of Kali", compiled and written by Gerald Roberts is narrated by Brian Matthew.

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