Page 4, 27th May 1955

27th May 1955
Page 4
Page 4, 27th May 1955 — DAILY MASS GUIDE

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People: Peter , Trinity, Erasmus
Locations: Christ


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SUN., MAY 29. WHIT-SUNDAY. with privileged octave of the first order. Creed. Preface, Cnintininieantes and Hain: Igitur of Pentecost (and throughout the octave). (Red.) COLLECT : " 0 God, who on this day didst teach the hearts of the Faithful by the light of the Holy Spirit, grant us in the same Spirit to be truly wise and ever to rejoice in His consolation."

" On this day," i.e. on the day of Pentecost: but that long-ago event (like the Birth, Passion and Resurrection of our Lord) is to reproduce itself year by year, day by day, in fact all the time. in us: we are to be " in " the Holy Spirit (the Prayer says) as He most certainly is in us. especially by our Baptism and —Cinderella of Sacraments ! —Confirmation, just as St. Paul says (over 160 tares) that we now live in Christ, just as " f live—no more merely I, but Christ is living in Me."

Such thoughts are " beyond me " ? Certainly. But not beyond the Holy Spirit. " I have still much to say to you, but it is beyond vour reach as yet. It will be for Him, the truth-giving Spirit, when He comes, to guide you into all truth " (Mgr. Knox 's version of St. John 14:13).

This was said. first, to the Apostles; but for us it means. not that we shall learn new doctrines. but we shall see deeper into what we profess to believe. How deep does our conviction go when we say we believe in the Communion of Saints? or " I believe in the Holy Ghost " Himself?

The Latin " illustratio " means so much more than " light "! Even an " illustration " in a book ought to make the printed page become more meaningful, more alive! The rays of the Holy Spirit are not meant merely to illuminate the surface-meaning of a doctrine. but to penetrate into us, as the light used in hospitals soaks into our bodies even when it is invisible, The result of this " illumination"? "That we may he truly wise." Yes. Rut the first meaning of sapere is" to taste, savour." We talk of a

" good taste in art. talk, even dress.

We ask. then, to he guided into liking the best things most. and I am going to take " consolation " in its literal sense—" Best of Consolers." says the Sequence: the Holy Spirit is the best one to he with us in our solitude. Alone. we cannot make ourselves like the best things, even if we know what they are, The Holy Spirit " takes hold of our hand in our weakness " (Romans 8:261—more than that: He is " the dear Guest of our soul." During this Pentecost-week. say often the Sequence " Veni Sancte Spiritus."

C. C. Martindale, Si. MON., MAY 30. Within the octave, d.l.el. Creed. (Red.)

TUES., MAY 31. As yesterday.

WED., JUNE I. Within the octave. Ember Day. sd. (After the Kyrie, special prayer, lesson and alleluia). After the Collect, second prayer Ecclesiae or for the Pope. Creed. (Red.) THURS., JUNE 1 Within the octave. ad. Comm. of SS. Marcellinus, Peter and Erasmus. Creed. (Red.)

FRI., JUNE 3. Within the octave. Ember Day. sd. Second prayer Ecclesiae or for the Pope. Creed. (Red.) SAT., JUNE 4. Within the octave. Ember Day. sd. (After the Kyrie. special prayer, lesson and alleluia). After the Collect, Comm. of St. Francis Caracciolo. Creed. (Red.) Paschal time ends to-day.

SUN., JUNE 5. Trinity Sunday. d, Comm. of first Sunday after Pentecost. Creed. Preface of Trinity. Last Gospel of first Sunday after Pentecost. (White.)

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