Page 10, 27th May 1938

27th May 1938
Page 10

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By Aridl

Do we realise how our indifference to the moral and spiritual issues at stake in the world of today embolden Soviet Russia? Would Moscow dare to broadcast the Communist International's Appeal to Catholics, as she did a few nights ago, unless she knew how much confused thinking and blindness there is among Christians in general?

One would hardly credit it unless one had heard it with one's own ears. "Catholics," said the broadcast, "must become members of the Popular Front.

Hitler is the enemy of the Catholic religion and Mussolini has allowed Catholicism to be destroyed in Austria."

Are we not, we may ask ourselves, by our tolerance of Communist propaganda,

responsible for both Is It Our Fault? Hitler and Musso

lini's attitude?

" The Reds in Spain are lighting for religious liberty," continues the broadcast. "Franco has murdered Christian Basques, both priests and others because of their opposition to this regime."

Every day that the chances of Red Spain for victory are dwindling, Moscow's broadcasts become more vehement in their appeal. " Catholics," said the broadcast in German, "need not forsake their religion. Communism assures them complete freedom of opinions and conscience." This in the face of the continued persecution of Christians, both in Russia and in Spain!

Every item of unrest in every country of the world, we may be sure, is noted and broadcast by Moscow. "Fascism " is the synonym for order and discipline.

In contrast to our lukewarmness or indifference to the religious conflict

in Spain is the No Self-Interest attitude of Spanish from S. America South A m er i c a.

Every broadcast from Buenos Aires emphasises the need for support of Franco. And those who have lived in the Argentine and Uruguay know the intense love of liberty and independence of these Republics, and that their sympathy is not based on self-interest, of which it is convenient to accuse Germany and Italy.

According to Salamanca broadcasts, enthusiastic meetings have been held in various Spanish towns, in connection with the Workers' Charter, which lays it down that the family is the nucleus of the nation. Night work for women and children is prohibited. Married women are to be protected from the necessity to work by adequate wages to male workers.

Paris broadcast on the International Women's Congress at Marseilles at which seventy countries are Frenchwomen's represented and at Protest which the usual claims for the right to work on equal terms with men are made. It is characteristic that the French women, who, as we know, have not the vote but whose first three late Women Ministers were present, should emphasise the fact that right and duty must be synonymous.

It is certain that Latin women are making a very important contribution to the restoration of balance in the world of today by preserving home life.

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