Page 8, 27th March 1981

27th March 1981
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Page 8, 27th March 1981 — Bishops Engagements

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Organisations: Diocesan Ecclesiesticen Education commission, RC Church, St Michael's School, High School, Council of Priests, Service Senate, Lindisfarne Catholic Centre, Diocesan Centre, Northern Bishops Review Committee, Secretariat for Non-Betievere, St Thomas More High School, Council of Clergy, Building and Sites Commission, Churches' General Assembly, Tyburn Infants School, York School, St Anseirn's School, Legion of Marc, Intonational Liaison committee, Holy Cross Church, British Council of Churches, Deanery Lenten Station Penitential Service, St AugustineS College, Holy Family High School, Finance Adyisery Committee, St Anthony's Church, Eucharistic Congress Committee, Congress, Liturgy Commission, Ecumenical Service, Stock School, International Liaison Committee, Seminary Fund, Blessed Sobel Johnson College, CWL Housing Association, Union of Catholic Mothers, Sheila Maria Club, TV Centre, Blessed Robert Johnson College, St John Fisher School, Rescue Council, Radio Centre, Catechumenate Service


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Bishops Engagements

Cardinal Hume, Archbishop of Wsehnlamer: Fridley: Centre) Service Senate, Archbishop's Horse. an, Presents seven-a-side trorrhies. Roehemmon 6 ern Saturday: Trustees meeting. Catholic TV and Radio Centre. Hatch End, Silver Jubilee Mess, H atch End. pm. Tuesday: Attends Reception for International Liaison Committee between RC Church and Judaism, 6 pm. Wednesday-Thuraday: Hare Street meeting of the Westminster Bishops.

Archbishop Sower of Southwark: Saturday: National Catholic Radio and TV Centre. Hatch End. 11 am. Silva, Jubilee Mesa, Hatch End. 4.30. Sunday: Knights of the Hely Sepulchre Pilgrimage to the Holy Lane.

Archbishop Dwyer of Birmingham: Saturday: Trustees Meeting. Hatch End_ leardey: Mass and cenfirmation, Sacred Heart. Henley, Stoke on Trent, 10.30 am. Wednesediry: Visitation, St Elizabeth Coventry.

Archbishop Woriock of Liverpool: Frisky: Meeting of Finance Adyisery Committee, Archbishop's House, Westminster. 11 30 am. Mane for Silver Jubilee Celebrations, Hatch End. 6 pm. Seturday: Trustees Meeting. Hatch End, 11 am.

S unday-Monday: Visitation and ConlintiatiOn St Jerome's. Formby. Wedamstley-Thundey: Council of Clergy meeting. Loyola Hall, Warrington. 10.30 am.

B ishop Alexander of Clifton: Frit:We: Preaches at Bath Deanery. Kenton Stetion, Mn,, St John the Evangelist Church, Bath. 7_30 Pro lioturday: Departs for meeting of Secretariat for Non-Betievere. Rome, B ishop &ewer, Auxiliary of Shreveabury: Friday: Attends Manchester Circle Cateniart Diamond Jubilee Dinner. Saturday: Congress Delegates meeting. Blessed Robert Johnson College, Wellington. Sunday: Visitation and confirmation. St Winefride's, Monkmoor, Shrewsbury. Tuesday: Northern Bishops Review Committee, Uphollend.

B ishop Eludes, Auxiliary of Salford: Rider Visits Sacred Hear!. Rochdale. Saturday: Mess end sermon. St James. Pendleton. 12 noon. Sunday: Visitation 11.15 am Confirmation, 3 per, Sacred Haan. Rochdale_ Mondry: Intonational Liaison committee. RC Church and Judaism. London. Thursday: Rescue Council. Didehury, 11 ern. Lenten Station, St Mary. Leuenshulme. 7.30 Pre Mein* Cleary. Auxiliary of illIrmingharrt: Saadi:ley. "AcrossPilgrimage function. Sutton Canfield. 11.30 am. Monday-Tueedm; Visitation of Schools. Wednesday: Attends AGM Ladies of Charity, Dudley. Mass and confirmation, Our Lady. Maryvale. Birmingham, 7.30 pm Thursday: Maas end confirmation Our Lady Haresowen, 7.30 pm.

B ishop Clark of East Sunday: Visitation. Aldeburgh. Monday: Council meeting, VYalsinghern Wednesday; Preaching, Westminster Abbey. Thursday: Norwich Cathedral concert B ishop Emery of Portsmouth: Friday: Lenten Station Mass. Sacred Heart. Bournemouth. 6.30 pm. Seturdey: Mass for Diocesan Justice and Peace Day Conference. Perk Place. Wickham. 12 noon. Sunday: Confirmation, St Joseph's, Bracknell. 11 15 em. Monday-W aaaaa day: Diocesan Schools commissioners meeting, Damascus House. London. Thursday: Meeting of inter-Diocesan RE Cnuecil Crawley, Sues. 10.30 am.

B ishop Foley of tonometer: Friday: Mass, St Thomas More High School. Preston. 10 am. Sacred Heart Deanery. Lenten Station Mass, St John's. Poultonele-Fylde, 7.30 pm. Sunday: Visitation and confirmation. Our Lady of the Wayside. Grasmere, 11 am. Tueedare: Mass. All Saints High School. Blackpool, 2 30 orn. Wednesday: English Martyrs' Deanery Lenten Station Mess. St Clare's. Preston. 7 30 pm.

illehop Grey of Shrewsbury: Friday: Mass her the Deaf, Our Lady's. Stockport. 7A5 Saturday: Congress Delegates meeting, Blessed Sobel Johnson College. Wellingtnn. Sundry,Monday: Visitation and Confirmation, Our Lady's. Stockport Tuesday: Opening of St James High School Stockport. Thursday: Lenten Station mass,

Holy Cross. Birkenhead, 7 30 DM.

B ishop Guaestalli, Bishop In East London: Friday: St Wiliam of York School, 1.30 pm. Confirmation. Tollingtort Park, 7.30 pm. Saturday: Prisorters' week Committee meeting. 11 am Tan on Bishop Challoner, St Andrew by the Wardrobe, 1 orr. Monday: Catechumenate Service. Commercial Read. El pm. Wednesday-Thursday: Bishops' Meeting, Hare Street B ishop Herrin of Middlesbrough: ugh: Saturday: Meeting with National Pastore! Congress delegates In York. Sunday: Visitation. St Patrick's Whitby Mass in Whitby, 10 am. Mass at Robin Hood's Bay. 11.45 am Tuesday: North Eastern Bishops meeting Middlesbrough.

Bishop Harvey, Bishop in North London: Friday: Hospital Chaplains Conference Sunday: Mass. Our Lady of Welsingliern and the English Martyrs, Holtwhites Hie. Enfield. 9.30 am Wsdngoday-Thursday: Meeting of Westminster Behoveat Here Street Bishop Henderson, Auxiliary of Southwark: Friday: Mess and Visitation, St Veronicas School Walworth, 9.30 am to 3.30 Pm Saturday: Attends Ecumenical Study Day. St Thomas More's, Resleyheath Sunday: Mass and confirmation and presentation of Papal Award. Plumsreed. 3 pm. Monday: Eucharistic Congress Committee meeting. Blackheath, 10.30 am. Attends meeting of the parents. staff and governors on Reorganisation of Secondary schools, St Michael's School. Bermondsey. 7 pm. Tuesday-Thursday: British Council of Churches' General Assembly. Swanwick Thursday: Attends South West Area Ecumenical Meeting, Marie Reparatrice Convent. Wimbledon. 7.30 pm.

Bishop Mitcham Auxiliary of LivarpOOI: Sunday: Visitation, St Lewis, Croft. Warrington. Tuermisy: Loholiante Northern Institute Vocations meeting. 3_30 pm. Wednesday: Council of Clergy meeting, Loyale Hall, Wenn-von. Thursday: Confirmation St Bartholomew's. Painhill. 7.30 pm, Iliehop Holland of Safford: Saturday: Diocesan Covenant Schema AGM, Sheila Maria Club, Salford. 3 pm. Sunday: Visitation. 11.30 am. Confirmation. 3.30 gm. St Vincent. Norden. Rochdale_ Tuesday: Lenten Station. St Anne, Fairfield. 7.30 pm. Wednesdey: Lenten Station. St Mary's. Eccles, B pm Thursday: Rescue Council. Disbury. 11 ern. Visitation, St Catherine, Didsbury, 2 Bishop Jukes, Auxiliary of Southwark: Saturday: Confirmation, St AugustineS College, Westgate Monday: St Anseirn's School, Canterbury Tuesday! St John Fisher School, Chatham, M335 Maidstone, 8 Drn. Wednesday: Vieita Sr Simon. Stock School. Maidstone. Mass. Tunbridge Wens, B pm.

B isbee 'Constant, Slaked In Centred London:

Monday: Mass, Tyburn Infants School, 7.30 pm Tuesday: Nee.Catechumenete Community. Ogle Street. B pm. Wedneeday-Thursday: Meeting of Westminster Bishops Hate Street.

B ishop Lindsay of Hasher, and Newcumtle:

Sunday: Visit and confirmation. St Anthony's, Walker_ 3,30 pm. Wednesday: Northern Bishops' Review Cernmittee, Uphollend. Thursday: Meeting of Council of Priests, Marie Reparetrice, Newcastle. li am. Makes McCort's, Auxiliary of Birmingham: Saturday: Commissioning of Special Mintelere of the Eucharist. Maryvale. 4 pn. Ecumenical Service.

ScofeAfirm4'hearions.' HSVIrriih'IE'.am6111,17'1311irmunThinghYar.rrirar pm. Monday: Visitation. St Anne, Birmingham. Tuesday: Ecumenical Service. St Augustine. Solihull.. 8 pm. Wednesday: Confirmation and Mass. St Anne. Birmingham, 7.30 per Thursday: Visitation. St Anthony. Kingshurst.

B ishop MeGuinesa of Nottingham: -Fritter: Meeting of Diocesan Ecclesiesticen Education commission. 2 30 pm. Mesa, Legion of Marc,, St Augustine's, Nottingham. /.30 pm. Saturday: Liturgy Commission Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation, Burton on Trent. Monday: Station Mass, New Mils. Tuesday: Building and Sites Commission meeting. Cathedral, 11 em. Stator, Mass. Whitwick. Thursday: Station Mass, Kirkby in Ashfield.

illahop McMahon of Brentwood: Friday: Deanery Lenten Masa, Our Lady of Greco. Chingford. 7.30 pin. Saturday: Chain, Covenant AGM, Mass end attends reception. Ursuline Convent, Brentwood. 3.30 pm. Sunday: Visitation and confirmation. St Francis of Assisi. Stratford_ Tuesday: Meeting of CWL Housing Association and celebrates Mess. Brentwood. 2.30 nm Deanery Lenten Mass, Lindisfarne Catholic Centre. Westchtl. 6 pm_ WaanSaday: Visitation and confirmation. Holy Family, Benfleet Thursday: Chapter Mesa and meeting, Cathedral, 11 am. Meeting re Diocesan Centre, Ursuline Convent. Brentwood. 2 pm. Mess and commissions Youth Leaders, Holy Family. Dagenhern. 8 pm.

Bishop O'Connor, AuxIllary of Liverpool; Sunday: Visitation. St Anne's. Freshfield. Monday: Confirmation, St Luke's. Winston. 7.30 pm. Wednesday: Council of Clergy meeting, Loyola Hell. Warrington. Thursday: Prirengiving. Holy Family High School. Thornton, pen.

Mahe, Murphy-O'Connor of Arundel and Brightens: Friday: Attends meeting of Sacred Heart Congregation for Education, Rome. Saturday: Travels to Brussels Sunday: Confirmation for the Engfish-speaking community. St Anthony's Church. Brussels. Returns, pm. Tuesday: Attends meeting in connection with Seminary Fund, St John's Seminary Wonersh. Wednesday: Mass for U_C M., Arundel Cathedral, Thunder Attends Regional education teams meeting. Education centre. Crawley.

B ishop O'Brien, Bishop in Hettferd.hlrr: Friday-Sunday: Meeting of Diocesan Justice and Peace Group. Leeds. Wedneadny-Thured•y: Meeting of Westminster Bishops at Hare Street.

B ishop Pearson, Bishop in 'Cumbria:

Saturday: Presides at the Ordination of Martin Poi land to the Diaconate. Our Lady end St Joseph's, Warwick Square, Carlisle. 11 am Sunday: Confirmation, English Martyrs, Preston. Tuesday: Workington Deanery Lenten Station Mn..; Harrington. Weengadsy: Attends Clergy Day of Recollection, Wigton Thursday: Clergy Day of Recollection. Eloarbank.

Bishop Plestleaux of Plymouth: Saturday: Mass at VeSCOurt. B am. Sunday: Visitation Mass. Holy Cross Church, Plymouth, 11 am. Confirmation. 3 pen Tueeday: AGM of Union of Catholic Mothers. Keyharn. Plymouth, 2 pm.

B ishop SwIndlehurst, Auxiliary of Mechem

and Sunday: Visit and confirmation, St Patrick s. Langley Moor_ Tuesday: Lourdes Hospitelite meeting. Out Lady's Washington. 7 pen. Thursday: Attend, meeting of Council of Priests, Merle Repatrattice. Newcastle. It em, Bishop Tripp, &raillery of Southwark: Fridny-Mortday: Visitation. Upper Norwood. Sunday: Deanery Lenten Station Penitential Service. Sutton, 3 prn. Tuesday: Mass for MCTA at Notre Came. Southwark. 5.30 pm Wednesday: Deanery Lenten Station Penitential Semite, Kew, 7.30 pm. Thursday: Attends SW London Ecumenical Con-mignon meeting. Marie Reparatrice Convent_ VVeimbirroon_ 7.30 pm.

Matson Wairnaley, Bishop of the Forces: Sunday: Mess. Artorrield Garrison, 9 arn. Tmaday: Vicariate administrative Council meeting, Farnborough, 11 am. Thursday: Visitation, Arborfleld Garrison B ishop Ward of Menmege: Friday: Brecon Lenten Station Mass, 7 pm. Saturday: Adult Catholic education programme, Llandudno. Sunday: Visitation and confirmation. Caernarfon B lahep Whoder of Leads: Friday: Attends Sacred Heart Deanery. Leeds. Saturday: Mass for AGM of CWL. St John Fisher School. Harrogete. I Dm Sunday: Visitertion end Confirmation, Sowerny Bridge.

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