Page 6, 27th January 1956

27th January 1956
Page 6
Page 6, 27th January 1956 — CHILDREN'S CORNER

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People: Clare Simon


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By Clare Simon

THIS is a Travel Number, so I am going to introduce you this week to someone who travelled a very long way in her younger days —all the way from the Amazon River, in fact.

I should like to he able to tell you she is a great friend of Slyboots and Michele. but I am afraid this is far from the case. In fact, she waits just inside the doorway of her house until they pass by and then she leans out and pulls out a good big hit of fur. Perhaps you have guessed from this that she is a parrot. Her name is Nora and she is 25. This sounds old until you know that she may live until she is 100.

The wont; house

Here is a little story about her which shows that it's not much good travelling anywhere unless you're sure you know the way home. One fine day Nora decided she wanted to go for her afternoon stroll and perhaps find a few caterpillars or other interesting things. So we opened her cage and she set off up the garden path, looking very small with all the garden birds staring in surprise. She usually comes in again for her tea, but four o'clock came and no Nora., We weren't really worried about cats because of her sharp beak, but we were just going to look for her when all at once the telephone rang. It was the lady next door.

" I don't know if you can explain this." she said. " But I just heard someone scratching at my back door and when I went to open it there was a green parrot wanting to come in."

Well, of course it was poor Nora, who had lost her way and gone to the wrong house. We went to fetch her back. She was in furious temper at human beings being so silly as to have two houses looking exactly the same next to each other and tried to give us all a good bite,

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