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27th June 2008
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Page 14, 27th June 2008 — BISHOPS' ENGAGEMENTS

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Organisations: Demon Inspection Board, Diocesan Trustee Board, Archbishop's Council, Amhbishop's Council, Bishop's Council, Histonc Churches Committee, Hove Council of Christians and Jews, St Poufs Academy, Service of Dedication and Blessing, &Urn School, Curial Office, Bishop Challonor School, St Philip's Cathohc Primary School, FareweJ1,Bishop Walsh School, Visib St Petal School, Metropoliain Cathedral of Chin, Pastond Centre, Pastoral Centre, Liverpool Parish Church, College of Conahoof, Canal Office, St Benedict's School, Lady's School, Primary School, Archbisbop'a Council, Arobbishop's Council, Gartan Party, Ugh School, Choral Symphony, Church of the Assumption, Sacred Ham Primary School, St Thomas More Language School, St Francis Xavier Primary School, JFK School, St Pluls School for Gals, Archbishoa's Council, Osson College, Si Mary's Uruversity College, St Wmairides Primary School, Diocesan Retirement Fund, English Martyrs Primary School, NHS, Diocesan Stewardship Committee, St Allan's Prinury School, St Bernadette's Primary School, Univeraty College, King College, Sheffield Hallamshire Hospital, College of Consultors


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June 29 to July 4

Cardiaal Murphy-O'Connor eahamninstrriSwi Celebrates Mass for thr 50th Amaiversary of St Bede's. Crooke Caren. Riclanansuorth, Herts. !Owl. Tue. %tee, .ith Diocesan Trustees. Archtashopa House, I I am. attends Reception for Ft Michael Seed, Wesumnster Cathedral Hall, 630pm. Wed: Attends Service of Dedication and Blessing of the Sacred Ham Primary School, Ruislip. Mittalmeit, 1 .30arn: meets with Archbishop's Council. Archbishop's abase. 3.30pm. The Celebrates Mass for Sion-a/tanning Girls School. St Charles Square. London. 1 lam: mends Omit School Prize Giving. St Jobn Smith Sqthire. London.7pm. Fri: Speaks at Fleatimre Creamta& May's Univeraty College. Twickenham. 10am Sat Celebraim Centenary ?AMA of Thanksgiving. St Bend's Pansh. Suffolk. 10.allam Archbishop Kelly (Liverpool) SunLeads 'Walking in Faith' Walk from Liverpool Parish Church to the atetropolitan Cathedral of Christ the Keg, 4.15rre Solemn Musson the Centerary of the Ca union Association, Metropoliain Cathedral of Chin the King. Liverpool. I lam. Mom Civic Recepnon Ann Fowler House, Livapool. 5 30tan.Ttie Fr, Army Chaplains Conference. Aomori House. Andover. Ere Reception for Atchdiamsan Staff. Archbishop's Home, 3pm: Prayer Vigil. Carmelite Monastery. Uphol1ond,6pni Sat: Celebrates Mass. Oa Lady oldie Annunciation. Bishop Eton, Liverpool, noon: mends Beethoven 'Choral Symphony' Concert. Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King. 7 )0pm Archbishop NIelsols (Birmingham) Sun: Maw tomtit 30th Areavenary 01St Paul's. Kings Norton. noon Mass. React Faith Festival, Osson College. a 30pm !shoo Fri. The 1-111d5OU way Bike RideFri: Arobbishop's Council meeting,Arehbishopa House. 9.30san. Sat Ordination to Priesthood. Put Smith. Hall Green, noon

Bishop Arnold (Auxiliary Bishop of Wintminsten Sun. Confirmation. Stamford HAL t .30prn. Toe Truatees rneeting.A.Bli. 1 lain: Mass for Feast of Blessed Antonio Banana Catbedral. 2.30pm. Wed: Archbishop's Council, 3 30put Thu: Canary laiharf Community, 12.39pin. Fri Archbishop's C011atd. 4.30am Sat: Confurnation, Hamow-onthe-Hill. noon: Bright laights Maas London Colmar. 730prn.

Bishop Brain (Salford) Sun, Celebration of Miss with the Jemuts. St Michael and St John. Clitheme, 10am, celebration of Mass for World Youth Day. Salford Cathedtal , 5 atipm. Mon Tue: UCM Pilgrimoge to Walsinglum. Wed: RCIA Network Conference. Sedgley Park Centre. Primeach. I pm Bithop Campbell (Coniator Lancaster) Stm: Episcopal Onlination la (Jr new Bishop of Down and Comm Belfast. pm. Tue, Diocesan Trustees meeting, pm_ Thoi Tribunal Moss. Scorton. am: Ammal Mass for Blessed Edward Bomber. St Winefoile's House, Blackpool. pm Ere Vicars General meeting, Loncaster. am. Sal: Alipointments in Rome until lath fitly.

Bhh Comm (Antndel & Brighton) Sun Ordinatioo to the Pinnument Diaconote of Tim Murrell. St Joseph's. Redhill. 5.30pm. Toe Addreases Mahlon and Hove Council of Christians and Jews. Rath Hall. Hove. 7.30pm. Wed Mass .Mayfield St Leonard School. I lam visas Darville Community. 3pm. Thu: St Philip's Cathohc Primary School. Antodel, Blessing of New Playmisand and Musk Rerun 2pm. Sat CAR) AGM Bbla017 TaftYle (Notthamptonf Son: Pinal Prolessten Service Mass, Langley. I lam Launch of Year of Pail. Si Edward's.Milion Keynes. 33npro Man. No official engagements.Tue: College of Conahoof meeting. Bishop's House, Ham 3pm: Corifirmainn, Holy Family. Shough.7 30pm Wed Bishop's House staff meeting. 930mi Confirmation St Ethelben's and Holy Redeemer. Slough.7.30prn. lbw NBRIA Executive meeting. Vaughan House. Mom 3pm; Confirmations. St Augusts:les . Milton Keynes, 730pin. PM Mass aral visit.Thornas &Urn School, Northampton. II.30am, Confirmation. St Auguatine. High Wycombe.73(*m. Sat Maas followed by lunch for Child Protection Reps of the Diocese. Cathedral. noon: Feast of St Thomas the Arastle Mass. Cathedral, 7pm.

Bishop Drainer ililiddlesbrough) The Bishop's Council. Curial Office. I law attends Din:dolman Group Engagement Lemma. 630pro. Vied Celebrates Maas for Centenary of Consecration and 1.50th Anniversary. Si Peter's , Scarnonagh. 7pm. Thu: Diocesan Trustee Board. Curial Office . If -Vim: Safeguarding Meeting. Canal Office, 2.30prn

Bishop Evans (East Anglia) Sun Confirmation, Poringland. 9am; Daimon 'Big One Youth Event, St Benedict's School. Bury St Edmunds. I230prn tipm. Mon: Year 7 COMX71. St Thomas MOM Primary. Norwich, 1.30pne Confirmations. 0134 Cambridge, 7 30tau. Toe: Confirmations. St IVCS, 7.30pm. Wed Diocesan Jubilees Mass, Watsinglum. noon. Thu' Bury Schools Pyramid Pilgnmage. Will songham. En: Bishop Michael travel to World Youth Day, Sysiney

Bishop Hendricks (Auxiliary in Southwark) Sun, Confirmations. Roehampton. I last. Confirmations. Wimblorlon.3pin

Bishop Hine (Auxiliary Bishop of Southwark) Sun, Celebrates Masa, Roc hestet Young Offenders, Sum; celebrates Mass fur beginning of Jubilee Year of St Paul in the Meopham parish. Ibm. MOW Mertirlir of the Southwark Province Bishops, Pease Pottage, W[S1 Sussex, apni l'ue. Meeting of the Southwark Pmunce Bishops Pease Pottage, until mtdduy The Archbishoa's Council meeting, Amhbishop's Home:Jam. Chars Demon Inspection Board meeting, Ambhishop's House, I I am Bishop Halls (Portsmouth) Sun. West Berk. shire Pam.] Armi C.ekhaticat.Douai Abbey, Upper Woolhampton Mom Province meeting. Bishop's House. Promo Pottage, West Sussex, 4pm. TuePmvince meeting. Bishop's House. Pease Portage. West StIssex. am. Wed: Diocesan Stewardship Committee meeting. Bishop's House. Poramouth.

Conlimnation for Southampton East Pus:tonal Area. Immaculate Conception, Portswood, Southampton, 7pm.Thu, laincemn Imams meelna, Bishop's House. Portsmouth, 10.30am Diocesan Retirement Fund meeting. Bishop's House, Portsmouth, 2pm. Fn: Mass. SI Theresa of the Chid reMLN. Totton. 7pm.

Bishop Hopes (Westminster: Sm. Celebraira Confirmation M.S. Om Lady oldie Rosary, Staines. 12.30pm. celebrates COREITIlatI011 Mass, St James, Tivickenlam,6pm. More Enamanentra Archbishop's House Toe: Meets with rembera of the Polish Bishops' Conference, Warsaw. Wed: Celebrates Maas followed ho visit to St Thomas More Language School. Chelsea. 1030art Archbishop's Council , Archbohop's House. 331/pm The' Engagements , Archbishops House . ant celebrates Mass of thanksgiving for Sr Cannel Keegan. Hanunemmith Hosp.

12.30prn engagements, Archbishop's House. pm. Ea Archbishop's Council,ArcbbIshop's House, 9.30am. engagements. Archbishop's House, poi celebnues Confirmation Mom, St Pius X, St Charles Square, 7pin, Sat: Travels to Australia in preparaaon for the World Youth Day celebrations (15 to 2Is1 July).

Bishop Kenney (Birmingham) Sun. Episcopal Cladination of Mgr Nisei Treanor, Belfast. 3pm. Mon, Diocesan Justice and Peace meeting. Ilona Tue. Chapter meeting. Cathedral Home. 1 larn; Chapter Mass. St Chad's Cathedral, 12.15pm: Confitmadons. Our Lady of the Angels. Nuneaton , 7.30pm. Wed, CAFOD Training Dny, Birmingham. 1 Confirmations St John Father. Coventry. 7pm. Thu Confmmations, St John Fishes Coventry. 7prn. Pn: Aalthishopa Coatioa mecti ng.Atchhishop's House. .30atn. Sat Confirmations, Our Lady of Help of Christi:on. Oxford. 5.30pm.

Bishop Lang Wigton) Mon. Lunch. Apostolic Num inture, London, 12.15pm. Wed: Mast to celebrate 150th arniversary of parish. St Gregory the Great. Cheltenham. 7pm. Thu: Courted of Priests, Bristol. I lam; Confumation , Our Lady, Inunaculate Conception. Deviam. 7pm Fri: Seeking the Fate of Christ steering group meeting. Bristol, Want Sat. Catlains David Blinn Barry Taylor and Mandan Vaughan-Spniee to the Pemanern Diaconate. Clifton Cathedral. Bristol , I Ion Bishop Longley (Westminster) Sim Morning Prayer for Solemnity of 55 Peter and Paul followed

by &LISS. Vanaminster Cathedral !nom Jor ' s 11am. Cathollc Children's Somen Brard netLur, g , 's'aughait House, 5.45pm. Wed: Catholic Cauldren s Society. "Walk A MalePilgrimage. Westminster Cathedral. I 230prei Archbishop's Council. Archaithop's Home. 3 30pm Thu: Agency for Evangelisation iraiviewa. Vaughan House: macerates Mass. CCH, 1.30pm. followed by Ward Visits: celebrates Tbanksaving Moe. fee Mrs Eileen liana". St Mellitus. Tolling-ion Park. 6.30pm. Sat Travels to %add Youth Day. Sydnes. ?monde.

Bishop li4neb (Auxiliary or Southwak) Sum. Confirmations, ItaLane Misaion.Vandiall. noon. Mom Mass for St Poufs Academy. Collard Broadway Theatre, II am. Wed Meeting of the Pastoral Lacy& opment Group. Archbishop's House. 1 I .15am. Thu: Archbishop's Coin:ni) meeting. I lam: meeting of Headteahers from the South-Eact Arra. Christ Doe King College. Lewisham. I 30pm. En. RILLS'S for the Retirement of the Headteacher. Bishop Chal)oner School, Beckenham. 9 15am. Confirmations. Our Lady and St Millie Non, Sydenbam. 730pm. Sar Miss-toning Ceremony for the Confirmation Candidates of 11w Cambenvell Deanery, Sacred Heart. Camberwell.

Bishop MeGeugh (BirminghaM) 51m: Celehrate-s Centenary Mass lot Reunion of Siff and Ckwermes, St Pluls School for Gals. now Mani Viso St Augustine', Primary School. Meir,2por. Corifirmanne. St Augustine's. Meir, 7pin. Toe: Chap. ire ineethig, Cathedral Howse, I lent Chapter 18115s■ St Chad's Cathedral. 12.15pm: viaits St Bernadette's Primary School. Brownhills. affm; Cenfirmatioos, Bonvohillb.1pni.Wad. 'visits St Elizabeth's Primary

Tamwotth, 2pm: Confirmations, Sacred Ham, Slascote. 7pm. Thu. Vain St Austin's aod Mother Terew Primary' Schools. Stafford. 9.302m, visas English Martyrs Primary School. Bitklulph. 2pm: Mass with Primary Sehooks,BumtwoodiJom. Fri. Archbishop's Council meeting. Archbishop's House. 930am: visits St Francis Xavier Primary School, Oldbury, 2pni: Confirmations, Biddulph, 7 30pm.

Bishop McMahon (Brentwood) Tue. MeetmrsAnterviews, Cathedral House Wed: Attends Barking Deanery Confetence.Chitiveril, 1 lam Man. Commissioning of Weald Youth Day Group. Cathedral Spot. Thu Attends Holy Hour rad Jubilation Celebrations. Chigwell, 10.301m. Fri: Confirmation. St lohn's School. Chigwell. II 30am. Sat: Attends Beadaell Eaurnenical2itnage. Bishop McMahon (Nonfat am) Sum Celebrates Ma, tot the Golden Jubilee of Ss Peter and Paul's Parish, So atilincote. Oanam. Mon. Cekbrates Mass to mark The retirement of Mr Anthony Weldon, Our Lady of Goad Counsel Pamela: Sithcol,Skaford. 2vm. Thu: fitthops Cromal. Bishop's Manse. loan. En: Council ot Priests. Church of the Assumption. Beeston,1031kon, Confutration.Our Lady of Perpetual Succour, Belpre 7pm. Sac Ordination to the Priesthood of Re, Deacoo Tom Breslin, St Alban's. Chaddesden, noon_

Bishop Malone (Livemool) Sun: Episcopal Ordination of Rt Rev Noel Treanor as Bishop of Down and Connor. St Peters Cathedral. Belfast. 3pm. rue: Memorial Mass for Rev Gerard Some. Our Ludy of Perpetual Succour. Widnes 730pm. Wed Liverpool University Degree Congregation. Philharmonic Hall. Liverpool, 10.30am. FriReception for Archthecman Staff. Archinehop's House, 3pm. Sat: Li seri:silo' Hope Untversity Reunion

Bishopmr)iebie (Shrewsbury) Sun: Welcoming Service for the new Bishop of Stockport. Bishop Robert Atwell. Mawr Cathedral. 6pro Toe Simla time Hisionc Chunks AGM. Acton Round. apm.: LPA Conthanation. St Mary 's, Dukinfield. Spat Wed: National RCIA Meeting. Sedgley Park, noon. The Confirmation. St Parr.% HAM Grove. with St ailment's. Bramhall, 7pm. Fee Meeting with Diocesan EdtWarital Team. Curial Offices,10.30ram meeting with representatives of the various diocesan agencies. commissions anti officers. St Columbus Parish Hall, ('hester. 7pm. Sat: Diaconate Ordinations. Cathedral. 1 lain.

Bishop O'Donoghue (Lancaster) Sun Confirmation. St Close, Passion,, Tue. Trustees' meeting, lopm. Wed Stephenson Trust meeting. Pastoral Cetae.4tin. Pre Bishop's Council nreting.10.301m. Sat: Mass for the Friends of the Cathedral.12.15pm.

Bishop Pargeter (Birmingham) Sun: Mats, Pypr Noyes. 1030inn. Tar Maio of FareweJ1,Bishop Walsh School. Sumo Coldfield,730pm. Wed, Visib St Petal School. Beaky Green, 2pm. Confirmations. Bartley Graft, 7pm. Thu, Silver Jubilee Celebrations, Solthull, 7pm. Fri Amhbishop's Council meeting, Anthishop's House. 9.30am visits Our Lady's School.Shirley,2pori Confinnations, Shirley. 7pm.

Bishop Rinsadionle(Tiallam)Sion Mary Magdalene.Cudwoith,10ani Faith aid Light,

St Wthbanh.Sheffield,3pm. Confmnation. St Theresa's, Sheffield, 7pm. Tim: Meeting of Deems. Pastoral Centre. I lam; Confinnafica, St Joseph's, Dimino's,. 7pin. Wed: College of Consultors. Pastond Centre. I lam; Justice and Peace COMMIS, non. Pastoral Centre, 7pm. Thu: Induction of new Chaplain. Sheffield Hallamshire Hospital, noon: Confirmation. St Patrick's, Sheffield, Spin. En Diocesan Pilpimage to Lourdes.

Bishop Roche (Leeds) Sari Fri: Diocesan Pilgrimage to Lourdes.

Bishop Stack (Westminster) Tie TfliStee6Boord mening.Archtiishop's House. !limn Imasers'Aluss, Bishop Challonor School. 2pm. Wed Archbisbop'a Council meeting.330pm; celebrates Ma, for outgoing headteachers. The Crypt, Westminster Cathedral. 6.3npm. Thu: Histonc Churches Committee, Archbishop's House, Ham: celebrates Muss, JFK School. Hemel Hempstead 2pm. Fri: Anhhi shop's Courted meeting, 9.30am; Confirmation. Our Lady Help of Christians,Rickrnansworth, Hens. 7.30pm SatMemorial KIM. Providence Convent, Palmers Green. norm Confirmation. Si Bartholoinev. a. St Album South. Herts. lipm.

Bishop IVRtlatral tliverpcob Sur, Cnntirmaturt. St Joseph, Cheney. In.30am Mon: Contimution. St Benedict. Vv'arrington. .34ann. Wed NHS filth Anruvenary Setvice, Westminster Abbey, 2pm. Thu Sat: Catholics in Healthcare Conference. Si Mary's Uruversity College, Twickenham.

WALES Archbishop Smith (Cardiff) Sun: Mass. St David's Cathedral. IlartuCivic Semice.St Woolos Cathedral. Newport, Spur. Mon, Confirrnations. St Peter's. lammed, apm. Toe: New Entrains Mesa, Archhi shop MeGnith I Ugh School, Bridge-ma 7pm. Wed Clotmg Mass for St Allan's Prinury School. 10am. Thu Sat Catholics in Healthcare Conference. St Mary's, Strawberry Hill. Balton jatailf (Menrvia) Sun' Mass, Holy Trin(ry Pansh. Chipping Norton.

Bishop Regan (+Wrexham) Sun. Family Day. Pantroaph. Mon: Retirement Mass for Mrs Brenda Quinn. 1.70pm. Toe: Chapter Mass and meeting: Confuniations.Ruabon, 7pm. Wed: Year 6 Leavers' Mms. Cathedral. I I .30am. Thu -Fri Headteactiers'

Conference. Pantasaph: Rethernern celebration list Mr Mike O'Boyle. St Wmairides Primary School, Holyvell. 7pm.


Cardinal O'Brien (St Andrew's &Edinburgh) Son, Episcopal Onlinaion of Bishop Noel Treanor as Bishop of Down and Connor. St Peter's Cathedral. Belfast, 3pm: Mass and meeting with Shur Joseph Chnetine. Provincial of Little Sisters pith Poor, St Boma's. Edinburgh. 10am. The Meeting of Church Leaders with Mr John Swinney MSP to climate change, St Andrew's House, Edinburgh. lOarn. Gartan Party. PaLar of Holmoodhonse.Edinhorgh, apm. Wed. Commemoration of Holodomor with Ukrainian Leaders. City Chatribms, Edinburgh, 1pm. The Celebration of USA Independence Day.

howe, Edinburgh. 6pm.

They living was compiled by Gabriel Communications Lrd and also appears in the Universe and Catholic Times

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