Page 6, 27th June 1969

27th June 1969
Page 6
Page 6, 27th June 1969 — THEOLOGY TODAY by R. C. Gorman, SI

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The Work of Our Redemption by C. Howell, S.J. (Chapman, 16s.)

LIR. C. HOWELL'S classic has A a new look, partly in vivid drawings by Benedictine nuns of Cockfosters, but also by his developed modern approach. A chapter on "Worship" begins with a reference to advertisements for cameras and cars. The section on "Sharing the Divine Life" makes a point by a quick outline of "On Ilkley Moor 'bat 'At"! To explain the "Sacramental Principle" a night ride in the driving cab of a huge diesel locomotive is described. So Mass, sacraments, indulgences, vocations, social apostolate are there for teachers, parents, older children, in alert terms and with hints for further reading. No teaching without thinking; and Fr. Howell helps us to think.

Our Separated Brethren by D. Woodard, M.A. (C.T.S., 3s. 6d.)

A transformed booklet by the parish priest of Burnham. Ninety pages on Anglicanism which can hardly be bettered, history, doctrines, formulariesExcellent paragraphs follow on "dialogue" with the C. of E. Briefer but similar facts for Presbyterian, Baptist, Methodist, etc., and always apposite indications for "dialogue." The still shorter treatment of Christian Science, Mormons and others, could perhaps be replaced in further editions by a list of fuller C.T.S. pamphlets (e.g. R 136, 156, 157) on inside cover of Fr. Woodard's book, allowing him the space spared to expand his invaluable hints on dialogue.

Teilhardism and the Faith by G. H. Duggan, S.M. (Mercier Press, 6s.)

The writer names de Lubac, J. Russell and other Jesuit colleagues of Teilhard de Oarchn,

as substantially endorsing Tellhard's outlook, recording at the same time the less favourable verdict of Pere (now Cardinal) J. Danielou, and J. Maritain. Fr. Duggan holds that Teilhard's system "is not compatible with the Christian faith." The booklet is brief and a useful introduction for the tyro. But if he wants a more shaded judgment, he will turn to Emile Rideau's Teithard de Chardin (Collins) for a unique setting out of all material for consideration. The scope and temper of Fr. Duggan's book seem to preclude a satisfactory conclusion.

20th Century Philosophy by B. Delfgaauw (Gill & Macmillan, 18s., cloth 36s.)

Once more a book by a hurried student. Many such students may fairly complain of a professor lecturing at speed, and dropping names not easy to identify. still less easy to become briefly acquainted with. This handbook gives a compact account of Heidegger, Gabriel Marcel, Sartre, Merleau-Ponty, as well as of the logical positivists and so many others. Unfortunately for supplementary reading the author only mentions two of his own books, one in Dutch, one translated but with no indication of the publisher. Obviously a probing person will turn to Fr. F. C. Coplestone's work.

Karl Barth ed. I. Godsey (St. Andrew Press, 8s.) These are some autobiographical essays of K. Barth, who died last December, aged 82. The great Swiss Calvinist theologian of Basel comes alive in the pages. Much of his teaching emerges, with its modifications over half a century. Any seminarian, or even his elders, will find a pleasant afternoon's reading here.

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