Page 6, 27th May 1938

27th May 1938
Page 6
Page 6, 27th May 1938 — " O.S.B. (ANGLICAN)" Sun—Your correspondent, Mr. Arthur Howard, who is

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" O.S.B. (ANGLICAN)" Sun—Your correspondent, Mr. Arthur Howard, who is

upset because the Radio Times referred to a priest of our Communion as " 0.S.B.", betrays a strange lack of understanding.

I wonder if he really thinks that we, who base the whole of our religion on the firm conviction that the Church of England is

the Catholic Church in England—(despite all her terrible blemishes, past and present) —would permit the Radio Times to imply in any sort of way that Anglican Benedictines are not members of the one Order of St. Benedict—(even though, sadly enough, and through no fault of theirs, out of visible communion with the Pope at present)—without a flood of protesting letters?


Chichester, Sussex,

[We publish the above letter because we think that it ig of interest to our readers to know the grounds upon which Anglicans make their claims, but the writer of the letter to the Radio Times carefully abstained from making any demands that could be construed as controveraial. Be only asked that the word '' Anglican should follow the letters O.S.B. when referring to a member of the Church of England. This for the purpose of preventing the very natural interpretation that would be made by most Englishmen, whether Catholic or not, that an O.S.B. was a priest in communion with the Pope. Surely those members of the C. of E. who describe themselves as 0.S.B. do not deny that they are Anglicans I—Enrron.,1

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