Page 8, 27th June 1980

27th June 1980
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Page 8, 27th June 1980 — Bishops' Engagements

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Bishops' Engagements


A.Presentation of Award

C.-Comte-melon 11#1.1Mew

0.0rdinetion V.Idelteelon

Arehblehop Dwyer of Birmiryaharn:Saturday: 0, Blacklders. Oxford. 11.30 am. Sunday, M. Rye St Anthony Schnell, Oxford, 11.30 arn. Monday: V. Datlaston. 10.30 am. Tuesday: Chapter meeting and M, St Chad's Cathedral, 11A5 am. SI Edward's, Sally Oak. 2 pm. Thursday. Attends installation of Bishop Moverley. Sheffield, 11.30 ern Archbishop Werke* ef Uwapeol:Thursday: inataliation of Bishop Moverley. St Mar ia'a Cathedral. Sheffield. 11.30 am B ishop Alexander of Clifton: Friday. Attends Lathoirc Child [email protected] Committee Meeting, London. Saturday: 0. Downside Abbey, 11 am V. Si Thomas More Parish. Cheltenham. 6 proSunday: M. 5.30 ern, 10.30 any and 6 30 pm. M and C. 3.30 pre, St Thomas More Pariah. Diocesan Chapter meeting, Clifton Cathedral, 11.30 stn. Wednesday. Attends Diocesan Finance Committee meeting, St Ambrose. Leigh Woods. 4 pm. M and C, St Augustine of Canterbury Church, Downend. 7.30 pm. Thursday' Instalialidn of Bishop of Haltom. Sheffield. 11.30 am. M and C. The Immaculate Conception Church, Dayires. 7 30 pm.

B ishop Brower, Auditory of Shrewsbury:Friday. Meeting, Stachley Shared Church, C. St John's Bridgnorth Seim-day 0 St Anthony's Sunday. C. Si Raphael's. Millbruok. Vocations M. St Werburgh's, Chester. Monday. M. of Thanksgiving, COnvent School. Stockpod. C, St Hugh of Lincoln. West Timperley. Tuesday Vocations Team meeting. C St Ambrose's. Mamma Wednesday Meeting, Youth Centre, Ledshern C. St Peter's. Newell Green Thursday Installation of Bishop of Heller., Sheffield. 11.30 am Bishop Casey el Brentwood:Friday, Meeting of Finance Board. 10.30 am. Stanley. M end C, St Joseph's. Hutton, 10.30 ant. Tuesday' Chapter M. and meeting, Brentwood. 11 am Thursday' Instellatioo of Bishop of Hellen% St Marie's Sheffield, 11.30 ern.

Iliehop Clang!) of Beat Angina:Saturday/Monday: Parish V. Kings Lynn Monday: Attends Priests Retreat. Massinghern. Tuesdey,

C M. Pilgrimage. Waisingharn. Wedneadayinhurtday: Attends Priests Retreat, Massinghem

Bishop Cleary, Auxiliary of Birmingham:Friday' 0. Sacred Heart. Drodwich, 6 30 pm. 5■11U1dayM. for Sister nt Mercy at Maryvale Convert, 3 pm. Sunday: M and C. Si Joseph. Chaselown, 3 pot Monday: Diamond Jubilee celebtation of Fr Benedict, Mount St Barnard's. 2 30 per Executive meeting. Justice and Peace, London, pm. Tuesday Chapter tnwting end M, Si Chad's Cathedral. 11.45 arn M and C. Sacred Heart. Eecieshall, 7.30 pm Wednesday' M for Cetenian Association. St Patrick Weisell Thursday Attends Inst•Itation of Bishop Moyerley. Sheffield, 11 30 art' B ishop Foley of LencesterSaturday: Attends meeting of Association at Senior Religious, Boarbank Hall, 2 pm Sunday. V, St AuguetloeS. Preston, 11 apt. C. 4 pm. A, St Francis. Goosnargh. 7.30 pm Tuesday Attends Chapter M and Meeting, Cathedral, I 1 am Wednesday: V. St Wulstan's school and opens Nursery Unit, Fleetwood. 2 15 pm C. St Joseph's, Preston, 7.30 per. Thursoey: Inetallation of Bishop of Halloo. St Mena's. Sheffield. 11,30 WT, Bisbee Grant of Northwrieton: Sunday' 0. Sr Joseph's. Lamm, 3 pm Tuesday: C. St Joseph's, Luton Wednesday' Churches Mein Committee at Home Office C. Si Joseph's, Luton. 7 OM.

B ishop likeeer, of Shrewsbury:Saturday: 0. Salesian College, Shrigtey. Sunday/MondayV and C, St Paul's Poymon Thursday' Attends Installation of Bishop of Hallam Sialsop Gray, Auxiliary of thieved:Friday. M, St Albert's Cantril Farm, 7.30 pro. Sunday; M, St Francis de Sales. kale Road. Liverpool. 5.30 pm C. Si Francis de Sales. Liverpool. 7 Pol. Monday' Attends Fr, Benedict Glyrin's Diamond Jubilee, M of Thanksgiving. Mount 51 Bernard's Abbey. Coeiville, Leicester 2 30 pay Tuesday' ChapterM. and meeting, Metropolitan Chapter In the Cathedral, 11 cm. Thursday: instailation ol Bishop Monday, St Marie's Cathedral Sheffield. 11.30 am B ishop Gomel& SIshop in Feet Landon:Saturday. C. Macro, House 6 pm Sunday V. Manor House Tuesday Meeting. Islington and Camden deanery area ft pm. Wednesday, C.0 A, 10am. meerirey with Church of Enaland Bishop. 3.15 Pm. M. AGM Cathoii, Soc.& Se, ylce. 6pm Thursday' Installation at Bishop Muyerley, 11.30 any meeting. Tower Hetelets deanery. 8 pm B ishop H•rris of MIddle•borough:FrIdaySatuttiay Meeting of the Social Welfare ComMiattien in London Sunday, M, Sacred Heart. Mtddlesbrough. 11 30 am. Attends evensong. St Peter's Church. Stokesley,fipm. Monday, Addresses the Catholic Handicapped Fellowship in Middlesbrough. Tuesday, Diocesan Liturgy Commis. sloe Armatufurth, 11.30 sm. L, St Gabriel's, Orrnesby, 7.15 pm Wednesday: C. and M, St Alphonsus, North Ormashy. Middlesbrough. 6.30 pm ThursdayV and C. S1 Joseph's. York. 7 pm, B ishce Hervey, Bishop in North London:Friday/Saturday. Meetrng of ffishop's Social Welfare Commission. Satudiey/Sunday: Pastoral V. Cocidoeters. Monday: AGM Convent' Aid Society, El pm TuesdayMeeting of beans, 1.30 pm. Chapter, 4 15 pm. Wednesday: C.D.A. Meeting. 10 am. C, St B ishop Mendenon, Ausillery of licwthwark:Fritter 5.5. Metropolitan Loodurt Ecumenical Cornrhissmo meeting with special senates of Benediction. St Mary's Blackheath, 5.45 pm. Sunday M and C. Italian Mrssion, 9 30 am end 12 noon. Monday: Prebidet at ()locum Finence Meeting 11 am. Kent Enumenical Commission meeting, Canterbury, 7.30 pm Tuesday Ecumenicol meeting. Convent of Mercy. Orpington, 6.30 pm. Thursday' M and V. St Thomas Apostle School. Nunhearl, 10 am/3 orn.

B ishop Kitchen, Auxiliary of Liverpool:

FridaY: V and C, Sts Peter and Paul, Tower Hill. Saturday: C. Stonyhurst college, 3 prn Sunday' V and C. Sts Pete, and Paul. Kikby, Monday Ecumenical Commiseion. Cathedral House. Wednesday: Catholic Social See-view sub Commission, 10.30 am Thursday: Installation of Bishop of Hallam. 11.30 am

Bishop Holland of Safford:Sunday: V. 11.15 am, C. 3,13 pm. Sacred Heart, Gorton, B lehop Jukes, Auxiliary of Southwark:Friday. Meets Confirmation rendidetes. Tunbridge Wells. b pot, Seturday: Blessing of St Benedict's Sehool. Waiderslade. 3 oroSunday. M. Weal Melling. 12 noon C. Tunbridge Wells, 3.30 pm Monday: Deans' meeting, West Melling. 17 urn Tuesday. V. Holy Cross Secondary school Broadstairs, M, VVItiudable, 7.30 pm Bishop Kennett, Bishop In Central London:Friday: Priestly 0. Carmelite Church, 6 pre. Saturday: Education Commission, Maria Assumpta, 10 am. Sunday: St Andrews Babola, Shepherds Bush. 11 Jim Monday: C. Shepherds Buell. 7 pm. leers:lay: L. Oratory, 6.30 pm Wednesday. COA Meeting. Archbethope House, 10 am. Governors' meeting, Marie ,Fidelts. 6 pm. Thursday: M. Corpus Domini Convent, Arnoway Street. 2.30 pre. St Joseph's Centre, Hendon, 6 pm.

Bishop Lindsay of Heathen and Newcastle:Saturday O. Ushaw College. I I am Sunday. V and C. Sr Joseph's, Bailey. 3.30 pm.

S tahel) McCort's, amigur•ry of Blieningham:Friday: M and C. Ss Peter and Paul, Pype Hayes 7 30 pm. Saturday. M, Out Lady ut the Angels. Aldridge. 3 Pm. Sunday. M and C, St Atigiditine. Coventry. 3 pot M and C, Christ the King, 6 pm Tuesday. Limon of Catholic Mothers Pilgrimage to Walsingharn. WednesdayA.G.M. Johnson Fund Association. 11.45 am. Thursday. Priests COnsultative Committee. Schools Commission. 10.45 am. M and C. Sacred Heart. Coventry. 7 pro.

B ishop Moguliwiese of Nottinghwn:Friday. M al Teachers' in-Setvice. Goad Shepherd school. Arnold, 3.15 pm. Saturday: 0, Hinckley. 12 nnon Monday. M. to mark the Centenery of St Augustine's school, Nottinghem, 2 pm. Tuesday: Attends Pageant Si Augustineie school, Nottingham. 1.46 pm f hurday: Installation of BiSh00 MOverley. Sc Marie's. Sheffield. 11.30 am.

Mabee Murphy-O-Connor of Arundel end Brighton:Sunday: V. Fiticharn Parish. Attends Service to mark Btli Centenary of St Peter's Church. Limpsfielci. pm Monday: Addresses A,G.M. of Convette.' Aid Society, London Wednesday. Attends Prizegrying. Our Lady of Sion Senior School. WOrthing. Thursday: Meeting Of Governors. Heythrop College. pm.

'Whop O'Brien, Bishop in Hertfordshire:Friday: C, St Thomas Puckeridoe. B pm Saturday: 0. Our Lady and St George, Enfield. 3.30 pm Sunday: V and C, St Helen a, N Watford. Monday/Tuesday: U G.M. Pilgrimage to Walainghem. Wednesday: CDA Westminster. 10 am. Governors course Holy Trinity school. Welwyn Garden City, 7.30 pm. Thursday: Meeting, Allen Hall, 7.30 pm.

B ishop Pearson, Bi•hop in CurnbrI•: Saturday: Attends meeting of the Association of retired Religious. Boer-bank convent, Grange (War Sends Sunday: C. Egremont Tuesday: Invests MT L Thwaytes as a Kr•ight of St Gregory. Thursday' Installation of Bishop Moverley, Sheffield. Attends Parents meeting. St Margaret Ma, School, Cadryle B ishop Swint:taboret, ^unitery ed Itathem and Newcastle:SaturdaY: 0. St Patrick, I larttepool. 11 am. Sunday: V and C. St Mary. tilackhill Thursday. Installation of Bishop Muvetley, St Marie's. Sheffield 11.30 art: B ishop Mahon, Bishop in West London:. C. Si Mans. East Acton, 7 30 pro Sunday: C, and Commissioning, O.L. Queen ot Apostles, Heston. 5 30. Monday Education Commission, 12.30 pm. Tuesday' Requtem M, Spanish Pince, 11 arta Wednesday' Council of Diocesan Affairs. 10 art. Thumrimy: C.M.A C meeting Wimble4on. 8 pm• B ishop Tripp, Auxiliary of Southwerk:Friduy: M. for 8th form Leavers from Si Philomenat school, Carshalton. 3.30 urn. Saturday: 0, Wonersh. Sunday' M, St Andrew's, Thornton lienth urn and 3 pm. A. Marlon, 5 pm A to Canon Clements Sr George's Cathedral. 8 pm. Monday: C. Thornton Heath. 8 Pm. Wednesday: M and Blessing of Window. Colliers Mod, 7.30 prO Thursday. Installation of Bishop Moverley, Sheffield.

'Whop Wheeler of Leeds, Friday: School M. St Tliunias A tierk•ft Wakedield. 1 I ant. Catechetr.1 Centre meeting. 7.30 pm. Saturday: Utocesan Girl Guides M Haziewood Gristle. 3.30 Pro. Sunday' V and C, Immaculate POUT M Mary. Leeds

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