Page 10, 27th May 1938

27th May 1938
Page 10
Page 10, 27th May 1938 — That England Wants No Dawn

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That England Wants No Dawn

Another Champion For An Irish Film


SIR,--I was very interested, and not a little elated, to find that a film, produced in my home town, by a producer without any previous experience in this particular work, and by an excellent band of amateur, and natural, actors and technicians, should have achieved such prominence as your article in the issue of May 13 would suggest.

To my thinking your critics would appear to have missed the point, that the principal claim the film has to fame (and I am sure Mr. Cooper and Mr. Lawler who directed the film and were responsible for its cornpletion will agree with me), is, that it was an amateur production from scenario to the end, and contains all the inherent faults one might reasonably expect from an amateur and primary effort. It has been suggested that any exhibition sponsored by the Catholic Film Society would be inimical to Anglo-Irish friendship. That is not conceded. It is admitted, of course, that England's interest in the oblivion of the period filmed is assuredly greater than Ireland's. How anybody who sees the film can come to the conclusion that it conveys that " Ireland today is a fit breeding ground for Anticlericalism and Communism" passes my comprehension. since the theme of the struggle from A.D. 1171 to A.D. 1938 has been for Faith and Fatherland.

The same critic finds fault that the film ends " with the struggle still continuing," and also suggests that the film is in the Soviet tradition! The struggle would end, and will only end, if, and when, the government holding the reins of office in Westminster, cease subsidising and maintaining for political aims at the expense of the British taxpayer, a parasitic legislature in Northern Ireland. There under the British flag and with the. connivance of the British government, and in defiance of its original charter, those traditions of liberty and democratic government to which English people give so much lip service. are denied to a third of its population who needless to remark are Catholics.

Surely it is worth while struggling a little (not by force of arms) for another emancipation for our co-religionists in the Six Counties, and who, with a large number of the opposite beliefs, wish to be joined with

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