Page 3, 27th May 1938

27th May 1938
Page 3
Page 3, 27th May 1938 — REPLY TO CRITICISM

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Fascist Party Organ on Catholic Action

F NMI Our Own Correspondent


The Regime Fuscista, the organ of the Fascist Party, recently published an article containing some severe criticism of the toleration of organisation of Catholic Action, since it is not directly controlled by the Fascist regime.

The newspaper in question is edited by Sr. Farinacci, co-founder of Fascism, and a member of the Fascist Grand Council. Its observations are, therefore, worthy of attention, but as Farinacci himself is notable for his fiery and exaggerated utterances, they should not be considered as representative of the Italian Press in general.

The Milanese Catholic newspaper, L'Italia, criticised the remarks of the Regime Fascista on the ground that they might lead foreign readers to believe that there is not that unity of spirit among the Italian people, which is the real support of Fascist strength.

The Regime Fascista renewed the attack

in an editorial. It endeavours to show that the Regime Fascista cannot be accused of giving anybody the impression that Italy lacks perfect unity among its people.

Unreserved Joy

" Even before our editorial on the first page was published," it says, " in the Communist, Jewish and Masonic Press there was unreserved joy at the attitude assumed by the Vatican, on which Catholic Action depends. We have intervened to . . . recall to those youths who hold the Party's membership card, that the command of the Duce is precisely this: " Believe, Obey and Fight."

Catholics and Politics "The Italia," the article continues, " should remember that 'Catholic Action ' has in these recent times gone beyond the limits set by the Concordat.

" Many times at its meetings we see on the agenda matters which have nothing to do with the religious problem.

" And this creates . . a reaction from Fascism, which intends to control exclusively the political education of the youth. We want to withdraw it from the derelict ruins of the ex-Popular Party which permeates Catholic Action."

The article no doubt reflects the annoyance which some members of the Palazzo Chigi, the Foreign Office, feel about the Vatican's attitude to the recent celebrations in connection with Herr Hitler's visit to Reim

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