Page 12, 27th December 1963

27th December 1963
Page 12
Page 12, 27th December 1963 — Powerful topics at C.T.F.

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Locations: Coventry, Portsmouth


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Powerful topics at C.T.F.



DELEGATES from Catholc

teachers' associations in all parts of the country will be attending the 47th annual con ference of the Catholic Teachers' Fed era tion at Bournemouth on Wednesday. Thursday and Friday next week (January 1 to 3).

The agenda indicates that the

most stirring discussions will take place in private sessions.

The possibility of a drastic revision of the nature of future conferences is only one of the controversial issues over which the views of delegates may be sharply divided.

Three resolutions will be considered at the public session which will be opened by ArchbishopBishop King, of Portsmouth. They

arc :


I. This Conference instructs

Council to advise the Minister of Education that, when considering projects for inclusion in the educational building programme, he should take cognisance of the statistics produced by the Newman Demographic Survey showing the steady rise in the Catholic proportion of the child population, and make adequate provision for these children in Catholic schools, and that he should not allocate places in the county building programme for children whose parents wish them to attend Catholic schools.

2. This conference of Catholic teachers calls on its colleagues in the professional organisations to urge the Minister of Education to take a stand in the interests of the children in the schools, against the increasing attack on Christian morals, on platforms, in literature, and by mass media, and to influence the Government to use its power to bring about an improvement In this regard.

3. The Catholic Teachers' Federative views with alarm the number of Catholic school buildings not up to the required standard, deplores the adverse publicity, and calls on the Minister to speed up procedure which unduly delays modernisation schemes submitted by school managers.

It scents unlikely that there will he any opposition to these motions. It is to be hoped that, in the fullness of time, the C.T.F. make public Sir Edward Boyle's reactions to them.

The Minister's reaction to the request for him to take a stand against the attack on Christian morals can almost be predicted on the basis of his work in Parliament following the Dr. Henderson flareup.


at least one large Catholic school protested in writing to Sir Edward, and received a reply that could hardly he described as sympathetic towards the terms of the C.T.F. resolution.

It is possible that someone will take the opportunity afforded by the. motion to suggest positive action in defence of Christian morals by the C.T.E.

Mr. T. M. Hope, headmaster of Cardinal Wiseman Secondary, Boys' School. Coventry, will be installed as the new president of the C.T.F.

Mr. Hope is a member of the Catholic Education Council. president of the Coventry National Union of Teachers. a member of the National Union of Teachers' Advisory Committee on Secondary Modern Schools, and teacherrepresentative on Coventry education committee.

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