Page 8, 27th February 1981

27th February 1981
Page 8
Page 8, 27th February 1981 — Bishops Engagements Cardinal Hume, Archbishop of Westminster: Fridey: Meeting of

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Organisations: Catholic Education Council, Lancaster University, St Augustine's School, Allen School, Sacred Heart Junior School, Archbishop's Council, Housekeepers Fund, St Stephen's Guild, Diocesan Pastoral Council, Council of St Edmunds, St Thomas More School, Governing Committee Upholland College, Area Pastoral Council, EcurneMcal Society of Blessed Virgin Mary, Ecumenical Consultative Commission, Council of Churches, Cardinal Godfrey School, Lady's School, Bishops Committee, LSU College of Higher Education, Ledy's High School, Diocesan Finance committee, Parish Centre, Attends Diocesan Schools Commission, Pastoral council, All Saints Pastoral Centre, Liverpool Paosh Church, noon_ Union of Catholic Mathews Annual Dinner North Staffs, College of Higher Education, Church of the Ressurection, Archbishops Council, Education commission, Digby Stuart College, Rescue Council, Attends Chapter, Visitation Mass St Marmot's Church, Runcorn Ecumenical Committee, Nottingham University Hospital


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Bishops Engagements Cardinal Hume, Archbishop of Westminster: Fridey: Meeting of

Westminster arid Southwark nrovinces. Archbishops House. Westminster. arrirnm, Mess and meets parishioners. Mill End Rickmansworth. 7 prn Seturday: Mass and meets parishioners, Hemel Hempstead. INorth: 5 ern, Sunday: Mass and meets parishioners Buntingford, 10.30 are Wednesday: CDA Archbishop's House, are. Ash Wednesday Mass. VVesonInster Cathedral, 5.30 prn Thursday: Meets newly-aopointed priests. Archbishop s House.

Archbishop Bowen of Southwark: Friday: Meeting Archbishop's House, Westminster. 11 am. Mass and visit Charlton. 13 pre. Sunday: Consecrates church Paddock Wood, 3 pm Monday: Mass and visit. Clapham Common. 7 30 pm. Tuesday: Governors: meeting, Digby Stuart College, Roehampton. 5 prn. W ddddddd y: Ash Wednesday: Mass. Cathedral. 7.30 pm. Thursday: Mass and confirmation Kidbrooke. 7 30 pm.

Archbishop Dever of Birmingham: Sunday: Mass arid confirmation, St Peter's (ynsharn, 11.30 an, Monday: Chapter meeting and Mass. St Chads Cathedral. 11,45 arn Tuesday: Visitation, Urn:atter, 1045 Wednesday: Mass_ Si Chad, Cathedral, 12.55 pm.

Archbishop Woriock of Liverpool: if riday: Mass and meeting of Northern Sector Yearn. Our Lady s. Eldon Street. 7.30 pm. Sunday/Mondry, Visitation and confirmation. St Monica s Bootle Tuesday: Meeting of Governing Committee Upholland College. 12 noon_ Civic and Church Leaders Reception, Archbishop's House. Liverpool. 6 pre Wednesday: Gives Lenten Sermon, Liverpool Paosh Church. 1 pm, Thursday: Archbishop's

Council Meeting, Curial offices 10 am.

Bishop Alexander of Clifton: Friday: Attends St Augustrne's Parsh production "Canterbury Belles". St Augustine's School, Dmvnend. 7.30 DmSaturdry: Annual General Meeting of EcurneMcal Society of Blessed Virgin Mary, St Andrew's, Holborn. London, 2.30 ern. Sundae: Visitation, St Pairitkrs Parish, Mass. 9 am, 10.30 aro. Mass and confirmation. 6.30 Pre. ereceworthTuesdey: Mara and blesses Corpus Chneff Parieh Hall, Weston-super-Mare. 7.30 pm. Wednesday: Mass and biasses Athos. Clifton Cathedral. 12 aeon. Attends meeting of Diocesan Finance committee, St Ambrose, Leigh Woods 4 pm. Thursday: Preaches, Wells Deanery 'Lenten Station Mass. St Hugh. Church. Radstock. 7 30 ern S W10/3 Brewer, Auxiliary of Shrewsbury: Friday: Runcorn Ecumenical Committee and Council of Churches Tuesday: Attends Governing cornmittee, Upholland Bishop Burke, Auxiliary of Safford: Friday: Visit Sr Msry's Heaton Norris Sunday: Visitation. 10.30 am, Confirmation. 3 pm Si Mary's, Heaton Norris, Tuesday: Governing Committee. ON: and Llpholland, 2 pm Wednosdey: Blessing and distribution at Ashes and Mass. Salford Cathedral. B orn. Thursday: Rescue Council. Didsbury. I I em.

B ishop Clark of East Anglia: Friday: Meetiag. Archbishop s House Westminster. Mandelf/Timeday: Bishops Committee, Uveneoi.

B islep Emery of Portsmouth: Friday: Meeting at Archbishop s House Wesuninster. 11 arn. Sunday: Confirmation. Holy Redeemer, Highcliff. 10 are Confirmation. Immaculate Conception, Christchurch. 3 C.M. Wednesday: Mass and blesses

ashes, St Johns Cathedral. 7.30 pm Thursday: Attends GOVOMPf1. Meeting. LSU College of Higher Education. Southampton.

Bishop Foley of Lancaster-Friday: AGM of Housekeepers Fund. Biseop s House. 2 30 pro. Saturday: Commissions extraordinary ministers of Eucharist. Bishop's House. 11 am. Sunday: Mass, St CuMberrs. Flookburgh. 9.15 are Mass and confirmation. St Charles. Grange-over-Sands. 10.30 am. Tuesday: Attends Chapter mats and meeting, Cathedral. 11 am. WIRSIWWW: Maas. Os,r Ledy's High School. Lancaster. 10am. Mass. Lancaster University Chaplaincy. 5.30 pro Mass. Cathedral. 7.30 pm. Thursday: Visits St Charles' parish. Grange B ishop Grant of Northampton: Friday: Meetiag or Archbisnods House. Westminster. Monday: Attends Council of St Edmunds, Cambridge. Tuesday: Evening confirmation. Slough. 7 30 pm. Thursday: Evening Confirmations DU115rable B ishop they of Shrewsbury: Tuesday: Day of recollection_ Melees. Wednesday: Mass and distribution of Ashes, Cathedral. Thursday: Vocations Mass. St Anselm's College. Birkenhead 2

Bishop Cluanalli, Bishop in East London: Friday: Deans' meeting Pope John House_ 10.30 am, Monday: Meeting of Catholic Youth workers, Pope John House. 7 30. Tuesday, Meeting yeah head of schools. Camden Deanery. St Richard of Chichester school. 5 pro. Wednesday: COIL 10 am.

B ishop Neve of MickInsbrough: Sunday: Visitation, Our LaiNa Church Goangetown, Mass, 10.30 am Tuesday: Northern Bishops meeting, Uphohand. Wednesday: Mess and distribution of Ashes. Middlesbrough Cathedral. 10em Meets with Pastoral council. (North' at 7.45 pm. Thursday: Attends Schools commissioners meeting, 11 am.

B ishop Harvey. Bishop in North London: Friday: Meeting of Area Pastoral Council. 8 pm. Sunday: Confirmation. Sr Ercormaki, Wembley Preston Road. 12 noon. Confirmation, Sr John Fisher. North Harrow. 3 pm. Tuesday: Desna' Meeting, 1.30 pm Chapter. 4.15 pm West Green Parish meeting, 7.30 psi Wadnasdry:CDA 10 sm.

B ishop Henderson, Auxiliary of Southwark:

Tuesday: Blactheath parish Helpers Social, Blackheath. 7 30 PM. ThendaY, Meeting of the Seat+, Eastern Area Headmasters. St Therese. School. Lewisham. 10 arn. Induction of the Parish Priest. St Mary's Clapham, 7.30 pm.

B ishop Noland at &Word: Friday: Visit St Winifred, Heaton Mersey. Confirmation. 7.30 Prn Saturday: Catholic Needlework Guild AGM, St Augustine's Hall Sundry: Visitation, 11.15. Confirmation. 3 15 pm". St Winifred. Heaton Mersey. Tuesday: Visits Reddich. Wednesday/Friday: Preaches. SI Mary's, Mulberry Street, Manchester, 12 noon Thunder: Rescue Counca Osbury, t I am.

Bishop Konstant. Bishop in Central London:

Friday: Catholic Education Study Group Meeting. Maria Assurnpta. Saturday-Sunday: Visitation, cars, Street, Monday: St Thomas More School. Cheslea 10.30 am. Mass. Cornerstone, 6 pm Tuesday: SACRE. County Hall, 2 pm. Talks., Sacred Heart Junior School. 7.30 pen Wednesday: CDA meeting. Atchbishop s House. 10 am Bishop McC.artie, Auxiliary of Birmingham: Friday, Vistarioc St Brigid's Parish. Northfield. Seurdry: Opening of Parish Centre, St Mary, The Mount. Weisel!, 7 pre Sunday: Mass and confirmation. St Brigid's. Northfield. 3.30 pm. Monday: Chapter meeting and Mae Si Chad's Cathedral. 11_45 am. Tuesday: Mess, St Joseph's, Malvern. 12 noon_ Union of Catholic Mathews Annual Dinner North Staffs. 7.30 pm. Wednesday: Coanee meeting and Act of Worship, Sally Oak Colleges. Thursday: Visitation. All Souls, Coventry.

Bishop McGuinness of Nottingham: Friday: Bishops' Meeting, Archbishods Houser Westminster. Saturday: Major Religious Superiors meeting, Loughborough. Mess for Leicester Racial Justice Group, Holy Cross. Leicester. Sunday: Attends Lourdes Sick Fund Concert. Theatre Royal, Nottingham, 7 pm Monday: Rededicates Manor

Hospital Chapel. Derby. d . Visits St Winefride's Primary school. Shepshed. Visitation and confirmation. Shepshed. 7 pm. Wednesday: Blesses and distributes Ashes. Cathedral, 1 pm Mass, Nottingham University Hospital, 5 pin Thursday: Education commission meeting. Bishop's House_ Mass, Church Caring Week. St Thames More School. Buxton 7 pm Bishop McMahon of Brentwood, Friday: Meeting regarding Papal visit. Archbishop's House. Westminster. 11 arra Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation, St Mary's. Homchurch Mondry: Attends Annual Dinner of Archconfraternity of St Stephen's Guild. 7 pm. Tuesday: Chapter mass and meeting. Cathedral. 11 ern. Meeting on diocesan offices. Ursuline convent. Brentwood. 2 pm Werelmsday: Blesses Ashes and Deanery Lenten Mass, St Marc',

Hornchurch. 8 or' Thureday: Deanery Lenten Mess. St Cedd's Goodmayes 8 pm.

Bishop Moverley, of Friday: Deanery Visitation Bonsworth Saturday: Meeting of Diocesan Pastoral Council Sunday: Confir. rnation. Saint William's Saeffield. Monday: Meeting of priests and lunch at Mount Sr Mary s College. Timidity! Mass end 'agitation, Mvinhurst parish. Wednesday: Mass University Chaplaincy. 1 pro Mass, Cathedral, 5.30 pm. Thursday: Catholic Education Council meeting. Dorreaster. IC arn. Day of recollection at Buighwellis, 11.30em. Caring church week. Si Michael's Barnsley. 7 15. Opens new sixth form wing Bishop O'Connor, Auxiliary of Uverpool: Friday: Parish reunion St John's, Burscough. 7.30 pm Monday: Meeting at Cardinal Godfrey School,

3 ern, Tuesday: Chapter Meas. Metropolitan Mass. Metropolitan Cathedral. 11 are Civic and church leaders reception, Archbishop s House, Liverpool, 6 ern. Wednesday: Meeting at Cecina] Allen School.

4 pm. Justice and Peace Commisalon meeting, Sr. Katharines College, 7 pro, Thursday: Archbishops Council meeting, Curial offices, 10 am.

Bleep Murphy-O'Connor of AnAndel and Brighton: Saturday: Meeting with Religious Superiors of the Diocese. The Priory, Sayers Coronae Sunday: Visits Si Joseph's Parish. Guildford Tueaday: Visits Eastbourne Deanery Conference Thursday, Visits Worthing Deanery Conference Bishop O'Brien, Bishop in Hertfordshire: Friday: Reception for Mg' Delgado Archbishop's House. 6_30 pm Saturday: Justice and Peace day, All Saints Pastoral Centre. 10 am. Grove Hie Church of the Ressurection. 5 pm Sunday: Visitation, St Joseph's. Bedwell, Tuesday: Hens and Beds Ecumenical Consultative Commission. 10 am Wednesday: CDA Westminster. 10 am. Thursday: Visa Nicholas Breakspear school. 1 30 pm_

Bishop Restive= of Plymouth: Friday: Attends Bishop s meeting, Archbishop s House. Westminster Sunday: Visitation Mass St Marmot's Church, Staunton, 10.30. Confirmation. 3 pm. Monday: Children u school Mass, Our Lady's School. Barnstaple. 11 pm. Tustidey: Chapter Mass. Cathedral, Plymouth. II am Attends Chapter meeting. 12 noon Attends Diocesan Schools Commission meeting at Cathedral House. Cecil Street. Plymouth, 2.30 per Bishop Tripp, Auxiliary of Southwark: Friday: L'Arche. Lambeth House. South Norwood. Sunday: induction at Mist Sheen. 11 30 err'. Confirmation Merton, 5 Om Turyday: Formal Opening of St Philornena's sixth Porn, Centre. Carshalton. 7 om Thursday: Attends Joan Fisher School Founder's Day. Purley_ Bishop Ward, Coadiutor Bishop 01

Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation. Conway. Tuesday: Diocese and Education meeting, Wrexham, 10,30 are Thursday: Bishop Fox retirernent Mass. Llanelli. 7 prn

Bishop Wheals, of Leeds: Friday: Visits Keighley Deanery. Siliairtity: Address Teachers. Notre Dame. Leeds 'Q30 arn sundry: visitetion and Confirmation, Shipley Tuesday: Attends Day of recopection. Ilkley VVedneaday: Ash Wednesday Cathedral. B pm. Thursday: Attends Huddersfield Deanery

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