Page 4, 27th May 1983

27th May 1983
Page 4
Page 4, 27th May 1983 — Use your heart and vote

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Use your heart and vote

IN THE "run up" to the election could we.please remember the plight of animals and vote for the candidate likely to do most to alleviate animal suffering?

Margaret Payne Leicester

DURING the election campaign I hope fellow Catholics will ask which party will show the most Christian compassion to the unemployed. the elderly, the sick and the handicapped, and which party will give most support to the health service and to educational services.

Miss H Walker Hens WITH the election on June 9 all thosc concerned for the rights of the unborn and physically or mentally handicapped should "vote for Life".

Name and address supplied

I READ with sadness the totally insensitive remarks by Mgr Bruno Heim about Mgr Bruce Kent. They showed a man totally lacking in the love, caring and respect for another which it is his duty as a priest to show. II is men like him that produce an involuntary shame in my Catholicity. It is the burning sincerity of men like Bruce Kent which make mc proud of that same Catholic faith I've inherited.

Jan O'Hara New Malden Surrey

WHEN the secretary of CND speaks and acts in that capacity, it is not a case of the Catholic Church giving a lead, even though at the moment he happens to be a Catholic priest. May McLoughlin Broadstairs


WE ALREADY have plenty of British politicians telling us that anyone who opposes militarism is a Communist, we do not want to hear it from Bruno Heim. He has insulted a leading English churchman and transgressed his diplomatic status. He should be recalled immediately and given as a parting present the text 'Blessed are the peacemakers' in large gold letters. Dr Hilary Cashman Norton,


! WAS QUITE amazed by the vast sums of money spent on sport, but surely that's no reason to suggest that it is un-Christian; Cardinal Hume is very much a sportsman and a supporter of sport. I would particularly like to defend the London marathon. We raised over £800 for Action for research into multiple sclerosis. For us to raise that sum would be very difficult in any other way.

Richard Honeywill I.ondon SE.

THANK YOU very much for that interesting article from Louis Jebb.

Joseph Smith Stanningley, Pudsey.

THE vicious attack on Mrs. Thatcher was more like that of a Communist than a Catholic, and Communists, poor souls, don't know any better. To say Mrs. Thatcher has no compassion for anyone is a down right lie. Miss W Davies Gwent. CAN ANYONE help me contact Miss Mona Jackson who was in Poland in 1930. 1 am at 23 Hale Gardens, London W3, until June 2, and then at 4193 West Hill, Montreal. Quebec, Canada.

W Siemienski

HAS ANYONE information about an article entitled "The Silent Apostolate of Elizabeth Lesevr." Written by J. Verbillion in 1959 in a publication called Cross Crown. D Williams Swansea.

THERE doesn't seem to have been much published about how parish councils operate, how successful they are, what their constitutions (if any) provide and whether there has been a general development of such councils in the last few years. Can anyone throw any light on this?

James O'Connor South Croydon, Surrey.

IF a new papal Nuncio is not appointed before April 5, 1984, we should all discontinue covenants by which we have been transferring our tax payments from the state to the Church. If the Church needs proof of our loyalty to the state, how better to demonstrate that loyalty? If the Church continues to snuggle so cosily in the pocket of the State, 1 am very sure it will not be left short of funds.

3 A Emmerson Sutton Courienay


THE 1980 Education Act gave parents the right to choose their child's school, but since many Local Education Authorities will not pay fares if the child leaves its designated catchment area, this is no true choice unless the parent is able to afford the fare.

Colleen Milne Corsham Wilts

SURELY it is inconsistent to assume sufficient politico-theological sophistication in the body of the faithful to correctly interpret the role of military chaplains, church run public schools and even Vatican diplomatic relations with countries where human rights are systematically violated and whilst simultaneously ascribing to a single priest dedicated to peace and ability to cause enormous confusion in the minds of the same faithful.

James Scott Wcst Sussex.

NOBILITY of Altar Service, April 22, under the heading "The Living Liturgy" with its quotation of what Pope John Paul II said to Altar Servers in audience, is very timely, because of the decline in some parishes of having servers in the sanctuary as being superfluous. They can play an important role in the life of the parish. I owe my vocation to the priesthood because of my altar serving as a boy. Fr Robert Coold London N2 GERARD NOEL, May 13. is incorrect in his Charterhouse Agincourt piece, Roger Vaughan and his father-in-law David Gam, seeing the king's life in peril, placed themselves between him and his foe thereby saving the king's life with the loss of their own. In gratitude Henry the Einh knighted them as they lay dying. John Francis Vaughan, the father of the Cardinal, was born in 1808 and died in 1880 aged 72.

Mar) Vaughan Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire


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