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27th May 1938
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" Impudent Calumnies"

Great interest — particularly in French Catholic circlesis taken in the condemnation of certain racialist propositions by the Congregation for Seminaries and Universities, announced in the CATHOLIC HERALD a fortnight ago.

Importance is attached to this condemnatioo from the fact that the Pope himself directs the work of that Congrcgation—last year, when Cardinal Bisleti, Cardinal Prefect of the Congregation, died, the Pope did not appoint a successor, but himself took over the work of the Cardinal Prefect.

The condemnation is contained in a letter from the Congregation to Rectors of Seminaries and Catholic Universities instructing them to use all means—" biology, history, philosophy, apologetics, law and moral sciences, to refute firmly and cornpetently the following indefensible propositions. . . ."

The Pope's personal concern in the matter, as Prefect of the Congregation, is emphasised in the letter, in which it is said that : " The Holy Father, Prefect of our Sacred Congregation, is sure that you will neglect nothing to fulfil the instructions contained in this letter."

The letter adds that what most afflicts the Pope, " in the grave persecution, which, as everyone knows, is raging in Germany against the Catholic Church," is that " impudent calumnies," and " pseudoscientific pernicious doctrines are being used to pervert men's minds and tear them away from the true religion."

The propositions are as follows:— 1. The human races, by their natural

onti immiuta hie rhe rartpre nr

one from another, that the lowest of them is further removed from the highest than it is from the highest species of animal.

2. The vigour of the race, and bloodpurity, must be preserved and cultivated by every means. Anything that conduces to this result is ipso facto honourable and permissible.

All from the Blood

3. The intellectual and moral qualities of man come mainly from his blood, the source of racial characteristics.

4. The essential aim of education is to develop the characters of the race and to inflame men's minds with a burning love of their own race as of the supreme good.

5. Religion is subject to the law of race and must be adapted to it.

6. The primary source and supreme rule of the whole juridical order is the racial instinct.

7. Only the Cosmos exists, a living being: everything, including man, are only diverse forms increasing through the ages . . of the Universal Living Being.

8. Each man exists for, and by the State; everything he possesses by right derives uniquely from a concession by the State.

Comments in the French Press This letter has caused a great stir in French Catholic circles.

" This act of the Congregation of Seminaries will help the German bishops in the struggle against the infiltrations of racialism writes George Goyau in Figaro. " It will preserve the Austrian bishops from foolhardy compliance or too indolent passivity."

In Le Journal des Debars. Canon Argylllire writes: " The Papacy emphasises clearly and openly the opposition between

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