Page 5, 27th December 1940

27th December 1940
Page 5
Page 5, 27th December 1940 — ANTI-CATHOLICISM INCREASES — "NOT IN MY PARISH" Answer the American Priests

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America, famous for its polls, surveys, and straw votes, has recently been isking itself : Is anti-Catholicism on he increase or decrease?

The well-known weekly. America, put to parish priests a number of questions on this and allied subjects, and, though the response to the poll was disappointing, the results are interesting. The conclusion is that while most pastors think anti-Catholicism is on the increase none confesses that it is worsen jog M his own territory.

STATISTICS The complete statistics are these: 23,863 clergymen received the questionnaire; 1,541 replied (or 6.4%) from 48 States.

Question I read; " Are you personally aware of such anti-Catholic incidents or publications as are mentioned by Dr. Chapman (in his article of June 29)? " In reply, 1,496 priests answered thus: Yes: 47.6% (Ayes: 712): No: $2.4% (Nays: 784). Negative majority by 4.8% (or 72 votes), Question 2 read: " Do you believe that there is a growing feeling of anti-Catholicism in the United States?" In reply, 1,451 priests gave answer: Yes: 54.6% (Ayes: 792); No: 45.4 (Nays: 659). Affirmative majority by 9,2% or 133 votes.

A third question in the poll asked the cloth to prescribe remedies for the ugly conditions they may have discovered: " Have you any suggestions as to Catholic procedure?"

" Yes 1" roared the great chorus, includ ing nearly all the bright-siders. " Let Catholics lead better Catholic lives, Let Catholic truth be preached, unceasingly, in simple faahlon, everywhere, and to everybody — to Catholics and non-Catholics alike."

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