Page 2, 27th December 1974

27th December 1974
Page 2
Page 2, 27th December 1974 — Italian Communist praises Church

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Italian Communist praises Church

The leader of Italy's Communist Party said in Rome recently that apart from the. Communist movement, perhaps only the Catholic Church could grasp the importance of liberation movements in Third World countries.

Signor Enrico Berlinguer, the Italian Communist Party secretary, said in a long document prepared for the national party conference in Rome in March, that the Communist Party was anxious for the arrival of the "historic compromise" among Italy's three major forces — Communism,

Socialism and Catholicism.

"Perhaps some attitudes within the Catholic Church, if one looks at recent times, are an exception to this rule.

"The Church, starting with the pontificate of John XXIII and in accord with the desire of many bishops, has begun to make contact with these new. realities, and above all with the Third World, in a way that tends to cancel out and correct a centuries-old conduct which has often shown the Church identified with the politics of the dominant class and colonial powers."

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