Page 1, 27th November 1936

27th November 1936
Page 1
Page 1, 27th November 1936 — BELGIAN " CATHOLIC" PROGRAMME Fidelity to Parliamentary Democracy

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BELGIAN " CATHOLIC" PROGRAMME Fidelity to Parliamentary Democracy

From Our Belgian Correspondent The Directorate of the Catholic bloc of Belgium has issued a declaration for the purpose of dispelling certain ambiguities that have arisen to confuse public opinion on certain points.

1. Religious Liberties. The Directorate resolutely opposes any limitation of our religious liberties and any restriction of the field of Catholic action.

2. Belgian Unity.

(1) Belgian Unity is the consecration and crowning of political, economic and historic reality.

(2) The complete expansion of the two elements of the Belgian people (Flemings and Walloons).

(3) The proper adapting of our institutions to secure a truly framed unity.

3. Form of the State. The Directorate remains firmly attached to the Representative Regime, the sole form compatible with the exercise of political liberties within the framework of the parties.

Quadragesimo Anno 4. Professional Organisation. The Directorate deems it in urgent necessity for the country to take up the organisation of the professions which is recommended in so pressing a manner by the encyclical Quadragesimo Anno.

This reform must be sought on the basis of " free syndicates within the organised profession " to the exclusion of all State corporatism.

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