Page 5, 27th February 1970

27th February 1970
Page 5
Page 5, 27th February 1970 — Applause for John Ryan

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Applause for John Ryan

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-11AM not going all the way

up to Manchester to prove it, but if N. Borland (February 13) of that city likes to come down to South Wales he can meet at least one Catholic who has enjoyed every one of John Ryan's cartoons without finding bad taste in any.

R. W. Twigg Llantwit Major, S. Wales.

I SHALL be in Manchester on March 7 if N. Borland would care to meet me!

I think JohnRyan's cartoons are hilarious and thank God that someone can maintain a sense of humour in these days of anxiety, when there is so much intolerance and lack of charity on the part of both "progressives" and "squares".

Bernadette Proudman (A very square progressive!) Preston, Lancs.

ARE people who find John Ryan's cartoons "vulgar," "offensive" and "in bad taste" perhaps recent converts who have not yet got used to family jokes in the household of the Faith? I find the cartoons sometimes very funny, always good-humoured, and never in the least offensive. A nun of some 20 years' standing is among the friends who agree with me.

Geraldine Beck Guildford. Surrey.

IDO enjoy John Ryan's cartoons. Please keep on publishing them. Our understanding of the divine can be only a fallibly human one, and our failures and foibles are not diminished by solemnity.

Janine Gavaghan New Hey, Lancs.

SOME of your correspondents, including N. Borland, do not know what they miss in a sense of humour. My kitchen throughout the year is decorated with cartoons—notably those of John Ryan.

Clare Lock (Mrs.) Reading.

MAY I say how grateful I am to John Ryan for his brilliant cartoons and to you for publishing them—for me, one of the highlights of the paper.

G. M. Aeon Ilford, Essex

This correspondence is now closed.—Editor

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