Page 6, 27th May 1977

27th May 1977
Page 6
Page 6, 27th May 1977 — THE WAY TO HIGHER EDUCATION

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The Minister of State at the Department of Education and Science, Mr Gordon Oakes; announced recently that there would be an expansion of opportunities for adult education in the 1980s.

With the fall in the birth rate and new wealth from North Sea oil, he explained, as well as spare capacity in the universities, there would be an increase in the number of mature students,

Many of the Catholic colleges which formerly trained teachers have been closed and most of the rest have had to channel their educational expertise away from leacher train, ing and have added arts and humanities courses to their eurricul um, This is an explanation of what the colleges are doing to widen their educational rule.

Hull Collage of Higher Education Endsleigh Cullege, Hull merged with Hull College of Higher Education last year hut there are many second, third and fourth year students at the college who are following the Catholic religious studies course, The absorption of Endsleigh College has meant that many head teachers are overlooking these students who have trained as Catholic teachers and are encouraged to inform the college about all the usual posts vacant in their schools.

The college is also anxious to preserve its Christian atmosphere and offers courses of particular Christian interests, including training for teaching

mentally -handicapped and

social work courses. Hull College of Higher Education, Inglemire Avenue, Hull, HU6 7L.1.

St Mary's College of the Sacred Heart, Fenham Future ii Lite balance. Moves to close it by the DoE are being opposed by the Bishops. If the outcome is successful St Mary's will he linked to Newcastle Polytechnic. As well as teacher training courses, there will be openings at degree and diploma levels in theatre, music and other creative arts. Liverpool institute of Higher Education A federation of three colleges, Notre Dame and Christ's (RC) and St Katherine's (C of E). On three separate sites in Liverpool. It has a wide range -of courses and prides itself on having the atmosphere of a small college and the facilities of a large one. Mixed. Thirty acres of playing fields and purpose built student centres.

Degree courses: American studies, art, art of movement, biological sciences, chemistry, divinity, divinity and literature. drama, English Iheritture, environmental studies, Foundation science. French, geography, history, mathematics, music, physical education, physics, psychology, science in its social context, sociology, Victorian studies:.

Others: BA in theological studies from September 1978, subject to approval.

Pattern of studies: Three subjects for first two years. to subjects for last year with a possibility of a fourth year for honours. Other courses: Certificate in education, being phased out 'shortly. Postgraduate certificate in education. One-year course. A wide variety of in service courses part and full time.

Number of places: 1,000 for teacher training; 700 for I3A courses.

Intake next September: 165 for teacher training; not fixed for BA courses,

Dighy Stuart College, West London Part of the Rochampton Institute of Higher Education with three other colleges linked with London University. Easy access to London. Mixed. Access to other libraries and very wide variety of courses. Prospectus says; "A place where you meet others not only like yourself but also many very different from you, in ideas, race, interests, ideals and gifts, who will enrich your own life and experience in all kinds of friendly. zany, outward going ways, inward looking ways."

Degree coursa: Education and a choice of 30 subjects. Bachelor of Humanities in education and a variety al subjects, including business, movement, home economics. English, chemistry, biology, drama, psychology ,physical science, sociology, social biology, social administration, natural science, mathematics, geography, Bachelor

OF Science — choice of five. Irachelor of Arts — choice of 34. Other courses: Certificate in 'education; postgraduate certificate in education; librarian teacher course; in service training for teachers.

Number of places: 800

Intake next September: Teachers 80; diversified courses not yet fixed.

Trinity and All Saints Colleges, Leeds Affiliated to Leeds University, now nine years old. A single mixed college. Accommodates one-third of its students. Very pleasant surroundings on the north side of Leeds. Prospectus says: "The colleges maintain an active Christian life in an atmosphere of freedom and responsibility. Entry not restricted to Catholics," -Sixth formers are invited to visit it, Only college with diversified professional courses.

Degree courses: Communication arts and media, Divinity, drama, economics, English, French, geography, history, home economics, human movement (including physical education), liguistics, mathematics, music, psychology, religious studies, science, sociology. Spanish, theology. May be combined with education, planning and administration or public media.

Other courses: Post-graduate certificate in education and in service courses.

Number of students: 900.

Intake: next September: 250 (approx.). De La Salle College, Hopwood Hall Middleton Affiliated to Manchester University, seven miles north of the city. Mixed. Modern and well equipped, with residential accommodation for more than half the students. Run by the De La Salle Brothers. Specialises in media technology and handicraft, (design technology).

Degree courses: Divinity, drama, geography, physics. history. music French, biology, environmental science, design and technology, art, English, chemistry, maths, physical education, education.Three of these mast he studied for the first two years and two for the last year, though certain combinations are not'possible. Other courses: Teacher's certificate course; postgraduate certificate in education; one-year course in design and technology; two in service courses, full or part time, for teachers; retraining in handicraft for teachers, one year.

Number of students: 750. Intake in September: Teacher traMing 150; diversified courses not yet fixed.

Newman College, Birmingham

The newest college. Mixed and campus, based six miles south-east of Birmingham. All mud cons in the educational -field. Exclusively teacher training. Associated with Birmingham University. Excellent sports facilities including all weather surfaces, and squash courts. The buildings centre an the chapel. Degree courses: Ordinary and 'honours; at major and minor levels, Art and design, biology, English, French, geography, history, mathematics, physical education, sociology, theology. These can be combined ).with: Children's literature, drama, integrated science, local studies, music, German, twentieth century studies, reading and language development, Other courses: Diploma in higher

education, for those who give up teacher training after two years; in service courses for teachers, part or full time; certificate of education. Number of students: 700.

Intake next September: 155.

Heythrop College, London University

One of the major encouraging developments in Catholic higher education in Britain in recent years has been the entry of the former Jesuit Heythrop College into the University of London. As a constituent school of the university, located in central London, Heythrop offers three'-year honours degree courses in theology (BD) and in theology and philosophy (BA), in addition to post-graduate qualifications. (As a university college, Heythrop is not permitted to advertise its established firstdegree courses.) In the past seven years Catholic students at Heythrop have included an increasing number of school-leavers and mature lay students, men and women. Of its present total of 100 undergraduates, more than 30 are lay students. Since 1972 Heythrop College has produced

166 honours graduates in theology, and this year also presents its first finalists for the BA in philosophy and theology.

Plater College, Oxford A residential college for Catholic workers who have been earning a living and wish to return to study for a year or two. Particularly for those who have not had a full education, but it has places for clergy and religious. Emphasises the Church's social teaching as well as its practice inside the college. Stress on helping other people through study.

Admission: nothing formal but must be over 21. Everyone takes the social teaching course for one year and there are possibilities of a second year of study. Courses: The Plater College Certificate of Social Teaching, comprises moral philosophy, social ethics, and theology. Oxford University diplomas in social studies and public and social administration, diploma in theology and social studies. A one-year course for those doing pastoral work in parishes.

Number of students: 79. Intake next September: 45.

St Mary's College, Strawberry Hill, Twickenham Easy access to London but in beautiful surroundings. Not. too big; about1200 students. Small groups for tutorials, and a flexibly structured course. You build a degree by units. Encellent sporting facilities (David

• Bedford is an ex-Strawberry Hill man). Affiliated to London University.

Degree courses: Art, biology, chemistry, classical studies, design technology, drama, education, English, French, geography, history, Latin, mathematics, movement studies (PE), music, philosophy, physics, religious studies, psychology, sociology.

Number of students: 1200 Intake next September: 4(37 La Sainte Union, Southampton Linked with Southampton College of Technology, with which it offers diplomas in higher education, and Degree courses, La Sainte Union providing the strength on the arts side. Accepts Catholics and non-Catholics and maintains Christian way of life and the spirit and pufpose of its foundation. Mixed. Pleasant surroundings near Southampton city centre. A lot of new buildings and able to accommodate two thirds of its students in residence.

Courses: Degree and diploma of higher education in modern languages and European studies and a diploma in environmental systems and environmental planning studies.

Teacher training: Degree in education; certificate in education; post-graduate certificate in education.

Number of students: 700.

Intake next September: 150 for teacher training; 36 on diversified


The Franciscan Study Centre, , Canterbury

A theological institute opened in 1973. Next to the Univer

sity of Kent, and associated with it. Founded in the first place for students for the priesthood in the Franciscan tradition. Provides a complete course or training for the priesthood over six years. Qualified students can follow courses at the university leading to BA in theology, while all students of the study centre have access to the library and other facilities of the university. It also provides a one-year full-time course in theology, open to lay people, religious and priests, from a wide range of theological subjects. Parttime courses include one specifically for novices of re, c,saomweeeokf, which form part of the programme of the university's School of Continuing Education. The Closed following colleges are closing or have been closed: Maria Assumpta College, Kensington, London; Sedgley Park, Manchester; St Paul's, Newbold Revel; Mary Ward, Nottingham; Coloma College, West Wickham.

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former students with a view to holding a reunion shortly. All former students who have not been contacted so far are invited to write to the principal, Sister Joan Thornhill, at St Paul's College of Education,

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