Page 4, 27th March 1981

27th March 1981
Page 4
Page 4, 27th March 1981 — The injustice in Jerusalem

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Locations: Jerusalem, London


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The injustice in Jerusalem

IN HIS review of Terence Prittie's book Whose Jeru.salen).7 March 13, Graham Jenkins sublimely manages to miss the point about Jerusalem The point is not that the city has a Jewish mayor who is "open-mindedand "caring": he may be. for the sake of argument.

The point is surely that even having someone like Teddy Kolleck as Mayor. Israeli occupation of Jerusalem has led to suffering and injustice for the Muslim and Christian Arabs of the city.

One may point to the 7.000 Arabs evicted from the Jewish quarter since Israel annexed Jerusalem in 1967. One may .point to the thousands of acres of privately-owned Arab land in the Jerusalem district on which were built apartment blocks to house the Jewish members of the State of Israel. Once may point to the desecrations of Christian property (reported last year in The Times).

One may point to the arms cache found in a Yeshive last summer for use against the Harem al-Sharif.

One may point to the Palestinians in refugee camps who arc not allowed to worship in Jerusalem.

The Government of Israel is responsible for some of these examples of injustice, the "lunatic fringe" for others. What is clear, however temperate the Jerusalem mayor may be. is that injustice will continue so long as Israel claims the right of sovereignty over the whole of Jerusalem. Stephen Lock London, WI I.

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