Page 2, 27th December 1974

27th December 1974
Page 2
Page 2, 27th December 1974 — aim NH I

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aim NH I

"Come to Me. all you that labour and are burdened, and I will give you rest " Liverpool's Christmas shoppers had the Third World's needs brought very vividly home to them by the activities of Survive, the new concept in aid which aims at taking medical help within hours to the place where it is desperately needed.

Survive comprises doctors, nurses and experienced medical administrators who give their services free and raise money to provide Land Rover Mobile Medical Dispensaries. Because of the emphasis upon mobility they can go to the people directly who may not have had medical help of any kind before.

"The static hospital has three major disadvantages in some Third World Areas,says Mr Sean O'Leary, Survive's secretary. "It requires much capital, It can only reach a limited number and is very vulnerable to takeover attempts by unsympathetic governments. Our Land Rovers require a relatively small amount of capital — £6,000 each — they can go right into the jungle where static hospitals are impossible and they can be easily evacuated and established elsewhere without loss of land or proper Over the pre-Christmas weekend the first dispensary was on display outside the Clayton Square Blessed Sacrament Shrine. On Sunday it visited pubs and clubs and on Monday an official flag day was held.

Survive representatives have surveyed the problems of Southern Ethiopia, an area somewhat neglected by some relief organisations. Its first dispensary will be based 275 kilometres south of Addis Ababa to help the Sidamo and Gamo-Gofa peoples in con

junction with existing religious and civil organisations. Its Missionary Adviser there will by Mgr Armldo Gasparinl, the Apostolic Prefect of Awasa, who is a Verona Father.

It will be manned by two qualified nurses, Sr Margaret Doyle, SRN, SCM, a Verona sister, and Miss M. Price, SRN, RSCN, HV. They will introduce preand post-natal care for the first time, hold regular clinics and undertake preventive vac cine t ion programmes. Ultimately Survive intends to provide its medical teams with the backing of helicopter doctor service.

There are no doctors among the B million people of Southern Ethiopia. Survive has been asked to send teams and dispensaries to the Touregs of North Africa and to Mexico es soon as they can be organised. Mr O'Leary's address is 208 Blackmoor Drive, Liverpool L12 3HB.

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