Page 2, 27th March 1987

27th March 1987
Page 2
Page 2, 27th March 1987 — SALVADORAN clergyman Fr Rutillo Sanchez has said that armed conflict

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Organisations: DOWNSIDE School, US government
People: Maximus V Hakim
Locations: Chicago, Beirut


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SALVADORAN clergyman Fr Rutillo Sanchez has said that armed conflict

is necessary for liberation. He has explained that real "popular religion" is amongst the poor and that for this reason "clergymen accompany the people in the armed struggle," and join the rebel forces.

Mexican crisis

MEXICAN bishops have described the economic situation in their country as "intolerable" and have denounced government corruption in a recent pastoral letter. The bishops have pointed to the high social cost of government attempts to make cuts to reduce the national debt. Debt payments should be delayed so that public spending may continue, say the bishops.

Jazz visit

DOWNSIDE School's Slaughter House Seven Jazz Band left yesterday for Illinois in the United States for a two week visit. Charity concerts, state building openings and Chicago radio will be the venues for the talents of the band.

Syrian peace

The Syria-based head of the Melkite Catholics has said that Syria's intervention in West Beirut has "restored peace" there. Patriarch Maximus V Hakim described the situation in the war torn city as "desperate" until 6-7000 troops moved in to restore peace between rival factions.

Holy alliance

In an unprecedented move the Church agencies for aiding Mexican refugees are to ally with the US government to gain the title of "qualified designated entities", a status that will allow such agencies to officially act for the thousands of Mexicans who wade across the Rio Grande in a bid for residence in the US so that they may gain legal citizenship there.

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