Page 5, 27th June 1975

27th June 1975
Page 5
Page 5, 27th June 1975 — Reactionto Fr Richards

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Reactionto Fr Richards

Astonishment (and may I say it, anger?) filled my mind on seeing the headline on the front page of your issue of June 13: "Priest who led controversial college to quit." Is this good spiritual reading in a Catholic paper? Will it edify its readers? . If this is the only news our Catholic papers can give us, may I suggest (if they run short of news) to give us blank columns instead? I am very surprised at this sort of news appearing in our Catholic weeklies. Some weeks ago something similar appeared in one of our Scottish papers.) am told it did appear in another Catholic weekly, but not in my big letters on the front page; and I did not see it in any daily paper, If it appeared, it was not given any prominence.

We are sorry for such priests— we can and must pray for them, but it is not necessary to know their names. I pray for all such daily. (They certainly pose many of us a mystery.) Frequently I urge our people to buy and read, at least one Catholic paper ... but I do not wish them to read news like this, NO! PLEASE keep this sort of news out of our papers. Years ago such defections from the priesthood were never mentioned — it was sad reading. Is . it no longer so? May the Holy Spirit guide us all — priests, religious and layfolk in our own working out of our individual vocation!

Fr Oliver, OFM The Friary,

Tullideph Road, Dundee.

The Editor writes: Fr Oliver asks that we keep news out of a newspaper. We can no more do that than we can keep Christ out of Christianity.

Would you be so kind as to make public my protest that a full two pages of the Vol 5 No 18 issue of the Catholic Information Office Journal is devoted entirely to Fr Hubert Richards and his apologia.

This journal now costs over £6 a year, and if we are to pay this sum we are entitled to receive value for our money. Who wants to be informed once again of Fr Richards' disgruntled complaints as to why he was "freed" to give up his priesthood'?

T. MacLeod 29 Great Cumberland Valley, London, Wl.

With the Barque of Peter washed hither and thither in the evolving tempest of Vatican II, it is only those who can walk with vision on the dark waters who will finally carry the Good News into the future.

I thank God for men like Fr Hubert Richards, who are willing to sacrifice their career and personal security for this cause. Of such fibre are prophets and saints made, and thus will their names he blazoned in history for they are the rejected stones which will become the cornerstones of the future.

Kathleen Gabb 32 Knox Street,

London, Wl.

On Good Friday, 1972, I had the privilege of spending a meditative hour in the Garden of Gethsemane with Fr Hubert Richards. I remember thinking at that time that here was a man bringing many of us into new life and truth and at the same time being persecuted by Church authorities.

Two thousand years previously another man was in that same place — bringing people to new life and truth and being persecuted by Church authorities.

Crucifixion has followed in both cases. When will they ever learn?

Bernard Johnston CMS Catholic Missionary Society, 114 West Heath Road, London, NW3,

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