Page 2, 27th November 1953

27th November 1953
Page 2
Page 2, 27th November 1953 — AFFLICTED IN MIND Psychological Institute Needed

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AFFLICTED IN MIND Psychological Institute Needed

SIR,-May I congratulate you on the great lead which your paper has given in bringing the need for a Catholic Psychological Institute before our minds. For about the last 30 years such a need has been in mine and I have had practical experience, both professional and as a patient. of what has been the tiosition and what is being done for Catholics.

Might I put these forward: 1. That such an institute should be one in its own right, not an old attempt revived, or a present one supposedly transformed, for this would mean that the present would inherit the old evils and prejudices, whether real or imaginary. 2. There are some devils which are only cast out by prayer and fasting and those devils will make vast attacks on such an institute. It is easy for the Prince of Intellectual Darkness to infiltrate under such guises as the Jungian Buddhistic Mystic, or the Jungian Rosicrucian. especially with Catholic convert patients, who arc potential contemplatives, but who have turned to the Eastern occult unaware of what they really crave. This in turn is a danger to the staff who have to cast out this devil, or this bad piece of education and undertake thg work of re-education.

3. Therefore it seems to me imperative that any institute of this kind should have its permanent nonpsychological chaplain who will see that not only are the patients catered for, hut that the staff have someone constantly there to remind them that these devils are only cast out by prayer and fasting and then sound psychiatry! This may seem as if I am trying to cast a spanner into the works which I so wholeheartedly long to see a fact, but I see the dangers 'which could so easily swamp its first steps and also I feel convinced once it was founded on firm rock, no matter how small and insignificant the premises may be, it will, like the mustard seed, spread I


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