Page 2, 27th February 1970

27th February 1970
Page 2
Page 2, 27th February 1970 — BBC sex tuition

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BBC sex tuition

film in Catholic TV festival


'THE B.B.C. entered one of its programmes from the controversial series 'THE

Education in Primary Schools" for the 12th Catholic International Festival of Television this week at Monte Carlo.

The entry of part of such a controversial series to the international festival aroused strong fee/ins. The programmes themselves were criticised strongly in Britain because there was no reference to love or marriage in them.

The episode selected for Monte Carlo was the second in the series, dealing with "Birth." It starts with the reminder that some animals grow inside their mother's uterus before they are born whereas a chick does not.

The hatching of a chick is depicted as well as the birth of kittens. The programme then concentrates on human birth and the birth of a baby is shown.

Mr. Peter Kollmann, a member of the festival jury, said of the programmes: "They seem deliberately to leave out all moral teaching and I cannot think that it is a right choice for a festival of religious programmes."

A protest telegram was sent to the festival organisers 'by Miss Christine FitzGerald, secretary of the executive com

mittee of the National Viewers' and Listeners' Association in Britain.

She said: "We are worried that the B.B.C. might use the approval of this Roman Catholic festival to try to influence the attitude of Catholic parents in Britain towards the programme."

ENTRY "SHOCK" Fr. Geoffrey Tucker, Catholic religious adviser to I.T.V. admitted that the B.B.C. choice was a shock to the festival organisers. But, he said: "Sex education and the Church is a very topical issue today. The Catholic Church is very interested in this subject."

The B.B.C. programmes, he maintained, were honest in the attention to detail and anything but erotic. Fr. Tucker said that acceptance of the programme did not imply that the organisers underwrote the film's approach to the subject .

The B.B.C. also entered two episodes of "In the Beginning," a colour series for children which narrates the Old Testament stories in a new kind of way.

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