Page 8, 27th May 1983

27th May 1983
Page 8
Page 8, 27th May 1983 — Bishops Engagements C— ConfirmellOn, M — Mem 0 — Ordination. V — Visitation.

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Bishops Engagements C— ConfirmellOn, M — Mem 0 — Ordination. V — Visitation.

Cardinal Hume, Archbishop of Westminster: — Friday•Tuesdar Fatima Wednalder Council of Diocesan Affairs. Thursday: Celebrates M el SI Mary MagOolene, Whetstone, 8 pm.

Archbishop Bayean at Southwark: — Sunday: C, Garshallon, 3,31D pm. Tuesday: G, Wadden, 7.3d pin Wednesday, fasetings, Archbishop's House Archbishop Couve de Mundlia at Blueing. ham: Seturday•Sunday, V, Holy Family. Coventry. EcurneniCal Saralee to commemorate Pope'n vine, Coventry Cal hornet, 3 pm. Tuesday: Centenary M, Br oughton Hall Convent, Ecc kasha'', 6 pm, %Woes. day: Lays Foundation Stens, FernIN Housing Assnciation Flats. Birmingham, pm Archbishop Warlock el Liverpool: — FrIday-Wednesday: National Pilgrimage to Fatima Thursday: SI y'k , Southport, Attends Fr Crowley's Silver JunileeCerebrationa, 7.30 pm.

Bishop Alexander of Clinton: — Sunday: Fatima Monday: ;lotions from Fatima Thursday: Caleisrates M pr Chrinn Cernedrai III the Feast cf Corpus Christi. 12 Men. Wens, celebrates M, retirement party for CanOn Francis Rynn, 7 30 pm.

Bishop Brewer, Auxiliary ol Shrewsbury: — Wednesday: Relurna !loin Falirnir Thraldar Celebrates M at New Church Of St Paul. NM:0y. Telford, 7 30 prn Bishop Burks, Auxiliary of Salford, — Sunday: DrOCeSan Pilgrlatage to Waleingharn Tuesday: dovailing o1 Papal Vrsit Monumeni. Heaton Pant. It am. Ecctesiashcal Education Council, Cathedral Hue. &Word. 2 pm Wednesday: Chantor M. &Arco Culnectiol. 1'2 noon Thursday: M ter Carpus Christi, Salford Cathedral, B pm.

Bight, Clark al East Anglia: — Friday: Dediuelion Hlgh Point PrItron Chapet, Shadiehall. Saturday, East Anglia Plignmage, Waisingham Sundayitionday: V. King's Lynn Wednesdsy: Silver Jubilee CelebratiOn, Plumsteed, Of flea C. Bechar. 7.30 pm Bishop Cleary, Auxiliary at Birmingham: — SM. urday-Thursday: Diocesan Pilgrimage Iv Lourdes_ Bishop Emery at isoriemouilt — Friday, St Swilnun's. Soul hsea. C M, 7 pm Saturday: SI Mir.hanl and All Angela, Leigh Park, Portsmouth. C, Visit, 1 am. Sunday: Our Lady at the AsSUINd lion, TheIcham, C M. It am. Thursday: Si John's Calhadra1. Porterneulh. Celebrate 6,1 fur Feast ol C.pusChrisil,1.30 pm.

Bishop Foley at lenCeater — Friday: Meeting ol Stephenson Trost. Bishop's Hausa. 2 30 pm. Sunday: M. Our Lady 01 LOurdea, Arnelae. 9 am. TUeefley: Caterrian Provincial Jubilee M. EngIrsh Martyrs, Preston, 7.45 pm. Wedneedey: Church Student inierviews, The Waimea, Kirkham, 10,45 am Thursdar. Jubilee M tor Sister Gyprian. Bishop's House, 12 norm. Visits Hogsebourid. Freckleton end WerlOn Parish. 2.30 pm, Bishop Gray, Bishop ol Shrewsbury: — Saturday: Confers the Sacrament 01 C, Moor Park Schou: Ludlow Sunder V arid C, SI Mil Ou rile's, Church Straiten, Tuesday; Papal MemOrial CeremOny. Salford, 11 gm_ Blesses New ce hoes, 111 Shtewsbury Road. Sulienheec, 4 pH. Child Woilare Council. Malpas, P pm. Thursday: Celebral ea M at SI Warburgh's. 13irkenhead, lot Fees! of Corpus Christi, 12.10 pm Bishop Gueuelli, Bishop In East London: — Salerdey•Wednesday: Pilgrimage to Fatima. Wednesday: Silver Jubilee M. Wanstead. 7 54 pm Thursday: Area Pasioral Workers' Group, 10 an M, Catholic Herald Stall. 4 30 WTI (ilatiop Hants of Middlesbrodgh, — Saturday: Opening Day. John PavL Centre, Middlesbrough, 10.30 a.m. to 4,30 pm. Sunday: V. Sacred Herul Perish, Norlhollortun, M, 10.30 am Monday: Concelebrates °penal! IA York Knevesmire On 1he Anniversary Of Pope Jehrt Paul's visit to York, noon. Opens Yoik Charities Garden Fete. The Post House, York. 2 30 pm. Tuesday: Meets with Pastoral Cnuncii Executive, Bishop's House Middlesbrough, 7.30 pm. Bishop Harvey, Bishop In North Londanr — Saturday:0, Si Joseph, Weeldsione, 2 pm. Sunday: C, St Erconwald, Wembley, Preston Road, 12 nOon, Wednesday C, Thsi Transfiguration, Kensal Rise. 7 pre Thursday' M. SI DreTenla's Sixth Form College Harrow , it am M. St Bernard, SOutri Herraw.B pm Bishop Henderson. Ausitiery at Southwark: — Friday: Civic Reception to the Mayor. Tunbridge Veelis, 7.30 pm Saturday: Greenwich Deanery Sermon at BlessIng 01 the Sick. Chariton, 3 pm Sunday: hl and C. Downham, 11.39 am. Tuesday: M and C. Stockwell, 7.30 pm. Wednesday; Preakies al Priesthood Silver ubiIua M at Plunislead Common, 7.30 Pro, Bishop Holland of Sallord: — Saturday: I ntervIews prospect,no candidates tor the criestrOOCI. Cathedral House. 10.30 am Sunder Lead,: Inincesee Pitgrirnage

to Walsinghem. Unveils Papal Siren MOhurnere. Heaton Park. Manchester. 11 am

Ecolasiastical Education Council, Cathedral House, Sallord,P pm_ Bishop Jukes, Auxiliary at Soulhwark: — Satan Ear Cstehretes M rI Jeede Chapel. Centerbuify Cathedral, tor Equestrian Order or the Holy Sepulchre, 12 noon, Tuesday: Celebrates M, Ton bridge, 10r YOuth Pilgrimage. I I am. Widnes. day: Laborsm Exercens meeting at West Mailing, Bishop anstont, Bishop In Control London: — Friday: Meets G candidates. Lennon, Colney. 12 norm Meals C candidates, SI John's Wood_ 8 pro Sunday, C. Frenem Cnurch, 10 em M. More House Chaplaincy, 6 pm. Tuesday: Talk, St Margaret Pettage, Eaelchogp, 1.10 pm, Social and Pastoral Management GrOup Meet leg, B pm. Wednesday; CDA Meeting. Arc hbishop's HOuSe, 10 am Bishop McCarlIe. Auxiliary of Birmingham: — Salurday.Thurealey. Diocesan Pilurimege to LOurdes. Bishop McGuinness ol Nottinghem: — Friday: Visits Christ the King School, Altreton, 10.3o ern Saturder M tor the Deaf. Mickleover, 2 30 pm Sunday: Diocesan Pilgrimage to Beauvais 1,710Iy. alb pm. Monday: Garden Fete. SI Hugh's College. Toliedon. 2 pm Wodnesdir C. Our Lady and St Joseph, Matlock, 7 pro. Thursday: Consecrates Corpus Christi Church, CIO Ion, Nottingham.

Bishop McMahon of Brentwood: — Saturday' Chelmsford Deanery Day, St John Payne School, and presides Vespers. s pm Sunday: V and C. Holy I !Indy. Basildon Tuesday: Parish Councli Meeting. Stook. 8 pm Wednesday: Meeting of Essex Churches' Conoultotive Council. Crielmalord. 10.30 urn. Concelebrates Silver Jubilee M. Oar Lady Of Loades +Norwood. 7.10 pm. ThorOday: V,St

Vincent's, Beconlree, arid Concelebrates M or Geldee Jubilee of Parish, 7.30 pm.

B ishop Mahon, Bishop In Want London:—StoureleySunder: Pasteral V.s:t. Hampton HILL Tuesday, Upper Theme, Deanery Meeting. St Margaret's. Wednes, clay: CD*, Aroehishon's House, Social and Pastoral Action Group, 8 pm.

B illhop Mt:wedgy at Hallam: — Friday: Reception at University for Higher Degree Congregation, 7.45 pet, Saturday: Mount Saint Mary's College May Bea Clwlity M 01 Ledge' Cuisine at Whirlaw's Grange 5.30 orh, WOW" Kevin O'Connor, Auxiliary at Liverpool: -Friday: C. XII, Apostles. Leigh. 7.30 ram Sunday: C, St Anne's, Mori:airy Street, 11 am. Tested's,: C, SI Matins. Standish, 7_30 pre. Wedneaday. C. St James. Orrell 7 30 pro BWId' op Murphy O'Connor of Arundel end Brighton: — Friday: Surrey County °Duna RoceptLon, Reigate. Saturday: Weyerldge Deanery C, Arundel Cathedral, 3 pm. Sunday: Crawley Deanery, C, Arundel Cathedral, 3 pm. Monday: Fiesta for the Handicapped, St Joseph's Hall, Starrington, 2 pet W•dnesder: M, St sioseph'S Convent. Littlehamplon, 10.30 ern. Thursday: M and Precession. Arundel Cathedral, 5.30 pm_ Bishop O'Brian. Bishop In Heritordshirc — Fri. day: Talks to Sixth Form at St Edmund's College,Ware, 3 pin, Sunday: M at VMM, 12 noon Tuesday: Silver Jubilee M at St Thomas of Canter, bury, PuCkeridge, 7.45 pm. Wednesday: GOA at Archbishop's House. 10 am Thursday, Appoints special ministers at St atertholowrrew's, SI Albans, 8 gm Bitthop Kevin O'Brien. Blew ln Middlesbrough, — Fridey.Thursday: Lead Diocesan PlIggrnage le Lourdes.

Bishop Ilawstnome. Auxiliary or Liverpool: — Monday-Wednesday: Calechelics Meeting. Birmingham. Thursday: C, St JAMMe'S, Formby_ Blehop klestleaux rit Plymouth,—Fridey: Visits St OSCUtt. Sunday: V and M. SI Edward the CueressOr, Peyerell, Plymouth, 10.30 arn. C, 3 pm. Thursday: M lor Silver Jubilee of PriesthOod, Hlilp Cross, Plymouth. 7 pm Bishop SwIndlehuret, Auriliary 01 Hechere and Newcastle! — Saturday: Church Student I ntervlews. Si Ctithbert'S NV: School, Newcaollo-000n.Tynd, 2 pm, Sunday: V and C. SI Mary any Thomas Aquinas. StalIn, Blaydurikun-Tyrie. Wedneeday, C. SI James, Hehhurri, 730 pee. Thursdey: New Code Committee meeting, London Bishop Thomas cd Northampton; Friday-Sunday: V, St Aldan's, Northampton, Tuesday; IM I o Cathedral far Lite, 7 pm. Wednesday: Holy Year M, Slough. Thursday, Evening CrNewport Pagnell Bishop Tripp, Auxiliary Of Southwark: — Frt. day-Wednesday: National Thanksgiving Pilgrimage to Fatima_ Blohop Welmidey, Bleeds Of the Forces: — Friday Monday: International rulletary Plhgrimage, Lourdes.

Bishop Wird et Rledingle17 — FrirdaplirinAPy: Lend Walsh National Pug:image to I:Curdles Bishop Wheeler Cl Lewis: — FridayAriednesday: Oi0000811 P1106rIlne In yaw,,a Threader Corpus Christi M, Process:on and HereaUchno, Broughton Hall.

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