Page 2, 27th November 1953

27th November 1953
Page 2
Page 2, 27th November 1953 — Hospital Touting' S1R,-May I say a few words in agreement

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Locations: Surrey, Paris, London


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Hospital Touting' S1R,-May I say a few words in agreement

with your correspondent "State Registered Nurse," who wrote refuting the charges of the booklet, Infallible Fallacies, as to Catholics' alleged "touting for converts" in hospitals? Owing to severe arthritis, I have been compelled to be a patient in several hospitals. Never at any time have I observed any interference by Catholics (clerical or lay) with nonCatholic patients or staff. The visiting chaplains, the S.V.P. brothers and the Legion of Mary have been very good in attending Catholic inmates; but. if anything, they seem too careful of avoiding any charge of proselytism by keeping scrupulously clear of non-Catholics. On the other hand, reciprocally, some non-Catholics are far from careful. In some cases very crude, definitely sectarian. fundamentalist services are held (of course. in all good faith, but. I think. unwisely) in general wards, irrespective of the creed or non-creed of patients.

J. W. Poynter

99 Grosvenor Avenue, Highbury, N.5.

SI11.---A few years ago I desired to become a Catholic. The first priest I saw told me to come back in a week's time. The second priest said come back in three months' time. I became so desperate that I was forced to write to a friend in Paris for help; this friend gave me the address of a London priest-who didn't answer my letter for over a month and then only to say he couldn't instruct me; he gave no word of advice or encouragement. Finally I wrote to a nun friend in Belgium who, after a complicated exchange of letters between Surrey. Belgium and London, managed to discover a priest willing to instruct me. This priest said it would only take three months to instruct me; it took six.

Please tell where the touting comes in. M. O. & 10 Pitt Street, Kensington, London, W.8.

Sni.,-11 have spent 17 years of my life in three different hospitals in different towns and have never heard of a single case of a Catholic priest

proselytising among the very sick or

convalescent patients.

"Another State Registered Nurse" (Anglican)

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