Page 7, 27th May 1938

27th May 1938
Page 7
Page 7, 27th May 1938 — "Hibernia, Patria Nostra"

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"Hibernia, Patria Nostra"

An interesting departure in Irish schools struck me when I took up a schoolboy's first Latin books a few days ago, writes our Dublin Correspondent. Celtica is the title of a little reader, written by the Rev. Professor T. Corcoran, Si. (considered Ireland's master of Latin eloquence); it comprises a short account of Celtic history and culture, written in Latin, thus:— Hibernia. patria nostra. — Sumus Hibernici: in Hibernia hahitanuts. Hibernicis et est et erca et erit Hibernia semper cara. Hibernian: vocamus patriam . . . Unde adventaverunt Celtae, proavi nostri, in Hibernian? Ex Europa ohm navigaverunt proavi nostri Celtici ad oras Hibernicas, et novam ibi pairiam comparaverunt. . . Nondum fundaverunt proavi nostri Celtic! imperium magnum per Europam (ita yin docti affirmant) quando puleras ibi terras imbitabant alii populi antiqui, Iberi et Ligures, etc.

Messrs. Browne and Nolan are the publishers of this attractive little essay and first reader.

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