Page 1, 27th June 1952

27th June 1952
Page 1
Page 1, 27th June 1952 — Desperate need for Crusade

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Desperate need for Crusade

Bishop Cowderoy on Family Rosary

"THERE is no doubt that there is desperate need for a spiritual renewal, both in the world and in our euuntry," says Bishop Cowderoy, of Southwark, in a pastoral letter on the Family Rosary Crusade.

The Crusade begins in the Westminster, Southwark and Brentwood on June

diocese 29, and lasts until

August 3, with a great rally at Wembley Stadium on July 27. "The immorality of our times, the disregard for the sanctity of marriage, the disregard for ordinary decency and honesty, the frequent crimes of violence and injustice, the weak and shallow thinking that rots the proper appreciation of our real purpose in life and its eternal destiny, all these things dismay good and earnest men. both Catholics and nonCatholics," says the Bishop. "With deep concern they seek for means to remedy the evils of our days. Such evils can arise only from a disregard of God and His laws, and the true and lasting remedy must be based upon a widespread acknowledgement of Almighty God and a determination to serve Him with our whole heart and soul. For this it is essential that there should be fervent and habitual prayer. "Our late King, himself a man of deep religious convictions, called his people to prayer on special occasions, and gave an example in his own family life of regular and unostentatious attendance to his religious duties. "It must be our aim, then, to restore the practice of daily prayer and the constant realisation of the presence of God.

No Supervision

"Unless the spirit of prayer begins in the home, it will never spread to the people at large. Society is cemented together by the family, and it is the growing disintegration of the family which is causing such lamentable havoc in the life of the nation. "Therefore. we urge those families in our diocese which already recite the Rosary day by day to pledge themselves • to its continuance; and we trust that many other families will follow their good example and begin to pray together intheir homes, At the end of the Crusade all the families in the diocese will be invited to sign the Daily Family Rosary Pledge.

"In order that your conscience may not be burdened, we wish to make it plain that the pledge will not bind under pain of sin, and that every individual and every family is free to make it or not.

"It is far from our intention _to authorise or permit any sort of vigilance or supervision from outside the home to ensure that those who make the pledge are remaining faithful to it. "All that we ask and urge is that every family should freely join in setting aside 10 minutes or so every day, at a time when most of the members of the family are at home, during which they will join together in reciting the Holy Rosary. Those who are prevented from being present and those persons who live alone may fulfil the pledge by saying the Rosary privately. "Fr. Peyton hopes that nonCatholics will also be present at these rallies, and we wish you to do all you can to interest your non-Catholic friends and relatives in this great movement to restore the practice of family prayer to the home."

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