Page 6, 27th May 1938

27th May 1938
Page 6
Page 6, 27th May 1938 — THE CATHOLIC-COMMUNIST CULT SIR,—Your correspondent, Olive Wilson, abhors the "Catholic-Communist

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THE CATHOLIC-COMMUNIST CULT SIR,—Your correspondent, Olive Wilson, abhors the "Catholic-Communist

" cult which is, in her opinion, contaminating the Catholic youth of today. A pity that cult did not make its presence felt years ago, when Leo XIII condemned social conditions.

The Catholic youth of today moan—and will continue to moan—in the manner older and wiser people should have moaned long ago. The partial abolition of slavery, child-labour and other evils are the fruits of moaning and proved much more effective than belief in the decency of fellow men.

Youth's courage? There is plenty of that left, in spite of the fact that much has been dissipated by the constant sight of searchlight and gasmask drills. With that courage Catholic youth is questioning the cause of our present miseries—and finding the answer in social injustices which are rampant in our modern world.

And youth has both philosophy and inspiration. The philosophy is the same as that of the Man who "moaned" constantly against injustice, He who threw the money-changers from the Temple. Christ is the inspiration of our Catholic youth, who wonder why their people must literally starve while financiers buy and sell their land " for investment purposes."

But the supreme test in regard to loyalty is not a refusal to criticise rampant injustice but to _defend one's country. While peace is still with us we all have the right to denounce social injustices. But if the supreme test comes—God forbid that it ever will-Catholic youth will not be wanting in loyalty and valour.

With the fall of such a catastrophe Olive Wilson might realise too late that the people of the world did not lift their voices in protest against social injustice—that the Catholic-Communist cult had arrived too late.

Her five-year-old son would have the same heritage as those of us who were toddlers during the last carnage—unemployment, poverty, war-widowed mothers, men broken in body and soul, blinded and gassed by a catastrophe which sacrificed the lives of the youth of yesterday, and brought only misery for the youth of today.


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