Page 9, 27th November 1936

27th November 1936
Page 9
Page 9, 27th November 1936 — MEXIC S RIVE AGAINST GOD

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Locations: Puebla, Mexico City


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Parents Plead For Help Against Mass

Perversion Of Their Children

The Communist drive against Catholicism in Mexico is not meeting such success as its shepherth had hoped for. In spite of the most drastic measures to paganise the people it is evident that Mexico is at heart as religious a country as ever it was in the days when churches and Christian schools were permitted to exist.

All religious buildings have been confiscated and converted for use as military barracks, Government buildings and so on.

Our Mexico Correspondent describes below how the Catholics of that country are striving and succeeding against enormous odds to retain their Faith and to bring up their children unspoiled by the Communist methods of social destruction.

The fight is a hard one since legislation has put the entire system of education under State control and the teachers employed are made to ridlcule Christianity and to poison the minds of children with teaching which amounts to depravity.

By undermining the family, Mexican Communists hope to achieve more rapidly the eradication of Christian principles and the destruction of the present social system.

A good example of the efforts being made by the Communists to inflict on the population a Socialistic education, is the pledge (recently published in the Catholic Herald) which every teacher of the State of Durango is obliged to sign and of which reprint three articles: We 3. 1 declare that l shall expound the postulates and principles of Socialism without reserve.

4. I declare categorically that I do not profess the Catholic religion or any other.

6. I declare categorically that I shall not practise the Catholic religion or any other by any act of public or private worship or shall attend meetings held

by reactionary organisations.

• But the Mexican people are far from submitting to the idea of having their children's minds poisoned, and have reacted vigorously. After having exhausted every other means, they resort to violence.

A short time ago Socialist teachers sought refuge en masse in Mexico City, imploring protection from President Cardenas; the same thing occurred in Pachuca, capital of the State of Hidalgo. All that the Government could do was to arm the teachers with revolvers and provide military protection for them. These measures have proved useless in view of the thoroughly religious inheritance and breeding of the greater part of Mexico.

The Mexican people have addressed an appeal to the Christian world to help them in providing Christian education for their children.

The following extract from the appeal, which has been endorsed by the Bishop of Huejutla (Mgr. Jose tie, Jesus Manriquez) is being circulated in the United States,

where the Bishop is exiled. The letter comes from the Frente Unico Nacional de Padres de Familia (Parents' National United Front).

It runs:—

To every American who loves children and respects childhood, this letter is addressed. To you, fathers and mothers, in particular, it is addressed with the desperate earnestness that you yourselves would have in our circumstances. Read on and you will understand.

We are the Mexican Association of Fathers and Mothers. As you know, our country is in the grip of a communistic dictatorship. We are not going to weary you now with a recital of all the losses and hardships inflicted on us personally by this armed minority. We have something more urgent and more pitiful to bring before you.

Our children in hundreds of thousands are being forced to attend communistic

schools. Religious schools are absolutely outlawed. Non-sectarian schools are not tolerated. The only schools permitted by the present rulers of Mexico

are those that teach tenets of communism and atheism.

" Sex Education"

That means an entire system of education aimed against religion, against God, against Christian standards of con duct. And it includes what is called " sexual education."

We cannot describe what this horror is in practice. Unimaginable classes in immorality, vile paintings on classroom walls, the appalling degradation of young minds and bodies—that is something we cannot tell in detail. It is something we cannot even think of without the agony of heart that only a father or mother can realize.

Four more years of this and a generation of children—four million souls— will have been ruined. And you, our

neighbours, can hardly hope to escape the effects of this mass pervertion.

When we refuse to send our sons and daughters to the communistic schools, we are punished by fines, imprisonment or assassination. Our own school buildings have been confiscated. If the Revolutionary Government or one of its petty officials suspects that Christian education is being given in a private residence, that house is confiscated. In the city of Puebla alone, six hundred houses have been seized in this way.

Hidden Schools In spite of all these odds against us, we are maintaining a system of hidden schools. Twenty per cent. of our children are benefiting by it. That percentage cqn be doubled and more than doubled, if we get help. We have teachers willing to risk their liberty and their lives. We have sisters, brave nuns, living like hunted criminals, ready for any sacrifice in order to safeguard the children. But lack of funds to pay rent, to meet travel expenses and other incidentals of our outlawed schools, is crippling our work.

We are at the end of our own resources, Some , of us were once wealthy; now we are beggared by fines and confiseatiOn. Some of our leaders

have beeli imprisoned or killed. To you, our brothers and sisters in Christ, we turn tta-day for help.

The mem in power, who are forcing atheism attad impurity on our children, impudently declare that they have the friendship and support of the government of the United States. All the more earnestly do we appeal to you. We are your neiglebours by location and your neighbours in the Gospel sense. Solemnly we ask you, in the name of Jesus Christ, to be good neighbours to us and to our little ones.

Can you, blame us if we ask your sym

pathy? If we ask your prayers? If we ask material aid? Think of the horrors to which we see our children exposed. Would you forgive us if we did not beg your help?

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